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Tapestry | Playthrough [Part 2] | slickerdrips

September 6, 2019

hi everyone welcome back to tapestry where Marty and I are trying to build the best civilizations possible as the leaders it’s my turn to take income now Marty got there first because I managed to get a resource didn’t I from somewhere so I kind of extended my first era longer than Marty’s so we need to do my income turn so first my civilization power and that’s basically an ax be choose one of the tracks advance on it and I get the benefit but not the bonus so if it’s a space like this one with a bonus on it I probably don’t want to advance on it for free even though this is saving more resources this would cost me two resources but at the same time it gives me points for all of the hexes that I control which is only the one I started on so I probably don’t want to do that yet I probably want to ease off of the exploration track for now anyway so what would I like to go now Marty is already quite far on the technology track so I could move up that one I wouldn’t get the benefit remember I would get a tapestry card and you know maybe choose a different one but I quite like the one that I’ve ended up with I could go up military and conquer something I could go science and advance in another track and not get the benefit which might be good to advancing this and not get the benefit cuz I’m not that bothered about it and then I would be ready to pay and do tunnels and get another farm act and get another tile and if I paid an extra resource printer the tile out I think I’m gonna go for military how am I gonna go for military I’m thinking of the shadow Empire getting ahead of us and taking stuff away I’ve explored a lot of tiles though I think I’m gonna go for military so I put my player cube on here I don’t get a free advancement on military in the future I don’t have that option in future income rounds I have to choose one of the others I got a free conquer action and it’s not going to be in a space with anyone else in it because yeah we’re not a jason’s you have to spread out adjacently so I’m gonna go there ready to probably try and take the 10 point bonus from the middle island but Marty will probably swoop in later and take control of it but till I get 5 points for doing that I’ve conquered so I get to roll the conquer dice and gain a benefit and I am going to go for 6 points that anyway I’ve done my civilization power tapestry card it has to be the only one that I’ve ended up with because I didn’t pay for the bonus there because I was saving my resources I could have got another taffeta card but I chose not to to this era when I gain income so I have to decide when I gain income so I don’t particularly mind what resources is diverse I’m probably not moving into era to of anything so in so I get one of everything actually get an extra culture and I would gain to food but I’m gonna choose to convert it to any other resource let’s just convert it to the other two resources for each one I convert gained two points that’s four points which isn’t bad as it and I don’t get a special any other special benefit for this era though then upgrade a tech card that’s why I took this tech card that’s gonna be five more points and score points so point for every tech card that’s another one point for every row and column that’s not and then and then I get my income stuff so I’ve been a bit early on that I also need a tile which is gonna be it’s just a resource island and a tapestry card so unless I get another one next area I am going to have empiricism if you advance on the science track gain two points whenever you roll the science die instead drawl it twice and choose one result that’s quite nice I like that so put that off to one side maybe I’ll get one that’s more suited to you know helping me explore or something cuz that’s what I’ve been quite heavy in I would like to get to space cards because yeah I don’t want to go into space so that is my turn is enough done all of my income stuff so we move on to Marty now who is going to be advancing on a track because he’s just done income Marty sees all the competition for military he is gonna spend let’s say a worker gonna spend a worker here to advance on the military track and hope to get to the top of it before any of us so he is going on two bladed weapons he’s invented he needs a tapestry card so he gets technocracy when played if you were the first player to enter this era gained a tech card and upgrade it if you aren’t the first player gained three points per opponent in the game so he’s probably gonna be the first person into the next era and we’ll get to play that and upgrade a tech card which is quite nice so he gets tapestry card and can pay another resource to put an armoury Act he’s gonna do that because he is a bit light on resources really isn’t he so he gets to put an armory out and where would he like to put it he can put it let’s put it there maybe try and fill up this row he could if he gets the building he could fill up you know here covering up one space and get five points for it so maybe he just want to do that that will be all of his resources to progress there then he hasn’t got enough resources to progress in military now he’s paid for that bonus and what he could be in trouble to watch out for that so next up is the shadow Empire isn’t it where is the shadow Empire gonna go they’re gonna go for a track they haven’t reached the end of that’s all of them and technology so taking the accelerator on the other tracks to start out in technology now as for me I’ve got a lot of resources really I mean I’ve got six resources I started with this so to more than Marty did so I want to maybe I want to get in the competition for military and run science at all I haven’t got any food because I traded it all the way basically for points so what would I like to get out I I could go for some technology try and do that before Marty get a market out would get me more coins getting another armory out would get me points for every hex I control which isn’t many right now so I probably yeah I wouldn’t mind doing technology so any resource and then any resource for the bonus so I’ll do a worker and a coin so the tapestry card I’ve got is pirate rule whenever you conquer a territory char gain the benefit on the tile in addition to the benefits of the conquer dice that’s good because usually there is a face on the dice that lets you get the benefit of the tile but that would let you always get it so I could be really heavy on conquering in that if I went forward that Tapestry card I also get to put a market act so where’s that gonna go I can do I want to try and fill up this row so I can start getting some points it seems like a good call yeah I’m gonna place it there and that means I’m gonna get an extra coin in my income net Marty now here’s a bit worried about that I do have the resources to overtake him on the technology track but I think what he’s gonna do is spend a resource to conquer even though yeah he’s a bit he’s a bit behind on doing any of this he isn’t going to put an armory out he is going to conquer again so he can only conquer onto an adjacent space but he does get to roll the conquered I swear if they go there they are and he’s hoping to get a resource out of this so he doesn’t want to finish coin then does he he wants to spread his culture so he gets either a culture or a point for every hex he controls which is three points right now but he wants the the culture so he slides back up to one because you know he wants the resources available to advance in something so he could advance him military as well and get that instead shadow empires turn and they are going to go up the track they are closest to a landmark on so they’re on space to hear to hear nothing there have never done exploration and one there so it’s gonna be science or military and it’s science according to the tiebreaker which is say it’s kind of good for us isn’t it because there none of us are close to getting to that first stage off science back to me then am I gonna I think I’m gonna force and I spent a culture that cuz I’ve got two of it I’m gonna force Marty to have to make a decision on which one he wants to advance on they’ll probably choose this one because nobody is you know equalling him on the same space in military so I’m going to go here door ons a new tech card or do I want to get a mark attacked if I’ve got to mark it out it would be another point for every tech card and I only got one but it would mean I had banking which means when I advance a tech card I would be able to advance this all the way to the top and get my skyscraper so yeah I’m gonna do that I filled up a No and that’s it marty is going to advanced in technology feels like he’s had a very short era he is going to go over here which means metallurgy he gets to choose one of these but he can clear the row first I think and that would let him get a tapestry card and then in the future he could replace his tapestry card with another one when that gets upgraded I think that’s quite nice yeah mmm I don’t know that gets him a market act which would get him more income yeah I think he’s gonna go for that I have to took it under my player board a bit cuz he’s got a lot of these new one comes out which is quacks so advanced on the technology track and not not get the benefit of the space that you move onto when you advance there so Maas he’s gone we need to do the shadow play now so the first thing that happens here the shadow players deck has run out so we need to shuffle it and then after his deck gets shuffled here evaluates his favorite track so if he’s reached the end of his favorite track or someone is further along than he is he changes his mind about what his favorite is he chooses a new favorite based on the one he is closest to a landmark building or the end of the track and looking around science he is one away from a landmark building because in his favorite military Martis ahead of him so he’s put off that rat net right now and his favorite now becomes science so if he ever chooses to move his favorite we know which one it is we then need two cards as usual for him to make a decision so the track where he’s closest to a lamb or towel the end we don’t need a tiebreaker we know that it’s science and he is gonna build the first science building he hasn’t got anywhere to put it let’s put it there all nice that’s an apothecary but look at that look at the lovely little clay apothecary nice isn’t it anyway that’s the shadow empires turn done it’s over to me isn’t it I’m almost forgetting on time Marty has to get his la motte building for the technology track so he gets this lovely clay Forge here and he needs to put it down somewhere he wants to put it here and cover up a building because that’s gonna get him five points or covering up impassable land so he’s on 13 now okay from my turn I’m gonna spend a food I think I’m gonna advance up military I don’t think I can win this race but yeah I want to at least be in contention for it so I got a tapestry card if I pay something else I’ll pay a worker so I’ve only got one culture left I can put myself an armory at which I am quite happy with so tapestry card is gonna be trap so this is something I can keep in my hand you may discard this from your hand when an opponent tries to conquer your territory if you do gain a resource and topple their outpost normally yours gets toppled I’m played if and I can play it as at apricot instead and get ten points for it then I get to put an arm react and let’s see I could save that for a building or by force base there we could go for a column maybe yeah let’s put it there try and go for a column I think Marty then is gonna have to do income so his civilization you can advance again get a tech card and a tapestry card tech see advancing the technology track and don’t pay get more tapestry cards and then get to put an extra one I think that’s what he’s going to go for the tight fit all these cards here now then our tapestry card as well so he’s got academia this era whenever you invent a technology card or gain a tapestry garde bit late it gained three points he does do a lot of that I mean we need a new tech card out don’t we what’s this lithium-ion battery so this is four points for the start to get to the second bit you have to be on level four of the science track all the way up at the end of it but this does let you reactivate a space that one of your cubes is online any of the tracks so okay so he’s got his power now I think he’s gonna go for this technocracy card because it lets him gain a tech card and upgrade it stray away well the plea for aid could get him two resources and four points cuz there’s two tracks where people are more advanced than him more resources wouldn’t be a bad thing considering he hasn’t really uncovered very much yeah he doesn’t particularly want any of those technology cause and he’s probably going to go gonna go into the next era first as well so he’s gonna go plea for eight so he gets four points and he gets two resources let’s give him probably gonna go into military isn’t he so the star culture and he’s in technology a lot so he’ll get a coin okay that’s his tapestry card then upgrade a tech card so he can upgrade this and score points for technology cards but he’s only gonna get more isn’t he so there’s no rush on that he could conquer a territory not very useful although what’s on the dice could be useful get a coin put a market out that’s probably the best thing or get a tapestry card I think get a market out so he puts this market out let’s say let’s say there that helps him get a nearer to a row or does he just want to fill up this card yeah fill up this section and get a resource when he does it that’s what he’s gonna do and so that was his tech card upgraded points he gets a point for every tech card which is gonna be five and a point for every row or column which is not so five more points so that puts him on twenty two and what else is there getting resources so that’s gonna be two coins a worker a food and two culture that’s quite a lot of resources compared to what he’s had before that’s quite nice there maybe should have put another one of these s maybe you didn’t need those resources but hey I think having those it’s at least an extra turn isn’t it okay that was Marty’s turn which means it’s the shadow Empire’s turn and they’re gonna go up any track then at the end off and thanks for the decision-making it’s gonna be technology which yeah that’s that’s not as important to us okay my turn and I have just one thing left to do I’m going to spend my culture here and I’m gonna advance in military again so I’m vying for the building as well as Marty but he gets to go next thing he’s got a load of resources anyway so I’m going to invent walls and that means that I can either put an armed react putting an armory out would mean well that’s an extra culture that’s really tempting I was gonna conquer though to get onto this middle island and get 10 extra points having said that though Marty hasn’t explored at all he can’t get to the middle island to get there first he’s stuck on here so yeah I’m gonna put an armed react and not worry so much about it there we go it can just go there and I’ll but for conquering I would get her all the docks and maybe get some really nice things no we can do some more conquering later maybe there’s more there’s more spaces out there they’ll let us do it further along the track okay Marty’s turn yeah he’s not taking any rubbish he’s gonna spend a coin and a culture I think to advance in military so he is gonna get the building for being there first that’s gonna be the clay barracks there there’s actually not a great choice to place that there because this could have gone there give him a sneaky take back yeah let’s give him a sneaky take back he did he would he would have been planning to get that building he can have a sneaky take back because he gets another resource now I think he’s gonna go and get a coin for more technology maybe yeah why not and he wants the actual benefit of the space which is gain a worker and then a point for every exploration tile he has so one worker puts him on to there and he has three points for tenant for exploration tiles so he’s now on 25 shadow Empire any track and it’s going to be science and yeah so he’s progressing into some of the nice science abyss now this would let you roll the dice and you do get the benefit of the space I don’t think there’s much cashing him on science although it’s very nice to go up science because it gets you up the other tracks very nicely sometimes getting the benefit sometimes not and then towards the end you can choose it rather than rolling dice if you get all the way to the end you’re all the dice four times you don’t get the benefit of any of the spaces but if you roll a track you’ve already got to the end of and science you will have gotten to the end of you get five points every time you do that it’s a really nice in specs but all of the end spaces are really nice okay so it’s me I’ve got no resources whatsoever so I am gonna have to do some income so which track would I like to go up now I can get the benefit but not the bonus so that would be get another tech card in technology but that would be a you know it’s a it’s a it’s a space that costs more to go up but maybe do military just because I don’t particularly mind about this space very much it would it would save me some money and maybe I can get a head of Marty yeah I’m gonna go up there and so I get myself a worker and then a point for every tile which is three for me as well and so I need to cover I did military though yeah okay need to do something else so science it feels like such a waste because I haven’t really progressed on it this feels like a waste because although I don’t care about ships I do want to pay and get that bonus I think let’s do technology then ok technology means I can wipe this if I want to I think I think I will I’m gonna get rid of all of that so three new ones come out I think I’m gonna go for paper because it means that I can get more buildings out and that’s my focus really it seems okay I’ve done my civilizations power but we need a new tech card that’s gonna be radio this is three points when you get it to the in you upgrade it once and your grade it all the way and you know you or your neighbor needs to be all the way along in science you get an extra civilization card although if you do it really late if it’s something that happens every income round you’re probably not going to get the benefit of it that much okay that was all my civilizations power it’s time for a tapestry card so I don’t think I want to waste the trap I want to save that in case I go on the middle space and what he tries to take it off me so whatever you conquer a tariffs are getting the benefit on the tile as well as the conquer dice that could be good for I could get another Armory out by conquering that space or whenever you advance on the science track gain two points and when you roll the die roll it twice and choose the results that could be good because I kind of do want a roll go up science a little bit so that when I do get the benefit it’s not just a cheap rubbish you space like this but no I’m going for pirate rule I’m going to try and put more tiles out and explore them although my decks like an explore there and explore there may be a lot of resources if I want to do both of those anyway what am i doing I’ve played a tapestry card I upgrade a tech card I’m gonna upgrade let’s see if I crate the farm I got an extra resource right now if I upgrade and get the stock market it lets me put something out and it gets me a resource not another row or column though the stock market is another 2×2 building so I would finish that off and yeah if I had thought about it and put them down here then I would have another row or column that gets me a resource the same way that’s putting a market out would ya I’m gonna go for that I can do it because I’ve got banking so that goes out I put the stock market out and I get a resource let’s choose food because that’s what I’m gonna need the most oh if I want to do exploring but I’ve got pirate rule haven’t I so I want to do I want to do as much yeah I wanted to do this to put more tiles out that have benefits on them but I want to do as much conquering as possible so I’m going to take culture as the resource of filling up that section of my map so that was upgrade attack card points two points for every tech card it’s four points for me point for every row or column is another point a point for every hex is two so that is four five six seven so on 27 and then get your stuff so two coins a worker to food and three culture so that is quite a nice selection of resources I think what he’s gonna carry on with his technology so he’s gonna need to spend a coin and something else he’ll do a worker and he moves along does he want to spend something else I think he’s gonna spend a food the only food he’s got and get the bonus as well so he puts out any building now the next technology space is school the number of points for the number of armories you have out so I think he’s gonna put an armory act and let’s see he wants to fill up a row maybe so that would help him fill up a row and he also gets to upgrade a tech card so he could that’s he’s next his neighbor has gone to level two there he’s gone to level two there so he could get points for his markets or tech cards but he can wait really for those he could get points for his he could get a conquer action that’s what I’m leaning towards a tapestry card or a coin he’s gonna do a conquer action but that kind of locks that locks him out of conquer actions on the board though well he doesn’t lock him out of them it means he wouldn’t get a benefit cuz there’s only one more tile he can conquer because he hasn’t gone up exploration whatsoever so I think he’s just gonna upgrade coin so he gets a coin basically so that’s more actions available to it shadow empires go and it’s gonna go up any track and it’s gonna be his favorite good old science I’ve got a feeling he’s gonna complete advancement right before any of us so I I wanted to explore more but I also wanted to conquer didn’t I to make the most out of this so I’m probably gonna have to spend all my resources and do that and a worker culturing a worker to go into tier two of military which means I get a worker and then three points for my tiles one two three get a worker which isn’t bad more resources for more stuff Montee got there first though so I don’t get the building then Marty is tempted to go into military you do in the conquer action and get an arm react and then do this if he gets a resource from his conquer action he’d have enough to go up two more times here and once more on military I think so let’s see what he gets from the military action he wouldn’t be able to get the benefit from that there let’s let’s see what he gets so he’s going to pay a culture and let’s say a worker and then move up here so he gets to put an army out and do a military action so armory could go there and fill up the row military action is gonna be we can only be here he can’t go anywhere else because hasn’t been explored yet oh and then he needs to roll the conquer dice doesn’t he and he can either have six points or a coin well he needs the coin doesn’t need to be able to do his technology stuff so yeah he’s got got four of that that’s not still not enough is it no I think I think I’d cost Marty too much military should just have one I think yeah okay so he’s got just enough to go up there twice more which is another great big building anyway shadow Empire’s turn what is he up to he’s gonna go up any track his favorite science against so he takes another building away but yeah I think there is no chance of catching him up right now let’s see it’s me what was I doing I always do I wanted to conquer didn’t I yeah to get the benefit of the the tile that you go on as well as the dice so I need to pay a culture and something else like a food and let’s go up here so I get to put an armory out as well video games I’ve invented at this point in pirate rule and let’s put it we’re gonna we could probably put a building up there to have finished that row column I’m gonna try and fill in this this here because then I would get three rows and columns so put it there because that’s a row right there and also do the hex for a resource and then we need to do a conquer action I am actually yeah I’m gonna do it right here let’s let’s just conquer this space because then I get to put another armory act which is all of my armories which just mean in the future if I go up the military shop more and get to put more out then I’m wasting it a little bit but yeah that it’s good to get all of that out earlier now I just need one more building there to do another row and another full box I get 10 points for going to virtual reality I think that we’re still in the forming stage here but I’ve invented virtual reality because that’s the way I roll so I go up 40 there it’s a lot of points and that’s all the benefits from that Marty is not very happy about what’s going on up there caught up with him but he is gonna go on technology I think yeah because that’s all that’s less left himself with so he needs to do coin and anything so he’s gonna choose culture he’s gonna go up here he can’t afford he can’t afford the bonus which would be pay a resource to get a tech card act unfortunately he scores his armories which is three three acts so three points for him and then he gets what a marketer which is good because getting markets out means you get more points he’s gets two points to protect card now every round and he wants to fill this hex up doesn’t he well if he’s putting a building out if it fits here let’s see what’s there this is gonna be a great big L shape so oh no this is quite restrictive where he can put this on this particular map he would have to put it off the edge somewhere there which would meet you you are allowed to put it off the edge because this is like four across either way and yeah he hasn’t ideally would have left himself space here to slot it in around this island just the way his board works it this this building does not work well because he can’t place it on any of the red spots this is where he would be thankful of that card still yes so when he gets that you’ll have to have it like this because that just leaves one little space here so does he want to put that building there ready I think he does let’s put that off to the side cuz he’s definitely gonna get it in a minute oh no that’s not the one he just put down as it’s this market there we go and it’s shadow and poster what are you gonna do this time here we go finally it’s the one he’s closest to a building or the end so closest to a building he he’s miles away from a building on everything isn’t he he’s three away there one two three four I assume we count to the next building that he can get so it would be like one two three four five there seven here yeah it’s an unclaimed landmark or the end so the nearest unclaimed landmark is science so he’s gonna go up there again but then once you’ve reached the end of that he’s probably gonna be too late to get us on here isn’t he but he’s probably gonna get the complete any advancement route because he’s been going really heavy on science he doesn’t have to pay for anything so it’s me what am i doing I’m doing military still on time because I well there’s there’s actually no more tiles to do that with I can do conquer and tapestry again but really my my pirate rule has just worked for that single tile because I’ve already conquered this one and Marty hasn’t put any tiles out whatsoever I think we’ve got to do it at some point I’d really like to have gotten more food spent food somewhere haven’t I did I roll the dice for conquering I don’t think I did did I that’s Marty’s result there we go I might get a resource here so I can take a food perfect or five points but definitely a food anything well you’ll see in the subtitles if I’m cheating from right there so I’m gonna spend a food and something else let’s say a worker to go up here do ships so every hex I control is with a point one two three not very many points but I’m gonna spend a coin to put a house down so I get more workers in a future out and I’ve done that which means I will have let’s have another food why not so three points one two three and that’s it from me then and Marty he’s gonna spend one two three coins which puts him into ehre three which means he wants that that great big building there he finishes as a hex which means he could do something else so he could just get a tapestry card for going up there or he could get some tiles for going up there that’s probably all once cuz he could do some exploration and then he can do some conquering yeah so he’ll get it doesn’t matter what resource he gets he’ll get a coin because he could about anything for tier one and he gets to technology cards so I think it’s gonna be too late to use the civilization really yeah he’s gonna clear these out and look at three new ones so anesthesia put an armor out and then score your armories not bad but we aren’t high up on science to get to the top of that get a food now canned food get a food now and there’s seven points later yeah that’s okay that’ll probably warn of the two and then put a farm out and let’s call your farms to be at level three on military it’s possible yeah let’s go for ammonia and canned food because it the worst it’s formal points isn’t it getting tech cards cuz he gets two points for everyone and then later on once this once cause eventually he’s gonna get a load of points for that as well let’s squash all of this in ok the shadow player needs to shuffle their deck and also are they okay with their thing yeah they’re not at the end of their favor and nobody’s in front of them so they will keep science as their favorite so new card for them is gonna be any track that they owns at the end of and it’s gonna be military so maybe they’ll catch up and start being a threat on military a few more turns okay I was going for military wasn’t over I think I’m going for exploration there I think yeah I can just afford to get here can’t I so I’ve already done this oh I can’t afford if I do the bonus there what’s that five resources I’ve got two four six resources so yes I can’t afford the bonus so we’ll spend a food and something else and something else for the bonus and so I get another tile it’s gonna be or get a tapestry cover that’s quite nice and a what’s that that’s a farm it’s just four points for putting that out let’s well where do I want to go what’s the the building I’m winning forgetting is actually a great big 3×3 so that can go there so if I put this building there that’s gonna be another column so that’s gonna be quite nice so I have my tile I’ve put my former I need four points 47 there and then I need to explore something let’s see okay so maybe I want to do the conquer now because I would be able to conquer and get the bonus of this thing again I don’t really want to advance in a random thing and maybe not get the benefit although I wouldn’t be able to get the benefit but advancing up here for free would be quite nice and I can maybe get a load of points for doing it if I match up no I can’t I can match like no I many things there are all the way things have worked out I can get more points for matching up say this that would be one two three four sides or water but I’m just getting myself a resource but if I get myself a resource and then conquer and get the resource again oh that could work out well yeah okay let’s go for this Marty might end up conquering conquering back I’m gonna get a worker yeah that’s all I need to do and I get 1 2 3 4 points for matching sides on 51 quietly done Marty a bit worried for Marty he does get to go again does he want tiles to put out or does he want to save that resource he’s gonna save the resource ok he’s going to use his civilization power he’s gonna go all the way to the top of this and he gets to explore and advance on a track according to the dice so he’s got the tiles already so maybe would he want a what do you have wanted to do the Explorer action to get two more of these and maybe get a better benefit yes I’m gonna say that he’s gonna spend a coin he’s not doing income you ever spent a coin to do exploration and get two more of these tiles that’s three yes – and it’s a resource or a tech card definitely the tech card one okay and it means that maybe I wouldn’t be out here conquering stuff and he’ll acquire a nice tile for me we probably wouldn’t have put it in a place that I could get to anyway I’m gonna spend a worker and a culture to go along military again so I get to conquer I’m gonna conquer what I just put down and so I get another food so I’ve got enough right now to do to do this but I also oh I want I want to paid for the bonus so to pay paid the coin and I get a coin from there I’m not choosing the points I don’t know the bonus the bonus is put a put a thing out so no I don’t need to pay for the bonus and so I could just do without the resource and get seven points I’m gonna do that okay whole made sense I need a tapestry card so gain a tile and explore with it your neighbors then each gain a talents okay I don’t mind if they gain at all so have I skipped I’ve skipped the shadow my Stern Avenue so it’s gonna go up to the one he’s closest to a building all the end off so that’s just gonna be science there’s no tiebreaker to be had there then I have my turn so it’s Marty’s he’s got no resources so now he’s doing its thing so he is going to explore he’s gonna explore this thing that gets him a another tech card – where could he put that he could put it here and get three points for matching up grass there that’s probably the best thing to do yeah so puts it there one two three points and then the tech card he can get it have a culture two more tiles an armory an armory would be more and more points and another resource that’s if he upgrades it there yeah I think he’s gonna gonna grab that one so look it’s a lot of tech cards he’s got and he gets to roll the die and go for track and get the benefit of it and it’s gonna be technology that’s quite nice unfortunately he doesn’t have the resource to pay for the bonus so it’s not quite as nice as it could have been he can put this can he put it somewhere where you will get something from it I don’t think so let’s put it there try and fill up this square next may be so unfortunate unfortunately he can’t pay to upgrade something so he will what’s he doing now he’s puts that was all his power wasn’t it and the darks and everything so he’s only got these two tapestry cards so whenever you invent tech or gain a tough streak I’ll get three points if you’re the first player to enter this era which he is oh he isn’t getting I’ve been forgetting the whole game you get resources when you are the first person to enter an era Marty should have been getting a load of resources so let’s let’s at least to try and make up I can’t really make that up for him can I I’ll give him I’ll give him three resources but it’s so late you would never have saved those the whole game sorry Marty I see yeah he would definitely have spent one of those to get the benefit an upgrade something and it’s gonna be armories I think yes yeah it’s gonna be armories to get another one of those acts unfortunately that’s not quite enough to fill up that hex yet here’s the first player to gain it he can gain three resources let’s see he likes military the best and coins the best so he’s gonna upgrade those so he gets a tech card and gets to upgrade it so does he want three points and he would need breeding that’s two farms to be acted to get this but I’ve done that so he could get this out and get the barn out which is another big building if he upgrades it all the way before the end of the game otherwise he’s just culture or two tiles so yeah he’s gonna go for the barn and he gets to upgrade it straightaway which gives him three points he’s done a civilization tapestry card upgrade something and then get points so so the farms another great big 3×3 building the most effective place for machi to put it it’s gonna have to be off to the side here just doing a three by two so right now that’s not gonna get him a benefit is it so I don’t think he’s gonna upgrade that yet let’s just put it somewhere nearby so I can grab it easily so he’s not gonna do that just yet he could get another one of these out which scores him more points for tech cards that’s what he’s gonna do he’s gonna put this all the way to the top that’s another upgrade and he gets a market out which fills this up and gets him another resource he’ll take a coin case he’s really gonna go for this which probably is and what am I thinking where I know that says oh yeah that’s his upgrade then points three points for every tech card he’s got one two three four five six seven eight nine so that’s 27 points 61 I think he’s on there a point for every row or column he’s just got the one row right now so just one and two points for every hex he controls one two three four that’s one of the eight points so he’s on 70 now and then his actual resource income he gets one two three four coins he’s got a full eight there he gets just the worn worker just the one food and then one two three four culture so that is hopefully enough resources to get what he wants done shadow Empire is going to go up any track and it’s his favorite which is science and he gets that building but yeah we knew that was gonna happen generally okay then from my last turn I was going up exploration wasn’t I so I need to pay all of my resources then I get two more tiles and can put another one out so I guess you have some culture or some food go for track and not get the benefit that’s I’m quite tempted to do that let’s see I wouldn’t be that sad about not getting the benefit of any of these and if I roll military I get a building so yeah I am going to go for this one can I match it up nicely anywhere not really I’d get what would I get here one two three that’s not too bad is it three points for putting that out one two three and unfortunately I’m not gonna have the resources to be able to conquer it so it’ll be brilliant maybe if I fulfill per hex which I do actually I fill up a hex so I get the exploration building I’m gonna plunk it right there and I do get a resource but I’m gonna need three resources to conquer something it would just be amazing to be able to conquer it this turn while I get the benefit of the space as well so that’s out we don’t need any of these act and I need to roll my dice to see what track I’m going up science probably the least helpful track I could have gone up right now but just let me go up something else so actually yeah it’s just just do it again alright I get to do I get to roll it twice no that was a that was a tapestry card I didn’t play so I’m going up technology not too bad could have got a building but I didn’t next one though I can school armories which is a full five for me and then put another market out not too shabby okay that was me then and I got myself one resource yeah military would have been brilliant I would have moved right up on there okay then Marty probably wants to move up on military to try and get the building it’s another full 3×3 grid though so where is he gonna put that it’s gonna have to go right hanging off the edge of something wants to try and stop me from getting it I guess I think he’s gonna be best off putting his attention into technology more than anything so he’s gonna go for coin and two other things let’s just use that he says he’s he apparently doesn’t care about and he is gonna go up here which means he gets to upgrade something and then get the benefit of something on the middle row so it’s tempting to get that out that’s ten points for bringing up the market act so guess what grade something first he probably wants to upgrade let’s see doing a conquer action maybe he would get he could do a conquer action and then maybe do another conquer action oh yeah he’ll do that he will now he wants to do a contraction there to hopefully role the gain the benefit of the hexer on that it’s just a they said there’s a fifty no they said one in three chance of getting that and they would get another tech card so while that is quite tempting what he’s gonna do is he’s gonna do a conquer action here we can finally towards the end of the game show off conquering space that’s got something on it you basically just go in here knock mine over so I don’t get it back I don’t control that hex and once a hex has got two pieces in it nobody can go there anymore so Marcy’s got full control out of that and rolls the conquered ox so he can have I did roll that as well they can have the benefit the space which is a resource or he can have six points he’s gonna have six points is he it’s gonna go for resource yeah I think the resource is worth more to him so he gets a food there then he can choose a benefit from the circle rope he’s gonna conquer again and he is going to go over here because that blocks me off all this time wasted not going to the middle there that blocked me off from there I’m gonna have to go around if I’m probably not gonna be able to do that this late and toppling to opponent outposts is a 10-point achievement so he gets that and then he rolls the conquered Oryx for this space and that seven all the benefit of the hex really wishes he’d a gun there now so that’s a worker or seven points I think he’s gonna go he’s gonna go for the worker again I always feel like I should get the resource rather than the points when I’m playing this no matter how many points it is still feels like maybe having an extra term would be great although he’s probably gonna end up with one resource left over because I can count it properly now has something isn’t he so there we go that went very well shadow empires turn so we have any track he isn’t at the end of starting with science so yeah he is gonna get to the end of this quite soon isn’t it miles before any of us I just have one culture so do I want to use that to all I’d be able to do is go up science and now I would just be getting a tapestry card and couldn’t get the bonus of the form I do need at some point I’m gonna have to go up science so yeah I am going to I don’t get the bonus when I do that do I want to do another Tapestry card I don’t particularly care about these tapestry cards explore where the tile is a tapestry card gets me some more tapestry cards I’m gonna save the resource I’ll still have the option later and there’s nothing that means I need to do that right now so I’m gonna do income so income for me I’m going to take the bonus they’re getting rid of two of these tiles for five points would have been really nice but yeah I’m gonna move along exploration and so that gets me it’s a farm isn’t it format and can I get anything useful from this farm No so let’s what building am I about am I about to get a building I’m bout to get this one here which fits beautifully in that space so I don’t want to cover that space up let’s put it let’s try and fill in the gaps on the edge of this hex I think okay and then points for every one of those you’ve got out at three points and that’s it so then tapestry cord so my choice is I don’t want to get rid of that I could have played the trap why didn’t I play the trap on any of these ah we won’t take it back because I think Marty’s must have been held back enough in this game pressure to play the trap and stopped him from going there in the first place and then he wouldn’t have been able to carry on into the next space would have gone in there it would have got himself a tech card things would have been great hey so it goes so I can either play that for ten points coal Baron get a tile and explore with it so whatever it says I’m exploring with that thing or if you advance on the science track gain two points and you roll the dice roll it twice instead hmm basically like any of these I’m not going to advance on the science track five times okay let’s do the science track just in case I do do that now the coal Baron coal Baron is going to be more useful coal Baron let’s grab a tile what is it yeah it’s just a coin anyway but it has to be into a territory our control which means I don’t control either of these anymore which means it has to go here which means I got no points from putting that out yeah it should definitely use that trap at no points but I do get a coin okay what’s going on so that was the tapestry card upgrade something it can only be this one so I get to put a house out okay then where am I do hook graded up points for everything two points for each tech card is four points two points for each row or column let’s see I’ve done two columns there no more two columns and 3 rows so that’s 5 times 2 10 points 78 nothing there wait a minute when did I uncover these I shouldn’t have got the points when I did them I think I did them both last round so I’ve already had my points for those I’ll get my points again for them in the final income round but yeah I’ve drunk the gun on those he’ll be in the subtitles they weren’t it so yeah we’ve had points for everything we can see that all points for hexes two points for each hex just two now I don’t control those two so four points and that’s this isn’t it so income two coins two workers three food and one-two-three-four culture Marty might have gotten way more resources than me as well some all that conquering and stuff isn’t it yeah maybe completely song this around by not playing that trap card okay he did get all of those caught up resources that I forgot to give him Denis and he got three for being the first to put a card down anyway what so that was my income round Marty is continuing here it’s gonna pay two coins and he’s gonna go up here he gets the building it’s gonna be this 2×3 so that that could go quite nicely in there and that’s two more columns for him one more thing and he’s done the BRIT the grid space for another resource so this is school year military and science so point for each space which maybe maybe he should have waited an advance on science a bit more but he’s advanced on military five spaces and science one so that’s gonna be six points yeah he should probably do that another time shadow player is going to go up one of the tracks he’s now at the end of his favorite comes first so that is gonna be science and he is going to take the achievements away from us of completing an advancement track more he’s probably gonna be second there that’s what can we do so I’m gonna spend a food oh this is my last thing I haven’t ended up with much food at all no I’ve really messed myself up but yeah I think my making up for getting Marty’s resources has been yeah a bit a bit much and then to of any other resource away in it let’s go into military on so I can get that building what am I gonna conquer though something I don’t care about its military and two of the to go up here which means I get this building which is a another nice 3×3 unfortunately I’m gonna haul actually Oh perfect that’s a 3×3 space just going over the lines here so that’s another thing I’ve done so I will take a coin as a resource so hopefully no not coin food what why I’ve got no food yes spend other things spent coins not food every said I’ve just spent three culture to do the military action instead because that’s us better so I take my extra resource as coins and I’ve got four coins and I’ll coin food I want food not coins yeah she’s getting mixed up now so I concur but if I would if I was toppling someone else’s I would get some extra stuff but I’m not doing that okay the I’ll get the benefits of both of the dice instead of just one but yeah I can’t do that cuz I would need to come all the way around four to get to Marty anyway like I need to conquer first and then start exploring to do it and it’s just not happening you know there’s no exploration in my future on land anyway so I think I’m gonna explore it’s another hex I control anyway isn’t it an explorer over here and hope that I roll this symbol to get another upgrading technology somewhere and I do get it so I can have six points all that upgrade I’m gonna go for that upgrade which is roll the dice and don’t get the benefit and so that’s gonna be military which is another conquer and I can pay to get a tapestry card I’m not gonna pay for another tapestry card I will explore into here though hopefully gets if I get the benefit of the tile at least I’m on a tile with a benefit and so that’s gonna be either points that you control which is four points or culture I’ll get a culture okay so that that was my turn just doing that one thing got me that set little chain reaction of stuff Marty’s going for technology again so he needs to spend two coins he goes up here so he gets to upgrade something and then use the ability of something that is in the top square space again so that could be good markets but it could be you know points for his technology cards or as he got nine three four five six seven eight nine it could be nine points twice yeah he’s gonna upgrade this so that is nine points isn’t it and then he’ll use the ability of a square against over another nine point so that’s 18 so that’s a hundred and four so nice to go back up to four and then put another cube on the hundred there and he can give up three cards for ten points he’s gonna do because these now aren’t going anywhere they aren’t doing anything he can’t do that again he’s gonna get rid of these two because at the moment each one is worth three points to him so three cards is nine points getting rid of them ten points seems to be a good thing and he’ll get rid of yeah get rid of this well maybe the one that gets him a healing any forms out so scoring forms isn’t useful is it you get rid of those three for ten more points okay it’s looking very good for Marty I’m doing some exploring though it might be okay for me so I need to pay I need to earn food from somewhere desperately if I want to get to the air I don’t know I’m gonna get to the end of the track really frustratingly just of the way I’ve worked out my resources unless I can fill up some more hexes maybe I can do this let’s get this out here so moving into the next thing I get the building here which is a two by two whatever I do I still got two more spaces I need to fill up yeah to get another hex bonus so I go there I get another resource so I will take food and just really hope that I can earn one more somewhere then points for technology so I’ve advanced five times so that’s five points and that’s it for now we get to do some into interstellar travel next Marty just gonna go for his technology again so he came for a I like singularity this special space means that he takes his cube off here it still counts as finished so he has completed a track and gets five points separately one a hundred and nineteen and then he can put this square at the start of any track and so he could get the early advantages of say military he’s still got the early advantage of science of exploration so I don’t see why he would do those but I think he gets so much so many points for tech cards he’s gonna start here again and he gets one of each resource so that is still a lot of resources to be playing with I was really sad about how bad they had played for Marty okay so it’s shadow Empire any track that he isn’t that the and so first is technology it can’t really contend for it he can contend from military is the only landmark space that he can go for because all the other buildings have been taken me then I’m gonna do some interstellar travel so it just costs to food so in the last space so I draw three of these warp space ecards and these don’t go out anywhere and don’t follow the normal rules you just get the benefits from them so I can either have a farm and then score points for farms so I would get a farm get closer to getting my its second food I need to get to the end of this food and the culture and eight points or roll the dice go up a track and get six points now the thing is only this one gets me the food that guarantees I’ll put an extra warp gate out and then I could pay another resource to put another warp gate out it would mean I have to just put these other two out but I had not my school but I think that’s worth doing so I’m gonna get this one here it just goes next to my player board there’s not much space so I get a culture of food and eight points so I’m on 95 and then that’s it isn’t it yeah there’s no more extra to that sentence Marty’s going to do some military then he’s gonna just spend to culture well will he try and save it a bit one culture and say a food culture and a food he’s gonna go over here and try and conquer I just want to conquer the Middle Island yeah maybe you should put his ability at the start of military he wants to conquer the Middle Island for ten points but if he conquers this and that can then conquer a space that I’m on for the next one he’ll get more benefits so I think yeah he’s gonna he’s not got many of these left you don’t get any more which you’ve run out so he’s gonna go just on here cuz he can’t conquer this space he’s gonna go on here and he gets a tapestry card but so he’s got a trap card in case I try and conquer him so he gets one of the benefits that benefit on the hex which is nothing or four points he’ll take the four points that’s 123 shadow Empire that needs to shuffle their thing and they need to change their favorite their favorite is based on the one thats nearest to a building or the end so this one here is three six seven to a building these are three six nine that’s even more to the end so seven to a building means the military is gonna be his new favorite I’ll shuffle his cards and so we’ve got a new symbol here this is the track that he’s furthest along the track that he’s furthest to the end off so that would be that would be military or technology they’re in the same space so he starts out exploration no technology next so that’s the one he goes up my turn if I want the military building I’m gonna have to get a move on with that I think can I do it I need three culture and two of something else got three culture one something two or something I think I can afford that and nobody’s chasing me for warp gates so let’s yeah let’s make sure Marty isn’t catching off on this it’s just that the next military one is such a waste because I’ve already got all my armor ease out so we need to do that and two of something else let’s just do that and a worker let’s just do yeah we’ll do that and so I progress on here which gets me an armory already got them all out caught a point for every tapestry card I’ve got that’s two tapestry cards not great edging towards a hundred points I promise and then Marty could continue his chase and he is gonna do that he’s gonna do military and say a worker oh it has to be two workers because he’s moving into the next stage of it he’s going over here so conquer he’s gonna conquer my space again and yeah doesn’t really matter where if he conquers there it means I can explore but I can’t explore anyway so he’s gonna go there and that means that because he conquered my space he’s gonna get both of the benefits which means pointing for every hex and a worker so I’ll give him the worker back and how many hexes does he control oh wait we didn’t roll those dice because finally finally finally finally finally I woke up and played my trap card which means Marty does not he goes in here and does not topple mine I topple his it was a trap and I get a resource but I discard that tapestry card finally I remembered that I’ve got there and what he doesn’t get both benefits and wasted that so what resource do I want probably culture no never gonna in some more culture I might be able to get to the end of that track as well hmm okay shadow empires turn they are going up nearest to the landmark or the end so nearest the landmark they’ve got three six seven spaces their nearest to the end here three six eight spaces miles away from the end here so it’s gonna be military is their best bet so that’s where they’re going it’s also where I’m going there so I can I can wait on the warp gate car what gates gonna cost me two and something else but it’s gonna advance me on something yeah let’s do exploration first because the next military space gives me points for exploration so let’s do it’s two food warp gates I get to put one of these tiles out which is gonna get me six points so I am finally on the board here with a hundred and three and then I need to roll the dice to see which tracker Gogh military would be the most cost-effective for me brilliant okay so I am paying the extra by the way I’ll pay a worker I am gonna have the bonus so I’m going up military and I do get the benefit it’s not gotta cross on it so I need the massive building and it can actually it fits beautifully and perfectly in that space and that gets me another resource I don’t need anymore culture because I’m gonna get to the end of that let’s have coins okay so I want to go up that one oh so is my look turning around a little bit and I can play a card so I’ve done that walk gate I’m going up here I get a point for every space I’ve gone up technology which is three six nine twelve so I’m one 115 and then I get to overwrite my tapestry card if you advance on the science track get two points whenever you roll the dice roll it twice and get and choose one result that’s quite nice anyway isn’t it and this one not so exciting but put a farm out put it there I’m close to doing a load more rows and columns and another resource for this could be a load of points for me and then score your farms one two three four farms well I’m actually catching up quite nicely to Marty so is this working out really well for me as well I don’t get any bonus for getting to the end Marty he’s gonna carry on his race to military he’s gonna go and conquer again does he want to conquer my think he can see I’ve got no tapestry cards anymore he conquered my thing and it’s kind of a two-point swing isn’t it he would get an extra it’s a it’s a it’s a four-point swing I would lose two points for controlling one less he would gain two points for controlling one more but what’s better is him gaining two for controlling some more and conquering the middle island for ten points and then the military dice he can have a coin or five points I think he’s gonna have a coin yeah he’s gonna have a coin does he want the tapestry card no not really okay then so that was his turn shadow impose turn and this is gonna be any track starting with yeah just any track starting with exploration so he’s finally gone on the exploration track then my turn I’m now concentrating on military which I can get to the end of now thanks for that role so I get score my rows and columns I can pay three tapestry cards for ten points but I can’t I’ve gotten extra cards so rows and columns it’s gonna be lets see columns one two no three four five six rows 7 8 9 10 11 points I should have it all on I need to do that to sway another row and column but 11 points so again catch him right up can’t do the other pot I know that conquering isn’t there for a long time I think Marty is gonna shift his attention elsewhere and he could go for some science you know spend a culture Hicks it can be anything so advance on science he gets a tapestry card pillage and plunder whenever you conquer an opponent’s territory gain the result of both dykes and traps cannot be played against you so does he want to pay yes he’s gonna pay let’s just say a coin to get a house act he’s getting the house he’s out makes the rows and columns worth more and what he got quite a few now fills that up so I think he’s gonna get a worker as his bonus resource shadow Empire let’s see nothing and see anything technology so that’s where he goes for me and I get to the end of military don’t I so let’s just spend those before I have them on something else and so I can conquer and get the results of both dice and I’m gonna get myself an extra civilization card so do I try and get my own back on Marty or I just go on one of these that’s got nothing on it oh I think I’ll try and get my own back on Marty I’ll go in there and of course Marty can’t discard his trap to stop me from doing it and he gets a resource he’s gonna get himself another worker I think maybe we can do a little bit of extra science sneaky science at the end so he lies mine down and so he’s just you don’t get a choice you got a choice of two at the start of the game I don’t think I mentioned it but yeah just got a random one here I’ve got the Futurist which is pretty amazing one to get to be honest right now they mysteriously begin their civilization with significant advancements when you gain this civilization advanced on each track by four spaces with the end of each track as the limit do not gain benefits bonuses or landmarks also gain one of each resource so one two three four and at the end of that I’m at the end of that one two three four also gained one of each resource so that is a pretty amazing thing to happen so that’s my civilization as well although that doesn’t do anything from now so that’s that’s finished okay Wow okay so I thought we near the end a while ago but yeah these things just keep happening so Marty I think Marty’s gonna pay a culture and he’s gonna go up science again but he wants to get the building out because now he’s getting more points for rows and columns and can he do a row or column he can get close he needs one more building to finish that that row there and the thing again another resource shadow Empire between my two civilizations goes up any track and it’s gonna be military yeah there’s absolutely nothing that the that they can race for anymore so it’s me again I now I’ve just been having these coins for incase always going up one of these things early but I’ve just jumped all these tracks that’s quite good for me science is even better for me I’m gonna go worker and let’s say culture I’m not gonna need culture specifically anymore so let’s go up science one more because I can either put a house out that’s gonna it’s not gonna get me to that extra stage although yeah it’s it’s quite a while up on science and I haven’t got any workers left to get any more yeah you know cycling my hand and you’ll know what I mean any more houses I don’t think I’m gonna get to the next bit so I’m gonna roll the die and hope to go up in a track and I go up in technology brilliant so that’s gonna be a point for every military we already know that’s twelve point for every science is six so some of that eighteen points so that’s a hundred and forty eight I’m jumping ahead but I’ve been that’s insane luck to get you know all of these extra things the extra civilization being having enough to go there and then enough to go there and then get the extra civilization and roll a civilizer all one of the only two tracks that advancement is useful on yeah a lot of crazy lot going on so I had the advancement I did that Morty’s turn once he’s gonna go for science again I think his last two are gonna be science actually he’s gonna go up here to get a point for every tech card which is six for him now and then a tapestry card and it is another trap just in case I somehow decide to start getting aggressive shadow Empire I think we could probably have stopped drawing the shadow empires cards he’s gonna go up in science but he can’t so he goes up his favorite which is military and it’s me I’m just going up in here so nanotechnology I can upgrade something I can only upgrade one thing I get points for these which is just two that’s a bit rubbish but then I can get the benefit of it again oh this is complete rubbish for me I get the benefit of it again which is another two points because I can’t have the building again and I can trade in three technology cards for ten points I’ve only got two so yeah that’s that space for me this one could end up really good though could the resources okay Marty it’s just gonna go up science again I think and he’s gonna have a roll of the dice and he’s gonna go up science once again which is great he’s gonna turn in to tapestry cards for five points she’s got the option up for the bonus there he moves up science again which gives him either a house which wouldn’t give him extra points for the things but would give him another row and another resource worked to use that resource on there just exploring which would get him another resource which he could go exploring again I’ll put over a farm out on first farm doesn’t get you any points there or he tries to just he just tries his luck I think just tries luck and he goes up military which is much better actually that gives him a point for every tapestry card which is just one but it lets him put his armory out which is points it’s gonna be ten point twenty scores and he does that and he can get a resource just one resources he’s just gonna let him do exploration so there we go for that shadow Empire let’s not do that anymore I say you went up military it doesn’t make a difference where he ends up does it then I am just I’m doing my thing again aren’t I am i AI singularity I can put this anywhere now putting this out on military I can’t really conquer I’ve got two more things that I could conquer with get two more spaces but I think let’s see I would get four more resources I want houses out so let’s start at science again and we get one of each resource Marti might as well put something out although it’s just one resource isn’t it he’s not gonna get oh he’s gonna get points for putting stuff out though isn’t he so it is worth it yeah so he’s gonna go on here and explore get to put his thing out he gets one two three four five points for putting that out catching up and he gets under the coin I could get a free cob but there’s no point in that he might as well do that again for me wait a minute I can pay one and then two of anything to advance up here on science and this Spacey’s get the benefit of any advancement space that you’re on I’ll take the I’ll take the last one please I’ll conquer something I’ll just conquer an empty space because I can’t conquer any of these they’ve already got two pieces in and I’ll get both results of the dice and so that’s gonna be another coin and one two three four five yes five hexes I’m in control of I better get into the civilization let me grab one and so I get the chosen the chosen seek glory unmatched by other civilizations whom they looked down upon with a mixture of bewilderment and pity at the beginning of your income turns so I’m only gonna get one use of this in my fifth and final income turn for each advancement track you’ve completed where there are no further advance tokens than yours all where there are no further that’s token yours I gain a point per opponent so that’s gonna be all for track see if I can stay in the lead on here and I can because Marty hasn’t got the resources to go ahead of me that’s gonna be all four points and then freeze achievement you’ve earned gained a resource Oh if it’s your final income turn gained five points per achievement instead oh never mind well I did topple one of Marty’s outposts but I just can’t get to any others at up with one from using the trap so there’s not going to be as useful oh well I think the Futurists was insanely useful so balances out a bit doesn’t it Marty just has a coin left so he’s gonna use that to advance on here he could put another building out it’s not gonna give him any more rows and columns at all though so he might as well put a tile out for points but then he’s not gonna be able to afford to do anything else so he can put this here and there is water water water water so that’s 4 points 1 2 3 4 and he gets a coin but he’s not gonna be able to do anything with it then shadow Empire went and did something and then I what am i doing I think I was trying to go science again from the start but what why I told her all science then I can move my uber wanna but I don’t get the benefits down here yeah bit confused now as to why I did this I could just go for income of course and end it but when I go the sidetrack I get 2 points every time there so I’ve gone up I’m gonna twice I think I’ve gone up twice 1 2 3 4 points maybe time I go up again I get 2 points so it is worth it 2 more points roll the dice and I get to roll it twice and choose the results so even if I hadn’t rolled so lucky I would have you know had another chance so I can go up science science is the result I want all the other tracks I’m at the end off so I don’t know why I want to do this cuz I’m not getting the benefit of it I can just advance myself there so the next one is put a house out but that was the main thing wasn’t it I wanted to put houses out so I can spend a resource now and put a house out or roll the dough and not get the benefit but there would be no point to that oh yes house house brilliant brilliant brilliant house act yeah is the only place that’s uncovered no house out because when it comes to my income I get a science advancement brilliant okay Marty just gonna do income he can’t move on anything so he’s just gonna do income your final income you still do your civilizations power so Marty has the choice of getting another coin completely useless or five points he’ll do that five points puts him on 59 159 then you don’t place a past record there’s no more space for tapestry cards you do get to upgrade something and then get all the points that you can see on your player board so if we got all about his farm didn’t e because putting the farm down now a three by three wouldn’t actually give him anything wouldn’t give him a row or column it would complete no he couldn’t he couldn’t put it down and fill the whole thing it wouldn’t give him a row or a column so there’s no point doing that so Hex’s is one two three four five six seven eight points which is the most isn’t it so he’ll upgrade that eight points that’s 60 he’s on and then points for everything on his board so that’s gonna be three points per card he still got six six times three is eighteen points so eighty-five two points four rows and columns but three columns here three rows here so 6 times 2 is 12 that’s 97 he gets two points for every hex and we did with this out what I’ve forgotten 2 4 6 8 so 16 more points so that puts him on 213 plus 10 that’s 2 to 3 and then you don’t get resources that’s the end of Marty’s game his final score is 223 I think I think I’m gonna get more than that but hey who knows cuz I can’t go shadow Empire goes some reason yeah that’s dumb military or something and yeah I can’t go so I’m gonna have to do income income 2 in 5 I do my leaders ability I go up science I’m gonna go up here I’m gonna put a house out and that does another column for me but most importantly it unlocks this so it’s three points per row and column I think that’s really gonna clinch it to me if nothing else was and I get four points before score your houses that you’ve got out right now this one for each track here at the end of all your further furthest along you get a point per opponents so it’s my opponent is Marty so that’s 4 points 2 3 4 and then I haven’t got any achievements so that doesn’t count futurists don’t do anything so we’ve done civilizations no tapestry card upgrade a tech card it could probably have done with getting a tech card can’t do that but I can get 2 points for every tech card which is for 3 points for every row or although I think we are better off doing this one because this does a row and a column and would get me a resource that doesn’t matter yeah that’s a row and a column rather than just doing a column there so we have three six rows and two five eight columns so that is 14 times 3 is 28 42 42 isn’t it so plus 40 that is 217 217 then points for hexes I have 1 2 3 4 5 times 2 is 10 and then I have 17 21 printed on the board and so the final score it’s not a reveal for static as they can see is 223 for Marty to 248 for me I did get some brilliant look and Marty was held back a bit but I think he more than made up for it with quite cloaks anyway aren’t we yeah that’s a we ended up getting a load of chain reactions at the end there it says in the rule book that a great score is 300 so neither of us are great in this game but I hope this has given you a good idea of what tapestry is like at two players with the shadow Empire if you’re playing against yourself or you know you can get the gist of it if you’re playing against someone else can you thank you very much for watching this playthrough I mentioned in the other one I do hundreds of them I can only make them thanks to the support of my patrons patreon.com slash liquor drips if you would like to support the channel keep it going and get a say in some of the videos that get made and generally you know have a chat and have a nice time there it’s brilliant join them all as I mentioned there’s hundreds of other playthroughs you can watch on this channel cuz they’re amazing probably you probably think so if you’ve watched too this long I would hope that you at least enjoyed it anyway I’m gonna go and film one of another one of those now bye everyone [Music]

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