[TAS] Super Mario Galaxy: Space Junk 2 in 1:35.82
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[TAS] Super Mario Galaxy: Space Junk 2 in 1:35.82

October 18, 2019

This TAS is meant to imitate a full-game run, so the cutscenes aren’t skipped. This means there is a deficit of up to 12 seconds compared to an IL run. Land cancel into an instant backflip to curve over the red ship right into the launch star Camera land cancel into a long jump chain, going around the boxes to save a couple of frames Long jump to the closest edge of the grey platform to avoid having to spin 2P jump and a weakspin to break the box, the jump giving enough height to get into the sling star Long jump into the shell with a perfectly-timed throw that isn’t too low to hit the stairs but isn’t too high that it locks onto the magikoopa Camera cancel didn’t work here, so jump cancel instead Jumping down and long jumping onto the Koopa was faster than long jumping across and dropping down Spin cancel long jump to home the shell in, but continuing to long jump to not grab it too early as we need to spin to skip the bridge We have to turn around for this jump so the shell doesn’t hit the Octopus, and it also gives backwards momentum We stop holding A before the peak of the jump to be low enough for the best amount of multiple bounces up the Octogoomba, which happens because Mario is constantly moving into it, so it constantly bounces him Throwing the shell on a certain frame will freeze it in the air during the cutscene, saving time as it takes a little while to throw after the cutscene Throwing the shell early also lets us start the tactical retreat ASAP Delayed the long jump to wait for the Octopus cycles.
Delayed the 2P jump until the very last frame, and then ground pounded as a final waiting action for the fireball to hit Mario This fireboost just about gets us onto the ship. Turnaround jump onto the Koopa, then 2P jump (which uses a spin to home the shell in) and then a mid-air shell bounce (shoutouts to SMW) all the while holding left to throw the shell around the invisible wall and hit Kamella Grab another Koopa shell ready for the third phase, having some time to mess around and grab it in a certain way to make Mario hold it weird Throw that shell into Kamella We had to hold up for a couple of frames to long jump earlier for some reason, slightly changing angle just before the jump into the star

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