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Test Flight- 2018 GPS drone Folder drone

September 26, 2019

innovation in technology changes our
attitude towards life the support of technology makes life more wonderful in
life there must be a spontaneous trade take the aircraft with you and let your
heart try walk with the wind mantra and double nine double five is falling for
aerial photography the equipped waste point in flight and the photography
tasks will be finished easily which makes flight smarter if the aircraft is equipped with GPS
system and precise pointing will be realized only with one click the
tracking system of your phone will be activated and manipulated easily you can
shoot wherever you go enjoy the infinite one that comes from
the aerial photography travel stub and golf club mountains and
word through rivers and enjoyed only be equipped with strong power and long
battery life can it have good ability to resist range to respond to a variety of
flight environment with ease make your trip into a longer shooting
fun with 1080 P 120 degree wide angle camera is thought internally and more
extensive let’s go will be recorded say the point of interest to surround and
there will be more fire shooting moon – enjoys wreak out good times

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