Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle Sewer Lair TMNT MEGA Bloks Unboxing, Review By WD Toys

September 12, 2019

welcome to WGME toys guys it’s great to
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today today we have another thing to turtles
Mega Bloks set this one is so cool take a look at it Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle Sewer Lair TMNT MEGA Bloks Unboxing, Review By WD Toys wow it’s turned our sewer lair 342
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guys let’s go ahead and open this up this Sat is cool radical dude Teenage Mutant Ninja
Turtles turtles sewer lair wow this guy comes a Leonardo a foot soldier and a
tiger claw gang member also check out the back of it that is a cool looking
set look at all the different options here of Leonardo their training you have the
foot soldiers attacking the tiger claw tacking up in that corner there and
here’s all the other set you could buy imma be doing a review on all of them
and they are super cool radical do let’s open this up and have some fun ok let’s see what was it here turnovers in a half shell that’s a lot
of Mega Bloks ok first of all we get a radical Leonardo Tiger Claw gang member
and a foot soldier from the shredder shredders foot soldiers well as check it
out got one there 234567 bad and to instruction books and
I really like the way they made these instruction books I mean they look
exactly like comic books they are really cool and here’s a lot of the other mega
Blok characters you can get and let’s see if it’s got a picture of the sets I
don’t see a pic I here’s a picture that sets I’ll be doing a review on every one
of these sets so make sure you stay tuned to my channel it’s just terrible sewer lair is
radically or so check these turtles out while their litter is so cool and it
also causes that Leonardo foot soldier and at Tiger Claw soldier less crystal
ball go ahead and take a look at the minifigs and then we’ll take a look at
the place ok first of all we have also looking Leonardo will start at his head
his mask is removable but if you do take it out he’s just head white eyes behind
it which are a little creepy looking at me as head will turn 360 and I will also
pop off then his arms here are on a ball joint so they turn 360 degrees and his
hand here will turn 360 degrees so you could put his swords into several really
radically cool positions and then here he’s got his regular like turtle stomach
here he’s got a second soared he’s got like knee pads here and he’s got a ball
joint so he could turn his leg in all different directions and it will also
banned at the need so you could have them like do some radically cool like
kicking moves stuff and the one thing I really like about this guy is all some
turtle action feature that his shell action feature on his back it’s got this
little block here if you take it and pull it you attach that and Leo actually
pulls himself up on that blocks cool action feature you could put into the
place and hella lot more fun with and then we have a cool walking foot soldier
which also he’s his arm does move 360 degrees and back and forth because it is
on a ball joint and he does have like a mace as his weapon standard foot soldier
look on the face and the arms to his legs are his legs are on a ball joint so he’ll bend at the knees and he will
turn his leg 360 degrees so you could have a min cool like kicking positions
like that and then I really like this Tiger Claw gang member I mean take a
look at this guy he is cool he’s got the patch on his eyes his head does turn 360
degrees it does pop off if you want to switch his head out he does come with
two cool looking blasters and you could put his arms until lot of different
positions like there is a pretty cool on and his arms are on a ball joint so they
do turn 360 degrees and his hand all salt turns 360 degrees and he does have
these two little clips here so if you want you could clip his weapons right to
his side there which is a really cool option which a lot of Lagos of Mega
Bloks do not have I really like that he’s got like bandolier of weapons down
his chest and then with his legs to this this guy is on a ball joint so 360
degree movement and his let will bend at the knee so you could put him into some
cool kicking positions and then here is a look at the back of him ok what do you guys think I think these
action figures a really awesome now let’s go ahead and take a look at the
set ok guys this is a radically cool set I mean I really like this it has a lot
of cool features first of all we’re gonna start here with their training
dummy I mean this thing is rotating training dummy with its its arms like
flop around so you could have the ninja turtles like fighting him training here
so is it is a cool like training ground so if you hit it hard to scale just flop
all over the place moved back and forth is it is it’s a lot of fun and then also
you got to school weapon rack back here go ahead push this came back which will hold
weapons I mean this set comes with two extra swords besides the one that leo
has Solio have two swords and you have two swords to put wherever you want like
the training dummy could have a sword you could put like a sword here on the
rack which spins around which is a need option and then here you’ve got you’ve
got two ladders hear them move up and down so you could put it to reach
different positions here you’d put it so you could get a crossed like the slime
or so you don’t fall into it and hear the greenpeace is a really cool it
almost looks like there’s lime or like sewage coming out of the pipe here that
pipe does continue back a little bit so you could hide some foot soldiers in
there you wanted to hear you have like their living room so here like Leonardo
could watch TV right now he is watching space heroes here this is like a TV with
antennas here this would be like a almost like a block I get around blocks
of a kid like stand here and try their moves baby while they’re watching TV it does come with the cool little laptop
that actually pulls up and down that is awesome in all different colored
cushions here so they could sit here relax watch their favorite shows and
then moving on moving on to hear this is a super so here you would have liked us
subway turnstile here that actually turns so you could have the guys come on
here in like walk through the turnstile so that’s a cool option there then
there’s a site little stop sign here you could like turn in her I’ll turn it out
so sick stop you can’t use it turnstile then you have like different blocks
cystic I hear you could put like the guys into cool different positions there
and then up up here you would have this would be
like ground level with like the claw symbol on the side there and this sewer
pipe does open up so you can take like a foot soldier like he’s sneaking into the
sewer turtles like layer so he would like jump
into their slide down the pipe that goes down there and slide up at the bottom
and then down here you have a really cool action feature so once he slides
down he thinks he’s gonna get the Eternals here you have this push this
pushes down and it launches the floor into the air so you could have like the
turtle come here push it down in the foot soldiers
launches a ride I’ll and then not knowing what happened the tiger clogged
gang member comes down here is my car do everything myself and then you could
have the turtles push the button again and launches right out of the place that
is so cool it’s got a little spring feature here so you just push it down it
pushes down really nice and easy and you’re ready to launch it again then you
push it and it launches the whole floor up into the air again so let’s see that
one more time because Dad is a really fun feature so here you coming in again
in flying out of the ninja turtles place and then here’s a look at Leo’s action
feature so you detach him with block that’s on the top of his turtle shell
who him down and he pulls himself up automatically debt is a cool action
feature and it makes to set a lot more fun ok here’s one more look at the second
its entirety so like I said I mean this is a radically cool and it is nice that
opened so you could have like your friend over to play with it and more
than one person could play with this said it time at a time which makes it a
lot more fun is a ready for I really like that one guys today secret word is
the number seven spelled SCB go ahead and put that in the comments section
below this video you really like these videos that you remember my club a lot
of fun together video card for fun videos dressing wow nice hope to see you soon

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