Tauren Heritage Armor – In Game Preview & Unlock Requirements  | Rise of Azshara Patch 8.2
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Tauren Heritage Armor – In Game Preview & Unlock Requirements | Rise of Azshara Patch 8.2

August 26, 2019

Hi guys,
In case you didn’t know, in patch 8.2 you’ll be able to get 2 new heritage armor sets,
one for the Tauren and one for the Gnomes. So let’s not waste any more time and let’s
check out the Tauren set. Before I get into the different pieces and
what I think about them, you probably wanna know how you can get the tauren set. Now to get the armor set, you’ll need to
get exalted with Thunder Bluff, luckily this shouldn’t be too hard.., especially because
you can buy a tabard and run some dungeons to get the reputation you need. Additionally, you’ll need a max level character
and complete a short questline to get the armor set. Now I’m actually not quite sure if you’ll
also need to finish a part of the war campaign, but even if you do, it shouldn’t be too
time consuming. So, now that you know how to get it, let’s
take a look at the individual pieces. My first impression of the set is actually
pretty good, and I think that the art team did a fantastic job, except for a few pieces
that are not to my liking. First of we have the head piece, Now compared
to some of the other head pieces, I would say that this one is a bit more minimalistic. Its white feathers gives it a nice balance
with the rest of the set. But the reason I’m not too fond of it is
because of the blue gem in the middle. Personally, I think it’s a bit too bright
eventho it is a gem, I would much rather prefer the color to be similar to the gem on the
back of the totem. Next, we have the eagle like shoulders with
some blue markings on them and personally I’m a huge fan of these shoulders. Especially because one of my favorite druid
sets back in the burning crusade was the tier 6. I don’t know if you guys remember this,
but they also used an eagle as part of the set. The only difference is that the eagle was
used as a headpiece instead of the shoulders. Moving on we have the belt piece. Like on the head piece they are also using
the feathers for the belt and the same blue markings as we’ve seen on the shoulders. It’s a pretty cool looking piece and personally
the buckle kinda reminds me of an owl, now im not sure if im right, or if you guys agree,
but please let me know what your thoughts are. Im curious to hear if you have other suggestions
as to what it could be. Now my only suggestion would be that they
consider slimming it down for the female version, I don’t know about you guys, but I think
it looks wayyy too big and doesn’t really fit the female version at all. My least favorite piece of the set gotta be
the gloves. I think they are a bit too bulky and I’m
not crazy about the big blue gems. I would much rather prefer the more minimalistic
look that the the highmountain tauren gloves have. Now finally we have the center piece of the
whole set which is ofc the big totem on the back. It’s a beautiful piece and as you already
know, I really like the color of the gems and also I think that the red markings gives
it a really nice touch. But most impressively gotta be the big bull
head on the top with the 2 big horns. It just looks so majestic and powerful and
represents the tauren culture pretty well. So that’s it for this video guys, if you
enjoyed it make sure to give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing to the channel if
you wanna keep up with the latest news about patch 8.2. Anyways thank you for watching and I hope
to see you in the next video as well. Cya next time.

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  1. Thanks for watching <3
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  2. Helm clips with their head, totem clips horribly with everything you equip in main and offhand, other then that its awesome.


  4. Yeah it's a great set…I also have a Tauren Male Shaman…
    I am trying to find a mace that matches the set and gonna dual wield them together…

  5. Yes! Agree! They did a great job on the tauren armor set, especially the bull head on the back totem is amazing. Thank you for a great video, keep up the good work!! ?

  6. I love the set, however tauren as a race I could never get into. They look too goofy looking imo, I've tried to play one several times and I always end up rerolling. I like their culture, I love thunder bluff, I love mulgore, and I love this set I just don't like tauren themselves.

  7. Dude…..that was the absolute most disappointing information ? might need to complete some of the war campaign and exalted with thunder bluff. How about what the quest chain is. Where does it start. Who do you talk to. Only some info that is important nothing major

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