Talking Tom and Friends – Space Conflicts VIII | Season 2 Episode 20
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Talking Tom and Friends – Space Conflicts VIII | Season 2 Episode 20

February 21, 2020

[voice distorted] If you refuse
to join me… you and Chip Trailblazer
will be banished to a galaxy that’s super-far away. Lord Evil, I shall never join you. Your ship blew up and you’re all alone.
You don’t have a choice. -Give it up, Lord Evil.
-[beeps and whistles] -Chip Trailblazer and Roll-Bot?
-That’s right, Lord Evil! You’re outnumbered. [evil laugh] Oh no! He’s forcing me to fight
on his side with his space magic. I’m sorry, Chip! -[beeping]
-Oh! Take that! Ooh, fun astronaut costumes, everyone! [all laugh] [Hank] “Astronauts”! Awesome joke, Angela! -Uh…
-Wait, do you not know who we are? It looks like you’re a spaceship captain
and Ben is your little robot helper. No, we are clearly dressed
as the iconic characters from the Space Conflicts film franchise. -Yah!
-[beeps and whistles] The premiere of the eighth movie
is this weekend and I’m hosting it! That’s nice.
I’ve never seen Space Conflicts. [gasp] I mean, I started the first one once,
but I got tired and fell asleep. [snoring] [lullaby playing] It didn’t seem that great. Space Conflicts are my favorite movies
of all time. How do you not know that? Oh, um… I thought you were taking
this relationship seriously. Wait, Tom. Don’t fly away from me! -Waoooo!
-Tom! ♪ Wa-oah ♪ [Tom humming] Hey, Tom. Cool toys! Hm. I just wanted to say I shouldn’t have said
your movies weren’t good. No, it’s okay.
You’re entitled to your opinion. Oh, good.
I was worried you were still mad at me. Ha! Totally over it! Don’t worry about
coming to the premiere with us. Wait, no. I can still go with you! No, Angela. It’s fine. You don’t like the movies, so I guess
you just won’t be a part of this. Guys! Guys! These are all
of my Lord Evil collectors’ cups. -One for each Space Conflicts movie!
-Ooh! When I use these to drink my milk,
it’s like I’m Lord Evil drinking milk. Woah! You can really see how the character
has grown throughout the series. Oh, what a ride it’s been! Yeah, and tomorrow night I’ll finally get an episode eight
Lord Evil collector’s cup! Maybe I’ll get one too
and share it with… other people who like Space Conflicts. You know what,
maybe I’m wrong about these movies. What if I watch the whole series tonight
and get totally caught up? Then I can go to the premiere with you! All right! Aherm. Now, most people watch them in this order. Four, five, six,
then one, two, three, and then seven. -Okay, got it.
-No, you don’t. For the full experience, you want to watch
them in what I call “Tom’s Order”, which is one, two, four, five, seven, one again, three,
then skip six until after the premiere. Mm-hm. Totally. That makes perfect sense. I’m so jealous you get to watch these
for the first time. [upbeat rock music] [click] [epic theme music playing]
A long time ago, on a planet far away, a rebel space squad
fights against the Galactic Council. Meanwhile, Chip Trailblazer, a young scrap
wrangler from the dunes of Honcrocko, dreams of a life of adventure with his hover-classmate,
the fur-beast Grimdor Wargor. [snoring] [birdsong] [ringtone] Oh, no! No, no, no! This is bad. -Hey, Tom.
-So what did you think? Was your favorite part
when Chip Trailblazer had to fight Lord Evil
with his eyes closed? Well, the thing is, I actually didn’t– Think it was going to end like that?
I know, right? Um, yes! I absolutely did not expect that! With the fighting… and the eyes… I knew it! You’re the greatest girlfriend
in the world. Tom, they’re only giving collectors’ cups
to the first 100 people! -We have to get in line now!
-Okay. Gotta go, Angela. See you tonight! We’ll save you a spot! Yeah. See you tonight. Uh-oh. Hey, Angela. What’s going on? I told Tom I watched the Space Conflicts
movies and I tried to and I fell asleep. I have to be an expert on Space Conflicts
in an hour or he’ll know I lied to him! -What do I do?
-Wow! Please help me, Xenon.
You’re my only hope! Just because of my nerdy appearance
and my love for science, you assume I’m some sort of expert
on Space Conflicts? -No, I… I didn’t mean.
-Ha ha. Just kidding! Of course I love Space Conflicts! It’s only the best science fiction
franchise ever! -Ah!
-You have come to the right person. I will train you. -Soon you’ll climb the Cliffs of Reason.
-Y-yay? Er… That’s a Space Conflicts reference.
We better get started. Any real Space Conflicts fan
knows the famous speech Chip gives to his clone father.
Repeat after me. [echoing] By the light of the stars,
by the glow of the moons… By the light of the stars,
by the glow of the– -There’s more than one moon?
-Oh! [Xenon] Gravity defense! – Asteroid attack!
-Ha! Quasar pinch! Ha! [Xenon] Well, the bows aren’t
exactly right, but you’ll pass. You never really memorized the big speech,
though. Do you feel ready? Oh, I am ready. I am as ready as the psychic residents
of Mentaloon were for the surprise attack in episode six! -Ooh! How did you remember that?
-I made myself a little cheat sheet. -To be on the safe side.
-That should help. Yeah, I’m going to fit right in. Hello there, Lord Evil, Old Elf, Roll-Bot. -And who could forget, Chip Trailblazer?
-Wow! Lady Nebula. You look great! Well, it looks like somebody finally
discovered the joy of Space Conflicts. -[beeps and whistles]
-Oh, yes. I was so wrong before. Oh! Not so fast! Well, if you’re really such a fan,
you’ll have a fan theory. What are your episode eight predictions
based on small clues from the first seven movies, hm? Well, I definitely think
the good guys will win in the end. I just hope the Space Squad
can get past Lord Evil’s… asteroid cannon. -Hm. All right. I’m satisfied… for now.
-[Tom] Ha! This is going to be great!
You are the best, Angela. It’s finally time!
That collectors’ cup is mine! Everyone out of my way! I got one! This evening is everything
I hoped it would be. Nice Lord Evil cup. Okay! Does it glow in the dark, like
he does when his magic is at full power? Nope! I filled it with popcorn, though.
Want some? [fizzing]
Ew, what is this? I like to add soda to my popcorn. It gives
it that fizz that most popcorn is missing. Gross! Disagree! Bleugh! [microphone feedback] As your mayor,
I have one very serious question. Who is ready for Space Conflicts:
Episode Eight: “The Magnetic Threat”?! [all cheering] [Angela] I’m ready! In this town, we kick off Space Conflicts
premieres the right way, with the famous speech
that Chip gave his clone father in Space Conflicts:
Episode Four: “The First One”. [cheering] Now, I want to call up someone
very special to do this. She’s a new fan,
and I couldn’t be more happy to welcome her to the space-a-verse. My girlfriend, who has never let me down,
and never will, Angela! [all cheer] Ben, this is too much pressure. If I mess this up, I’ll humiliate Tom
in front of the whole town. But you won’t mess it up!
You’re part of the space family now. Yeah, and not a fake fan, right? Eugh! My stomach hurts! Angela, you got this. You know the words. [she laughs nervously] Agh! Oh no! Ginger’s soda-corn! Okay, no need to panic. [heartbeat racing] The words are in your heart. Use the space magic. [echo] Space magic… [clears throat] By the light of the stars, by the glow of the moons, I’ll fight for freedom and victory. The hour is dark, [fans join in] but with our robot helpers
from Glaxon Eight by our side, we will bring back the power
of space magic! [Wookie roar] Yeah, the accent was a little off,
but she did it! Let the adventure begin! [cheering] [epic theme tune begins] Xenon, I did it! It worked!
Everyone is so proud of me. Yeah, the movie’s starting now. …a giant magnet capable of trapping all
metallic robots with its magnetic pull. It is up to Chip Trailblazer
and the Space Squad to rescue the cyborg residents
of the great city of New Starrington. [snoring] Hm. I wasn’t sleeping!
Did the movie start yet? I loved it! Uh, did the good guys win?

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