Talking Tom and Talking Ben’s New Year’s Rap
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Talking Tom and Talking Ben’s New Year’s Rap

August 15, 2019

Hi, who said that the LION is King of the Animal Kingdom? Check my name dog, Talk-KING-Tom Yo yo…
My name is Talking Tom and these are my cats I’m chilling with my Dog BEN
…in the cab This year we are gonna blow up, like Ben in the lab I’m a SUPERSTAR CAT, and my fan is Talking Hank What was that, I’m sure it was GINGER He can be sneaky little kitten, especially in the winter Snowflakes are like Angela, a glamorous lady when she crosses my mind, heartbeat goes crazy Ben believed he CAN’T beatbox, I had the same thoughts about rappin’ Look at us… so DREAM & MAKE IT HAPPEN! Let’s finish this lyrics with all the best wishes so every time it’s your turn, someone else will do the dishes don’t wait, pick your outfit, release your imagination it’s time for an awesome celebration 3,2,1… YAAAAAAAAAY! WE WISH YOU A HAPPY NEW YEAR AND A LOT OF FUN

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  1. 122222222❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. ohmy gosh i really really LOVE IT YOU TOM I HAVE A MESSAGE FOR YOU GOOD LUCK WITH ANGELA !!!! 🙂 ♡♡♡♡♡

  3. Haha, loved it guys Happy New Year even though right now it's 2016 June 26th SundY 15:36 precisely ???

  4. this is the frist time they changed the chacters of talking tomben doesn't look hairy and tom sounds diffent

  5. Executive Producers
    Supervising Producer
    Written by:
    Tom Martin
    Directed by:
    Stefan Fjeldmark
    Tom – Colin Hanks
    Ben – James Adomian
    © Outfit7 Limited MMXIV
    No animals were harmed in the production.

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