Talking Tom and Friends – Tennis Kid (Season 1 Episode 29)
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Talking Tom and Friends – Tennis Kid (Season 1 Episode 29)

January 23, 2020

Oh man, this is the
most exciting game of “Home Improvers” ever. What
should I do, what should I do? What? You should take your turn. Actually, you should have
taken your turn 20 minutes ago… Seriously, Hank. Either pick
a card or drop a nail in the bucket. Uh. Yes! I get to put a roof
on my gazebo! Now do I go oxidized copper or straw?
Hmm… what will I do? Will you go already?! Incoming! Watch the gazebo, gazebro. Since when do you play tennis? My parents said I have too much
energy so they signed me up for the eight-and-under
championship. Where is my ball? Hey, not cool! Ginger! You destroyed
Tom’s above-ground pool! Sorry, not sorry! Oh no! Looks like I’m out. But tell
you what, I’ll go play tennis with Ginger so you guys can just
finish this game without any more interruptions,
okay? No, no… I insist. Darn it! This game cheats! Whoa, take it easy, Ginger. I can’t take it easy! I want to win the eight-and-under tournament! Ginger, do you know why I
always win at everything I do? Because you cheat? Yes, because I…what…wait, no,
no, it’s because I always make sure, no matter what, to take a
moment to smile and enjoy myself. Home run! It’s outta here! Hey, someone want to tell
me what’s going on here? Uh. I am helping Ginger
prep for a tennis tournament. Wrong! What you’re doing
is called goofing around! We’re just having fun! Fun? Youth tennis tournaments
aren’t about having fun, Tom… I learned that the hard way… Who are you looking at? Shh, Flashback. What’s a flashback? Shh! Time for the eight-and-
under final, y’all! Angela Who-hoo, let’s hear it for tennis! versus Tatiana! This should
be all that and a bag of chips. And no matter what happens, you
can’t say Angela didn’t have fun! Hi everyone, guess what,
I thought of a tennis song! Over the net / Into the square / Over the rainbow / And into your heart/ Tennis is a gaaaaame for fuuuun! Yeah! Alright! Woohoo! I fifteen love this crowd! Ow! That’s game, set,
match, Tatiana, everyone. But wait, I’m still doing
my song you guys. Congrizz-natulations, Tatiana!…
Instead of a trophy, we got you… a magical pegasus pony! Come fly with me, Tatiana.
You shall be our queen. Oh, by the way, he talks! Talking…Unicorn… Tatiana grew up to become
queen of the enchanted land of ponies. All because
I wasn’t focused on winning. Oh, come on. None
of that happened! Oh, really, then how
do you explain this? Ever since that day I lost, not
one thing has gone right for me… Ginger, Aloha! Darren! You’re practicing for the
eight-and-unders? I don’t even know why you’d bother.
Everyone knows I’m going to win! Get out of here, Darren! Oh, I’ll go. I’ll go back to my castle-mansion
that has 50 tennis courts. Nice shot! Ginger, you have
got to beat that brat. Winning… No he doesn’t. Yes, Darren’s
obnoxious. But who cares if Ginger beats him?
He’s playing in an eight- and under tennis tournament.
All that matters is that he has fun. But – No! Fun never got
anyone anywhere! Oh yeah? Why do you
think I always come up with incredible inventions? Why do you think
everyone loves me? Why do you think
people see me and say, “Man, I wish I was that guy!” Because I always
have FUN. F-U-N. Fun. Ginger, I am going to coach
you. It’s gonna be hard, and it’s gonna hurt, and
you are going to wish you never picked up a tennis racquet! But it will all be worth it
in the end… when you win! Well, I’m also going to coach
you. And I’m gonna make sure Angela’s issues don’t stand in
the way of you enjoying yourself! Umm, does anyone
care what I think? No! One-two-three-four! Oh, come on! It’s been two
hours! Just make your move! Hold on, Ben. Don’t rush me. I’m
still deciding… Should I varnish the deck, or repaint the porch?
What’s the difference between a porch and a deck anyway? I think
a porch is the one that has the — Just do something! Tom, you know what, you
couldn’t be more wrong, okay?! Yes, I could… if I was you! Where have you guys been?
Hank still hasn’t taken his turn! Make him take his turn! Focus, Hank. Competition is
important. You owe it to yourself to do everything possible to win… Hmm… Don’t listen to her, buddy.
Do whatever you want. Just smile and enjoy
the playing of the game! Focus, enjoy the game,
whatever! Just go already! Oh, so you think Hank should
just waltz through the game, never trying, never caring? And you think Hank should be
so focused on winning at all costs that he can’t appreciate a single
second of his favorite home- renovation-themed board game? Yep, and he’s gonna win! Maybe he will, maybe
he won’t… but while he’s playing, he’s going
to be having a good time! You know, Ginger, what
they’re saying could probably apply to your tennis tournament, too. Would you take your turn! THE NEXT DAY Just go! Hold on. This is the last move of
the game, the one that’s gonna finally end it… and that move is –
this! No way, that! No. Uhu! Oh-oh. Yep. No. I didn’t take my hand off
the piece. Before you don’t take your hand off it… That’s it, I quit! You can’t quit! Wiggity-welcome to
the youth tennis final! It’s Ginger versus Darren! Aloha! Listen up, listen up, listen up.
There are two things that I know fo-sho! Number one, eight-and-under
tennis is cool! — number two, MCing eight-and-under tennis
tournaments for 12 years isn’t depressing at all! Ginger, now remember:
Don’t worry about the outcome. Just smile and have a good time. Right… What? No. Ignore him,
Ginger! No mercy! Okay! Hey, Ginger! Is Angela
really your coach? Uh, I guess… Ha! Everyone knows she
lost this tournament when she was a child! If she’s your
coach, you might as well forfeit! Hey! Watch your mouth, kid!
Alright, Angela’s a great coach — she’s sweet, she’s talented, she’s
the single most caring person I’ve ever met and
she’s got amazing eyes. Oh… Eye-eye-eye-eye great eye…sight. What I’m saying is, uh,
Angela only wants what’s best for uh, for
Ginger… here. Right? No, Tom. I’ve been
completely selfish. I’ve been trying to live through
Ginger, and that’s not fair to him or to me… You know
what, Ginger… have fun! You’re a loser, your coach is a
loser, and that guy who’s secretly in love with your coach is a loser! What? What the what now? Oh, forget what I told you before. You gotta beat this kid. 4½ MINUTES LATER… Fourteen-love. In my face! Game, set, match! Darren! Ha! In your face, Ginger! I’m Darren, I’m unstoppable,
I’m the best at tennis. Hey buddy, at least you had fun. That did not look like
it was fun for Ginger! Good game, Darren. Hey, you know what?
You made it to the finals. Yeah. Seriously, that is
a huge accomplishment. I mean, who cares about
some stupid tennis prize? — I do. Congratulations, Darren! Instead
of a trophy, we got you… a ticket to the International Space Station! Sweet! The International Space
Station! Are you serious? International Space Station –
what’s so fun about that? Hey, and just for you, we’ve
filled the space station with candy, fireworks and
waterslides in zero gravity. Whoa! That sounds amazing! Look out space station, here
comes Darren. Jet pack engage. Okay, I’ve made my decision. Yes! And I’m going crown
molding, for the win! Ahh!!! Huh. Guess we’ll
have to start over… What?! Ahh!!!

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