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Tapestry | Playthrough | slickerdrips

September 13, 2019

hi everyone I’m Tom and today I’m gonna be playing tapestry which is a civilization game from stone my games and I’m playing a to play game of it today again it’s a little glass multi there is a static camera available and a handheld camera you can choose between them in the description I would recommend you turn on Klingon subtitles because if I’ve made any mistakes I’ll hopefully be corrected there let me know in the comments if I haven’t I think we can just get started here so one little extra here that you won’t find in a three to five player game this game just go one two five is the shadow empire that is also used in the solo game with the autumn the shadow empire is basically a set of decisions that’s made by some cards that will advance a dummy player along these tracks because in a two-player game there isn’t as much competition over these four tracks but with the addition of this dummy player it tightens things up but it’s it’s not too much extra but just be wait after worried about that inner three to five player game so in a turn of tapestry we are trying to advance our civilizations I am the the the tribe of leaders so I get a special thing I excel at cultivating leadership abilities of my citizens and that means I get special benefits when I do income but not the very first income marci on the other hand is the merrymakers who just love having a good time really and he is also going to get certain benefits depending on his choice in the income phase but not the very first one so the very first turn of the game is an income phase you will either choose on your turn to do an income phase you do up to five of those throughout the game or you will advance on a track which is what you’ll usually be doing on a turn the income Tunes explain for us over here on our player mats these are all the same and we also have a capital city that is in a certain type of land we’ll get into that more later I am tropical but the play mats are all the same we have their maker a fire for the first era of the game because you know this is our primitive civilization and so in the income turn we don’t have to worry about any of this stuff yet until the second income we only have to worry about actually getting our resources and the resources you take or all of the visible symbols on your player board as you start to put these buildings out you’ll reveal more and more things but just for now we have these things so we basically get one of each resource which can just slide up here these are have points later on they are in future incomes not in this first one we also get an exploration tile so I get this and this is something that I can put out later I know that I can when you’re putting out these tiles you are trying to match up land types to get points and you also get a reward here so if I do put this out later I’ll get to put out one of these armories which can reveal more resources or points for me and help me fill up my capital city which is always helpful but that’s one of the choices I have I can draw more later I also get a tapestry card which is here and as I collect more of these I’ll get more choice as to what I put down throughout the game for you they can be used as kind of trap cards to stop people taking your territories but also they are powers that you will have for this era of the game and there isn’t a set round structure to this game because you basically get income usually when you need more resources so it’s variable depending on how many resources you’ve managed to get or how well you’ve managed to spread them out anyway I’ve got mercantilism so this era when you gain income you may convert mushrooms sure that are mushrooms into any other resource for each one you convert you gain two points so this is going to be something I’d do in a future income round I will lay a tapestry card down here and it’s basically the special ability of the special power I’ve got for that era and until I do the next income err and I’m gonna have that special ability so I can get more through taking certain actions advancing on certain tracks but for now I’ve got this option so I can keep in mind that I might really want to try and get a load of farms out so I can earn more and more of that resource I would have to get either one or three act to get extras because they would be wild cards if I decided to use this tapestry card so that’s all of my income and at the same time Marty would be taking his he’s got an explore tile that gives him a resource it’s got less land on it but it gives him a resource rather than a house and his territory code option is terraforming which means he can construct build on impassible land and whatever he do he does whenever he do he gets five points and that just means all of these spaces with red dots it’s water you’re not usually allowed to build on there but that card means that he could owe a daily forgetting he also gets one of each resource as well so I think we were ready to start now so I had my first income Marty had his first income and now it comes back to me I could do income again if I wanted and you know activate all of my stuff but that would be a waste so now I’m gonna advance on a track we start at the very start off these tracks we have exploration science military and technology and they are all focused on certain things but they all kind of interlink a little bit you know getting to a certain point on one will give you a benefit from one of the other so it’s not like you can just completely steamroll one it’s nice to you know concentrate on one or two maybe but you know have a have a little bit of everything so you can always get a benefit because as you race up these tracks they get more and more expensive to move up so what I would need to do is pay the resource cost of the space I’m moving into you move one space at a time from left to right on each track and so if I wanted to do any of them at the moment to their first cost is just any one resource and then you get to do their first thing so exploration as you might expect is about getting more of these exploration tiles and then getting them out onto the board getting the points for matching up the land and getting the bonus that is printed on them later on as we you know completely explore the island that we’re on we can start exploring space if we really really advanced our exploration technologies I guess so in science science is a lot about advancing in tracks in general you know the quest for knowledge but you don’t always get the benefits from those tracks and you can’t be sure what you’re gonna get when you progress on these spaces with the dye on it you roll this dial that’s got all of the four tracks on it and that’s gonna tell you which one you’re gonna progress on if it’s got an X on it like the first spacers then you can’t get the benefits of that you move up but you don’t get the benefits of it but you are advancing to better and better spaces and an important part of these tracks is as soon as you are the first person on a new tier so we’ve got tier 2 3 & 4 up here as soon as you’re on tier 2 and you’re the first person you can get a landmark building these lovely you know painted clay buildings that come with the game every copy of the game and these will go in your capital city and fill up a lot more space because you are going to get resources for filling in grids you are going to get points for filling up rows and columns as well so they can be really beneficial in doing that because they can cover a lot of ground but only the first person to get onto a tier of a track gets that thing in a room but we are competing with the shadow Empire military is all about spreading out on the map it’s how you get you out posts into adjacent spaces and you can take other people’s things but I will say that we’ll get into it later I’m sure but so the the attacking between players is it’s very light on the attacking you basically just win combat and once you’ve won it and nobody can contest that space again and there can be points and rewards in it for you the final track is technology and this is mainly not so entirely but mainly about getting these technology cards and advancing them because yeah once you get them they don’t really do much although there is a benefit you can get points for every technology card you’ve got but you also advance them when you advance them to the circle space you get the circle benefit if you fulfilled the condition that is underneath so this would need Marti to get to tier 2 on the military track once he gets it up there he gets to put one of his forms out of market he gets to put one of his market set so he would just get a resource for putting it there a market for putting it up there but he would have to fill the condition that’s on it first or one of his neighbors would have to fulfill the condition and his neighbor with me so if I advance up there then I can help Marty do something anyway those are the basic choices that we are going to make so as for me I’m not particularly focused on one thing like that my special ability is going to be each income track each income turn Archer sir I’m going to get to choose one track and I can only choose it once it’s covered up I’ve chosen it I get to advance on that track and get the benefit from it but I get the bonus and some spaces have got bonuses underneath I don’t get those maybe I want to get into some exploring I wouldn’t mind that and I’ve got I’ve got quite a nice thing here but that doesn’t get me it doesn’t help we get these farms out does it exploring oak explore and just help me get the farms active I get quite far along in it you have technology tier 2 lets you choose a building yeah so if I want to get these out maybe this Turner I want to really focus on exploration I wouldn’t have the resources to get all the way there unless I put all the tiles act and get some resources from tiles anyway let’s do some scouting land this is gonna cost a resource of my choice so let’s just spend that one that’s a worker and my reward is there’s no bonus to worry about my reward is two more exploration tiles so let’s grab them and see what we’ve got so again not matching up much land there but it’s got coins on it I can get more resources which means more turns and this is another worker and not much land on it so I’ve got some options here and if I I’m gonna focus on this then I I’m gonna get to put two of them out but not actually if I want to put the format I’m gonna have to give up putting a tile out to put a form out instead anyway that’s in the future that is my turn and so I chose to advance on a track rather than take an income turn I chose the exploration track and scouting let me draw two more of those tiles so that is my turn over to Marty he’s got the same option he could go to income straight away but of course he’s not going to do that he is going to go into technology I think he’ll start out with some tech so he needs to pay any resource he’ll pay some coins I think so he just slides them along there on the tracker and he moves up here and this means he gets a tech card so he can choose from you know trying to invent some technology and we are very primitive people and you know we haven’t really invented anything yet you know I’ve seen some things about you know the the order of things in this don’t worry about it too much this is you know our primitive people having the idea of these things of it’d be nice if there was light in the dark for example so he can choose from a light bulb but dynamite or eyeglasses and he can think about the benefits of these things so getting coins being able to conquer a space getting a conquer turn which means he can spread out some more or getting eyeglasses the conditions you know that the eyeglasses once he advances it and you advance them by getting benefits on the technology track and every income turn when he advances this up he gets another tech card and when he advances it all the way he only needs to be on technologies here too to be able to do that once he’s advanced it all the way he gets to score his technology cards are point for every technology card so it could be really beneficial for him to get loads of these so I think he’s gonna go for those eyeglasses so you know nothing’s been invented yet it’s just that the makers of fire have started thinking to themselves why can’t why why is my vision a bit fuzzy that’s how I think of it anyway so we refill the display so we’ve got some penicillin there they wondering why they’re dying so now we’ve had our turns we come to the shadow Empire we draw two cards from the deck and the deck is you know certain it’s cards one to twelve from this decision deck the other cards in the deck are used for the autumn of player for the solar game which you also use in conjunction with the shadow Empire but you basically ignore everything you see on this card apart from this box here that’s all you need to worry about so this box here is going to tell you what the shadow player is worried about so he wants to advance on the track that he is closest to a landmark building or the end of a track later on in the game that could just define one track to go down and we can just stop there but in the beginning it’s not that simple and you know he’s as far away from a landmark building on every single track he’s at the start of every single track so he starts yeah we’re looking at the gray box so we go out the gray arrow we start from the bottom of this tie breaker box and go upwards and so can he progress in the science track yes he can because he hasn’t got anything he doesn’t get any benefits he just progresses in that track until basically he gets the end of stuff because he doesn’t do anything on the map he doesn’t get any cards gained any benefits or anything like that he is purely competition for these tracks so if one of us is thinking about science and wants to start getting these buildings we need to get a move on before the shadow player starts getting these benefits and they’re gone forever only the first person to get there gets the benefit and there is also 10 points for the first person to get to the end of one of these tracks the shadow Empire can claim that so yeah we need to be thinking about that as well the shadow Empire’s have a Stern so it’s mine again and I have already decided I am going into exploration so I think I’m gonna spend a culture that’s what the star resources so that goes to zero and I choose from one of my available tiles which one I am going to put out onto the board so I can think about I can think about points because you do get points for matching land types on the edge of your tiles so we’d see here that grass matches on that side grass matches on this side because it’s grass and desert so I’d get one two points and water three points for putting that tile down and I would get to put a armory out which means I would get more culture next round that’s very tempting on the other hand these things would give me in not necessarily fewer points because I can match up you know the the grass there and there and water and water that’s more points that’s four points there and I would get myself a resource and early on in the game it only costs one resource to advance in things so I’m kind of thinking about doing that maybe I would even get so far as to do navigation if I would get enough resources to do that then I would be able to put this out and get some more resources in income yeah let’s let’s do that so I’m gonna get myself four points for matching the land types on the edges one two three four and then I get myself the benefit which is an extra worker so that goes back to one and I’ve got some resources to spend again Marty let’s let’s show you something different he’s gonna spend let’s just say a worker and put that to zero he is gonna do some military so that means he’s gonna for this first track the the outpost there from the green that’s the shadow Empire’s color that just means that we rolled the darks and decided what the shadow players favorite track was sometimes the cards say move up on his favourite track and its military Fernet so multi moves up on here and the benefit is a conquer action so he needs to choose a hex that is adjacent to where he is right now and he puts one of his tokens on it and because nobody else is on these things yet it there is there’s no conflict will so we’ll get into that later when one of us tries to conquer something that the other one is in he just spreads out onto a new thing and there can be points available when you uncover these armories and in other spaces on the board there are points available for spreading out and being on a lot of different hexes for conquering Marty also gets to roll the conquered dice and he gets to choose a benefit of one of these and being very points hungry he’s going to go for those five points it’s the shadow players turn so we need two new cards for him so this basically means any track he’s not at the end of so we definitely need a tiebreaker tiebreaker is his favorite track which is military so he moves up on here and so it’s back to me I’m not doing income I still have resources so I will just spend a food there and I am going to I’m just really going for exploration right now so do I want a wagon or a farm well not a wagon we are doing wagons do I want to travel to a new land discover new land or do I want to put a farm at I want to put a farm at dance out because I want to try and then as many of these as possible and so you know I could even spend something else like a worker I could end this round earlier and keep hold of that so I would have you know three for the next era when all of them a while and if I use there was something else I get points anyway and I want food for exploring more you know you always need a food and something else so I get myself a farm to put out can go anywhere on my city but I do want to think about filling up a row or you know filling up a hex so that I get a free resource and we know that exploration it’s going to be a 2×2 square once I get that building out so a 2×2 square would go quite nicely here so I think I’m going to place they’re ready to fill up that square okay okay there’s only one track that I haven’t really shown off so Marty is gonna spend a culture to go up the science track hopefully this all works out for him need to show you the things their data so going up in science he is going to roll this dice so this action means he rolls this diet and advances on that track but the X means that he doesn’t get the benefit of that track so he is going up in technology so he advances there it’s a bit unfortunate because that’s a that’s a nice basic get him a tapestry card and he could pay a resource to put out one off his markets but he now go straight to this place where he could get another tech card so that’s what he’s done the shadow play goes again and so it’s gonna be any track that he’s not at the end of and it’s going to be science again so I’m fine for that space he is a bit closer to it again now I was thinking about hanging on to this food wasn’t I but I think I am going to go into tier two I’m gonna go into navigation spend all of my stuff my people don’t know anything but exploration so I get to draw a tile and then place a tile so I get this one here that would advance me on a track not get the benefit but would advance me on a track and there’s a lot of things to match up there but I think I’m gonna go for especially for for matching stuff here let’s see this isn’t as good is it haven’t got all the grass to it so it has to be adjacent to it or it has to be adjacent to a place where I have a and outpost as well so yeah I’m not gonna get as many points from this as I was before I don’t think because I want grass matching up a grass mash that they’re worn and water they’re two points and that’s the best that I can oh wait that’s grass as well yeah I either match the grass up or the water I think I can get I can get two points wherever I put this so let’s let’s match up I wasn’t getting the two points once wait a minute that’s water water water water three points so let’s place that there I get to put an armor react which means I’m gonna get some more resources when I do income and that’s Phillip if we want to fill up this let’s roll it so let’s put it there and so that’s everything for there isn’t it yes I’ve done that and I have crossed into the first space of a new tier on the first person to do it so I get my exploration landmark building it’s a lighthouse and I get to put this in my capital city somewhere I’m gonna place it there and whenever you fill up a 3×3 section of your city you get a free resource I’m gonna choose food so I could go again this you know before doing income and do something else on it have to be on one of the other tracks cuz this one costs two now multi just has food left so he could save it but he’s gonna do something so does he want to put our CEO either a market or get a new tech card he could go for meals we get a new tapestry card because the tapestry cardi’s God isn’t amazing he’d get a tapestry card here there and but he wouldn’t have going onto that space it would get him a nice a tapestry card probably but he hasn’t got the resource to get the extra bonus either he could start out just scouting but I think he’s gonna spend it to go up in technology again because he’s ready then to get onto tier two if he wants to and get the landmark building ready so does he want to get another tech card and it you know one of them can advance to the next space very soon yet when he does income so does he want you know a tech that could potentially get in one of these benefits in the circle or does he just want to get out to a market and when you get out of market it means you’re gonna get an extra coin as resource every income I think he’s gonna go really heavy into tech cards this wants him to be on military level too what if he’s going to go into military a lot this would give him a free conquer action and then eventually points for how many hexes he’s got he’s gonna go for dynamite so is people maybe primitive but they are wondering how to blow things up new card comes out it’s the stock market so this gets you five points when it goes up there you need banking to be able to advance this all the way that is your second market that you need to have out on the board and when you’ve done it you get one of these special landmark buildings at the back there that aren’t on the board you get the stock market to place out onto your capital city so that could be something for him to get what else do we need to do so I do have a food so I do I want to do anything that’s advanced in something get a tech cut maybe I want to get a tech card I did want food didn’t I but maybe I want to tech card because when I do income I’m gonna get to advance a tech card so it seems a bit of a waste not having anything to advance I could get some more resources advancing something I don’t particularly like any of these so unfortunately see I am moving up there maybe I get the stock market it does mean that I have to try and get markets out to be able to ever get it to the top but if Marty gets market out then he’s my neighbor and that counts do I should go for five points yeah let’s go for 5 points and think about filling up my city new card comes out concrete that is you know get a market out and then eventually score all your markets Marty’s turn he has no resources so he’s pretty much got no choice but to do income so for income you follow this thing so the first the first thing is look at your Civilization card so he is the merrymakers and his thing means that’s all of these tokens start on the bottom of these columns he can move up one space in the column and get that benefit so here it would be get a coin resource get another exploration tile or get five points and as these progress you’re next I will be get to resources or a tech Cardinal a mock card or ten points I think he is gonna go for the exploration tile because next time it’ll get a tech tile and a lot and a tapestry card so he gets a tile and that’s another one same resource as well and it’s got water all around it for matching stuff she’s not bad in these starting islands a lot of water about and then what do we do we go to here which is play a tapestry card while he’s got no choice he’s only got this Taffet regard so terraforming is going in it means he can place buildings on impassable land and get five points for doing so he is about to get a building if he progresses one more time in technology and you know just just placing it just covering up one space really just over laughing at one space might be worth it for five points then you upgrade a tech card so does he want another tech card or does he want to do a conquer action I think he wants to save his conquer actions for when there are you know when he can start to get to this middle space because there is ten points for being the first to conquer the middle island but it does mean if you conquer it first you might not keep it anyway does he want tech card or conquer the tech cards that are out there you get more markets put out he could it could get some more coins cuz he’s not gonna have that many resources I think he’s gonna yeah get another tech card so this moves up to the circle space and he is going to grab what will he grab the light bulb I think that goes down here new one comes out printing press get a tapestry card and then you score points so at the moment all the only things that are uncovered on his board are a point for every tech card that’s gonna be three points and a point for every row or column that you have completed it in your city there’s gonna be no points so three in total for Marty and finally he gets income for everything that he can see here so he gets one of every resource a tile and a tapestry card new tapestry card is plea for aid when played for each track where all tokens are more advanced than yours get two points in a resource so that could be worth falling behind on certain tracks or going for ones where you know he’s already quite behind but that takes you out the running for buildings at the same time doesn’t it and he also gets a tile which is going to be this one it’s another one with a resource and a lot of water finally the shadow Empire goes again and they’re gonna go up any track they haven’t finished yet and it’s going to be their favorite track is their preference which is military so they are now in the lead on there and I think we’ve gone through a few turns there we’ve done the first income round I think you’ve seen the basics of everything there are more variations there are more actions that we haven’t seen further along in the tracks but I’m going to stuff it there for this video I’m gonna go all the way to the end in part two that’s gonna be linked on the screen in a minute it’s in the description if you want to go there if you’ve seen enough and you want to go straight to what I think about the game that’s gonna be linked as well but thank you very much for watching so far till I see more playthroughs this hundreds on this channel hopefully some of those will take your fancy thanks for watching though and I’ll see you for the next game bye everyone you [Music]

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  1. I know I will enjoy this game. I ordered it before pre-orders sold out. And I know art is subjective, as is beauty, but I severely dislike the style of those painted mini houses. I just dislike them so much. Additionally, they do nothing for you. They just sit there. I hope future expansions add a power to those. Then I won't mind they are so, well, ugly. Regardless, Jamey made another great game, he is a great dude, as are you, and thanks for the video.

  2. Great video and audio quality! Your voice is energetic you move through game phases with a very good pace without excessive mumbling. For me, all this makes the play through very enjoyable to watch! Keep up the good work!

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