Talking Tom and Friends – Angela’s Secret ( Season 1 Episode 32)
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Talking Tom and Friends – Angela’s Secret ( Season 1 Episode 32)

February 10, 2020

Friday afternoon… Three young friends in
the prime of their lives… One clings to the paper
pages of the past… One embraces the
technology of the future… And the most handsome one
of all narrates the ground breaking series, “Talking Tom and Friends.” Hank! Enough! What are you doing? I was thinking we could use
a narrator to make our lives seem more exciting. Especially since it’s already
Friday and we haven’t had any wacky adventures yet! Yeah, it is weird we don’t
have any plans for the weekend. No competitions, no deadlines,
no last-minute problems that need to be solved, nothing. This is the time where somebody
usually bursts in with a crisis riiiight aboooout now! You guys, you guys, you guys! Is it time for an adventure?!
Ooh, do you have a crisis? What? Oh, no, no, no. I was just
seeing how fast I could run over here. Oooh. I’m so bored.
What are you guys up to? Absolutely nothing. I guess nothing exciting is gonna
happen this week after all. Unless this was all just a set-up to an
actual crisis that’s gonna happen riiiight aboooout now! Now ! Now? Guys, I have a crisis! Woohoo, cue the theme song! I just booked my first show
out of town this weekend but I have a super important
package being delivered this weekend so I need you all
to housesit for me this weekend! Looks like we found our adventure! I’m sorry it’s so last minute, but
I just got this call and I have a very important package coming! Tell us more about this
very important package, and whether or not it
contains candy…Uh – hey! No problem, we’re happy to help!
I’d do anything for you, Angela. Uh…We’d do anything for you. Smooth. Real smooth. This is so exciting! A brand new
adventure in a brand new setting! Please don’t do anything weird
at my apartment… And whatever you do, do not open the package. Don’t worry, I’ve got
everything under control! So where’s your concert? I mean,
maybe if they do comedy shows there too, you could give
the manager my card. “Ben The Comedian – Voted
#1 Comedian In A World.” Don’t you mean
#1 Comedian In The World? No, because that would
imply that I mean Earth. Did you hold a vote for best
comedian on a planet that wasn’t Earth just so
you could say that? Mmm. Maybe yes. What planet? Saturn. And just how many people voted? Just one… Now look, we’re
getting off topic! We have to hurry up and get
to Angela’s place! Oh, yeah. He’s right, I have to get
going! Thanks again, you guys! Oh! And please don’t
destroy my apartment. Oh, and don’t go through my stuff. Oh, and lastly, do not open
that package. Okay, bye! So which one of those things
you guys wanna do first? She may not have said it, but this
is a test. She’s trusting me to look after her apartment… which is
where she lives. So in a way, Angela is trusting me with
her life this weekend… Me, in charge of a life. Later, the cool friends found
themselves in Angela’s apartment. You’re narrating again, Hank. Oh, sorry. Said Hank, apologizing. All we’re here to do is patiently
wait for Angela’s package, so let’s lay down a few
ground rules, shall we. Number one, don’t touch anything. Number two, don’t mess with anything. Number three, don’t interrupt me – Yeah yeah, we get it. Oh, okay, good idea. We’ll
just sit here and watch TV, that way nothing gets messed up
and no one ruins their shot with Angela. Boring. Seen it. Boring. Seen it.
Oh, I haven’t seen this one! I have! It’s boring. Well I give up! Somebody else
try, I’m gonna find a snack. It’s on, it’s on, it’s on! The
season finale of Turtle Cops! We interrupt the season finale of
Turtle Cops: Cops Who Are Turtles with breaking news – the Banana Berry Bandit
has struck again! The Banana Berry
Bandit. Who’s that? If you’re wondering
out loud, “who’s that?” The Banana Berry Bandit
is the most infamous thief that this town has ever seen!
Today’s victim? The Shop N’Sneer, downtown’s most exclusive
health food store. Once again, The Bandit made off with
every piece of fruit they had. Uh, guys? Hold on, Ginger. The Banana Berry Bandit could
be anyone. It could be your friend. Or your girlfriend. Or the friend
you wish was your girlfriend if you’d just man up
and ask her out already. Guys, I really think you need to – Ginger, I said hold on! If you see anything, please
call the police immediately. The Banana Berry Bandit
is planting her seeds of crime and she won’t stop until
this town becomes her own personal greenhouse of terror!
Now back to the season finale of Turtle Cops: Cops Who Are Turtles! Guys, seriously! What is so important
that you had to – what? Hank gasped. Okay, let’s not jump
to conclusions! For all we know, this could
just be one big coincidence! You’re absolutely right, Tom. I’m
sure this isn’t what it looks like. Oh who are we kidding, Ben?!
Angela is the Banana Berry Bandit and we all know it! Well, at least we are not
jumping to conclusions… All we had to do was sit here and
wait for a package, but now… Oh no, do you realize
what this means? If Angela really is the Bandit,
and we’re helping her, it means we’re guilty too! Everyone calm down! Let’s
just be rational about this. And then Ben said, “Let’s
just be rational about this.” Hank, what are you doing? I’m working on my confession
for when we all get arrested. No one is getting arrested! I can’t go to jail! I’m not
even old enough to understand the social contract! No one is going to jail! Not you,
not you, not you, not me. Nobody. Ben’s right! Now maybe if we just
look around a little bit, we’ll find an explanation for all this
and we can clear our names! Let’s get to the bottom of this. So where are you guys gonna
go when we run from the law? I’m thinking Morocco. I like
heat but I can’t do humidity. Plus it’s just fun to say. Morocco. No one’s running from anything!
Angela is our friend, we cannot just hand her over to the police! Tom, I know I was skeptical before,
but look at all this stuff! A kitchen full of fruit, a list of the stores
that have been robbed, bizarrely incriminating
T-shirts – it’s all here! Morocco. Look, even if she is guilty,
we have to help her! And how are we supposed to do that? Morocco. Who could that be?! Alright. Open up!
I know you’re in there! Federal agent!
Of the postal service. What are we going to do?
Hank asked terrified. Destroy the evidence!
We can’t let them win! We can’t let them win! Did someone say “let yourself in?” Maybe I should just go… He’s seen too much! Get him! My friends are there for me /
No matter what I need / I go out of town and they
won’t let me down because they care for me! Ahh.. Hey guys, I’m home – What in the… Eat faster, smash faster, shred
faster! Look, the sooner we can destroy all the evidence, the
sooner we can – Oh, Angela, hi! What is going on here?! Uhm. Morocco? What are you doing?! Why
are you destroying all my stuff?! Oooo! You guys are in trooouble! Don’t listen to him, Angela!
He’s here to arrest you, he’s a federal agent! …of the postal service! Arrest me?! What are
you talking about?! What is he talking about? It’s okay, Angela. We know what
happened. We’re just trying to help you. It’s me,
Tom. Your friend. And I’m the bad cop! Angela, we – I can call
you Angela, right? Suuuure. Angela, we found a lot of
incriminating evidence around here. Fruit, T-shirts, a list
of stores you robbed… Wait, you went
through my things?! We investigated your things, Angela! Or should I say
Banana Berry Bangela! We found all your stolen property! I didn’t steal anything!
All of this stuff is mine! Oh, this is so sad Tom.
She thinks just because she steals something,
that makes it hers. That’s not how the
world works, Angela! You can’t just steal whatever
you want and get away with it! What are you, a bank? Everybody calm down!
No one here is a bank! Angela, look, we’re trying
to get you out of this, right? Help us help you. I can’t believe you’d actually
think I was a criminal! You should know me
better than that, Tom! You wanna know what
all of this is about? Do you?! Well I’ll show you! I’ve been designing my own line
of custom smoothie makers! This is the prototype. That’s why
I have so much fruit around here! What about this list? Those are all the places I’ve been
shopping for my ingredients. Well, what about these shirts? Those are the shirts I had made
with my slogan on them! See? Steal yourself a sip, catchy huh? And what about all that on the TV? This just in. The Banana Berry
Bandit has been caught. Sources say the suspect is
a woman named Arugula – a vegan who lost her marbles
due to a protein deficiency. You can now stop accusing
your friends, your girlfriends, and the friends you wish
were your girlfriends. Tom?! Whaat?! Oh wow, you guys really
screwed this one up. Let me be the first to say that we
are very, very, very, very sorry – It was all Tom’s idea, I just
wanted to go to Morocco! Let’s start brainstorming
what we can do to fix things! Fix things?! How are you gonna fix
things! You ruined my apartment, you destroyed my stuff,
and worst of all, you slowed down the mail! Of the postal service. It’ll be fine, Angela! You
know how this show works – I’m sure everything will be
back to normal in a week or so! Said Hank, concluding yet
another classic episode of Talking Tom and Friends!
See you next week!

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