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Temple Run iPhone Gameplay Review – AppSpy.com

August 31, 2019

Imangi Studios isn’t the kind of company to
mess around with a name, what with games and apps like Word Squares, PhotoMarkr, Max Adventure
and Harbor Master being almost exactly what you’d think them to be. So when they named
this game Temple Run, it was almost guaranteed to be about some sort of Hollywood archeologist
running away from natives. Like several endless runners of-late, Temple
Run takes a shot at mastering the 3D perspective, opting in this case to have players run in
to the screen towards an unknown distant location, swerving back and forth as the terrain changes.
As you’d expect of the genre there are controls to jump and slide, however the extra dimension
also allows for the ability to turn and Imangi Studios exploits this in two ways. While the game is responsive enough to swipes
for changing your direction (be it up, down, left, or right), your iOS device can also
be tilted left or right to move the player to one side or the other of the platform he’s
running on. This aids him in the quest of collecting coins scattered around the path
(which can subsequently be spent on power-ups and goodies to make runs last longer or be
more profitable), but more importantly it allows him to avoid hazards such as crumbled
pathways. What makes Temple Run so compelling is its
clever use of unlockable power-ups that synergize with each other (such as the inclusion of
coins worth more money the further you run and a magnet power-up that also multiplies
their value) and the quickly scaling difficulty that rewards players who manage to get ‘in
the zone’ mentally speaking. The ability to purchase ‘resurrection’ power-ups also allows
you to continue a particularly good run, though the charges are consumed in the process. Temple Run does what a lot of runners have
failed to do for a long time, namely remain exciting at least until most of the bonuses
are unlocked. It won’t last forever and jaded iOS gamers may end up skipping it on principle,
but for those after a solid runner, this is a definite a must-grab.

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  1. Gosh you guys are just squeezing out the reviews! Awesome once more definitely grabbing this. You reviews are so quick yet thorough that they're the only ones I watch. Keep up the good work guys.

  2. It's based on endless mode, isn't it?
    Even if it has power-ups, being based on endless mode simply gives me no incentive to keep on playing it

  3. evry single one of ur sentences ends the same wayyyyyyyy
    like in the same directionnnnnnn
    and also the platform your running onnnnnnn

  4. This is such a great game. It's a perfect example of a brilliant idea (3D runner) executed in the best manner possible. The atmosphere is great, the controls are amazingly tight and accurate, and it takes a lot of time to get bored of this one. This game shows the good side of iOS gaming… OK, now I'm exaggerating, but it is awesome! A must have for any self respecting iOS gamer!

  5. @Top5GPs you buy the angel wings twice and use the first one right at the beginning. If you wait a whole (50,000 m?) then you can use it again. Don't use right after cause you can't and it'd be a waste.

  6. You have to have enough coins and you slide the screen down and it say like wing so you can be risen from the dead.(:

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