Tejas Mk-2 Manufacturing started? Mass production By 2024 even possible?
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Tejas Mk-2 Manufacturing started? Mass production By 2024 even possible?

August 30, 2019

Greeting friends, I am amit and welcome to the defence decode, in todays video we are going to talk about Tejas MK-2 So yes guys as per An Offcial from ADA the work on MK2’s prototype has been started and as u guys know there is no plan to manufacture TD of mk-2 they are making 3 Prototype(Pre production jets directly Pre production jet=ION config according to the official, to achieve the targeted 1st flight of mk2 (2022) and by 2024(mass production) ADA already have done a robust research on its aerodynamics with Computer aided Simulators as you tejas mk-2 is a medium weight fighter and its design is based on MK-1, Mk-1a, so the design’s basic air frame of mk-2 going to carry more weight and variable uneven pressure, hence the airframe now is more stronger and capable. acc. to the official the Metal cutting work for First pre-production aircraft MWF will start soon and HAL already has been ordering ground tools required for the development this officials believes, ADA already has received dozen-plus GE-F414IN engines, and been regularly tested and serviced by GE trained staff and GE will also be closely involved in installation and integration of this engines in first pre-production aircraft officials also repeated the same about avionics and radar what DRDO chief said last week during katre memorial lecture that Development of AESAR, IRST,avionics and oxygen gen, EW, extensive sensor suite, NGD cockpit, and flight test instrumentation are already in development and will be ready by 2020-21 for integration.

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  1. Tejas mk2 me ge f414 116 kn thrust vala engine lagana chahia tab hi power puri hogi or speed 2600 kmh ki hogi 116 kn thrust ka engine ge bana to rahi ha fir lagate kiu nahi

  2. So, by 2024 we will be inducting brand new 4Gen fighter while world is moving into inducting 5th Gen fighter. At-least implement geometrical RCS reduction technologies.

  3. Govt. should buy 36 more Rafale in Emergency Purchases so we get all 72 Rafales by 2024
    By 2024 HAL should supply 40 more Su30MKI (As Replacement of Jaguar)
    By 2024 HAL should give 83 Tejas MK1 to IAF (As replacement of Mig 21)
    (Total Squadrons in 2024 = 4(Rafale) + 4(TejasMK1) + 16(SU30MKI) + 6 (Mig29 + Mirage2000) = 30 )
    Still very much less than 42 Squadrons we need for 2 Front War ,but at least they will be Effective unlike Obsolete Mig21'/27's and Jaguars

  4. Very excited to see the Mark 2 MWF. LCA put the foundation but Mark 2 will be the first practically competitive product from Tejas line. But the main problem is still in production which HAL is yet to improve.

  5. Aap apna microphone change karo , volume bilkul shi nahi hai, full volume krne pe bhi sahi se sunai nahi deraha

  6. भाई जो भी हो हम तो आप अपनी शुभकामनाएं पूरी टीम को देते हैं जो इस प्लेन को बनाएं बहुत अच्छा एडवांस तरीके से बनाएं जो कि भारत की हर रिक्वायरमेंट के हिसाब से सफल हो
    आज नहीं तो कल भारत को अपना हैवीवेट मीडियम वेटर लाइटवेट तीनों तरीके के फाइटर जेट बनाने पड़ेंगे तो शुरुआत हो चुकी है अब इसमें आगे बढ़ते जाइए हमारी शुभकामनाएं भारत के हर एक उस इंजीनियर के साथ है साइंटिस्ट के साथ है जो इस तरीके के चैट बनाने में सहयोग कर रहे हैं
    जय हिंद जय भारत

  7. Agar tejas mk 2 ki speed miraj 2000 ke baraabar hoti hai to ye best plane hoga kyunki jet kitna hi advanced ho par speed is important jai bhaarat

  8. It Always gives me the pleasure in watching your videos. Detailed explanation and presentation that you give. Is praiseworthy 🙏

  9. Tejas mk2 will have indigineous mayavi electronic watefare suit. Am i correct amit ji? Ofcourse it will have uttam radar. But lots of people dont know that during air battle with porkistan airforce. Indian fighter jets jammed all advanced american beyond visual range missiles using indigineous electronic warfare suit. Many said it was israel ews but to that answer is a big no. As isreal and america are partners. More than partners. And isreal will not make american missiles look medicore in front of the world. Its not going to happen in million years. The ewc system wouldnt be capable of jamming any american missile.

  10. I love that you make videos in mg interest areas like amca, rockets, missiles, kaveri engine, MWF tejas and mosg importantly its scientific discussion. Keep it up. I love that.

  11. Better to procure engine & canards tech from dessault or Israel companies. If Hal has any brain they could have got canards tech from mig-29 su-30mki fighter Dev or repair. Unfortunately our Hal is full of junk people.

  12. Mk1a ..Me mirage ki copy ki gaye hai or mk2 me Rafael ki copy hoga jismein American engine ke sath israel ka radar and EW suite hoga or Indigenous Radar later stage me install kia jayega israel ,France weapon honge .. Hal Sirf aircraft Ko assemble karega .. Indian aeronautical engineering itni advance nhi hai ..We are far lack behind from Americans ,France and russian …China bhi copy karta hai Mostly russian component use karta hai

  13. Now it's the time to develop a heavyweight multirole combat fighter jet with twin engine configuration which can able to carry huge quantity of weapons (at least 9-9.5 tons) with a long range aesa radar, multifunctional targeting pods, superior electro warfare suits, pair of long tail feens for better stability in high drags, state of the art air intakes, next gen censors, a bubble glass canopy etc etc. Jai Hind Jai Bharat

  14. you study deep. thats good. plz help to know are SMERCH rockets guided onces? if they are guided why they are not called missiles.

  15. Good video. But I would like to know how do u know such details n get the graphics . Are u cleared by relevant authorities to publicly post these type of videos.

  16. वंदे मातरम,
    तेजस mwf में इतनी सारी डिटेल्स देखनी पड़ती है,मुजे तो पता ही नही था

  17. You have detail knowledge of Defence Aircrafts…Keep up the good work bro !
    Please tell how many hard points does MK2 has ?

  18. HAL knows they'll face Privatization if they manage to f**k up every program…. And I think if they don't fill up our air force's rapidly decreasing power and Numbers in given time, they should be ashamed….

  19. Bharat🇮🇳 ko apane aas pas ke dushman😠 ko dekthe hu ve fhigter jet🛩️ aur engine 🛠️ jaldi🏇 se banana👩‍🔧 chahiye jai hind

  20. 35 years for Tejas and now another 5 years for MK 2 ……..Jokers. All this should now have been basics. How many times are you going to repeat the same story over again and again….dha……….the world is moving on to 6th Gen fighters and you are still tinkering with Gen 4 Technology……canards ??????? Indians are mentally slow by nature.

  21. Really a big drama is happening with teja jet fighter because till now there is no clear clarification from govt and Hal nd Hal need money by 2024 production will star nd before that war will be over if Pakistan becomes mad on India wt kind of Govt is this I'm saying all the Govt not only bjp kab production hoga and when it will get induct after i became old

  22. Zaidi banao ji. Kebal HAL se nahi hoga. Aur aksai chin, pok aur girgit baltistan wapas lao ji. Akand bharat jai ho.

  23. August ages ka kimat 450 karod hai to Tejas mark 2 ka kimat 900 Hoga 900 crore aur usse Banane Mein 30 Sal Lage the isko kya 20 Sal lag jaega

  24. Kuchh Bhi Laga Lo per Hamen bahar se yaar Karte Nahin kharidna chahie Hamen to isase Behtar dhang se banana chahie jaise ki aap 22 Raptor ka Mukabala kar sakta hai is tarike se banana chahie

  25. Aakhir mein ek hi baat Kahana chahta hun aapka video behtarin hi behtarin banaya hai aapane Tejas mark 2 ke bare mein aur bhi video Banai chij Hai ham log Bhi To Jaane Kitna advanced fighter aircraft hai

  26. India is way too slow in producing fighter planes. Eh fighter plane banane me 25 saal lagte tab tak sare techonolgies badal jati. yane 25 saal baad hame purane tech ke planes milte. HAL and DRDO ko privatise karna chahiye ya phir private players ke sath mil ke production karna chahiye jaise ISRO karta hai.

    koi bhi country puri tarah se apne desh me planes nahi bana sakte. alag alag parts alag alg countries se aate hai. Rafale me France sirf 20% own karta hai products ko.


  28. 2 yeras let nahi hoga 10years let hoga … hamre des may alse bander jo kam kar rahe hai… ek engin nahi bana sakte… ager achese dimg laga ke kam keya hota to banjata… per des ko kisko padi hai sab apne baremay socne may lage hai … aisahuwa to des ka keya hoga ..

  29. HAL is doing assembly and that also very late.
    Give this assembling work to private contractor companies and
    make powerful engines like the ones on Tu-160.
    & Alternate energy powered engines.
    HAL needs to do all contracts on ppp basis.

  30. Bhai ek do prototype to banana he padega inko, direct pre production variant bana bhi liya to airforce test to karegi he, aur usme kuch bhi gadbad hue to production will suffer.

  31. Ye teen daba 2024 ma nhi ayga dekh Lena…jb Pakistan 6th generation jahaz Bana lay ga tb Shahid ye 4th generation teen daba market ma Ajay…😂😂😂😁😁😁😚😚🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

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