That time 4 Royal Marines strapped themselves to Apaches
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That time 4 Royal Marines strapped themselves to Apaches

August 28, 2019

In January 2007, a group of
Royal Marines threw together a crazy plan to rescue a wounded Marine trapped inside a Taliban compound. The plan to get him back? Strap four Marines to the
outside of Apache helicopters and ride into the compound. It all started after an attack on Jugroom Fort went sour quickly. Despite armored vehicles with
artillery and Apache support, the British assault fell into disarray due to heavy insurgent fire
and poor communication. More miscommunication led to the Marines withdrawing without Lance
Corporal Mathew Ford. The Marines realized
Ford was missing quickly, and one of the two Apaches
spotted a human silhouette just inside the compound
with his infrared sensors. This is where the crazy plan to strap on to two Apaches comes in. They were going to land
just outside the compound and recover Ford, who appeared
to be severely wounded. They called for support
from nearby NATO assets, and American A-10s and
a B-1 came in to help. The B-1 kicked off the
assault by dropping four JDAMs on the opposite side of the compound. The American pilots were shocked by what they saw during the mission. One pilot wrote in his report, “As I passed ahead of one Apache, “I glanced high left to see a man “leaning over the stubby helicopter wing, “unloading his rifle on the enemy.” That’s right, the Marines
were firing their rifles while strapped to these Apaches. One Apache landed just outside the walls, while the other one landed
inside the compound. The Marines quickly
began searching for Ford while the A-10s provided cover fire. The Brits found Ford just in time. In just five minutes,
the Marines and pilots got away without suffering any casualties. The Apaches rushed Ford to medical aid, barely making it back to base
before they ran outta gas. Unfortunately, Ford had died of his wounds sometime before the rescue attempt, but the rest of the Marines more than avenged his
death in the process, and the men all received
awards for their valor. Like, share, and comment below, and be thankful for those
who do everything they can to make sure no one is left behind.

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  1. "Oi govena u reckon we can strap a couple blokes to one of these yankee birds ye?"

    "Wicked m8 lets fukin do it, god save the queen ol chap"

  2. They didn't have enough straps for the marines so one held on with just his hand. The Marine Commander was removed from command for keeping delaying the attack for no reasone even so his own his own men was keeping on urging him to attack. All his men volunteered to ride outside the Apaches. Lions led by a donkey. There is a very good book by one of the pilots about the incidenf, he got out of the Apache to help drag the body back.The JADAM was launched after they took off, the compound was full of tunnels connecting the tunnels. Now full of dead Taliban

  3. I could be wrong but I’m sure one of the people who attached themselves to the Apache was a Captain from the Royal Engineers.

  4. British soldiers are mad no wonder Britain has always been better than everyone when it comes to madness

  5. You are wrong when you said they all received medals. Some of the marines who hung on to the apaches received only a mention in dispatches, while the pilots, who were all officers, received medals.

  6. It’s already been mentioned but I’ll point this out again for our American cousins –

    These guys are Royal Marine Commandos from the UK and are the originals that the USMC would originally base themselves on.

    To this I would shout out a Semper Fidelis to all my mates in the USMC. They are all an incredible, amazing bunch of blokes and are one of the very few foreign units that I’ve had the good fortune to fight alongside. That’s not to say that all the other Armed Forces that I’ve been in the sandbox with, it’s just that my American oppos have been the most professional, trustworthy bunch that I’ve ever met and when I say trustworthy I don’t mean they don’t cheat at poker – they do! But I’d still trust them with my life and the lives of my men. Ask any vet and they’ll explain how serious this is! In my frontline dream team I’d have the UK Parachute Regiment on one flank and the USMC on the other flank. It would be an unstoppable combo, though I might be a tad biased in my choices!
    Whichever way you examine this it’s evident that the bootnecks had a hoofing time and gained some dits that’d keep them in beer salutes for the rest of their days.

  7. If the USMC did this there'd be 8 movies and a miniseries about it. As it stands the Army Air Corps pilots and the Army Commando Captain (Dave Rigg Royal Engineers) were decorated but the three Royal Marines received no medals last I heard

  8. The difference is Hollywood, you will wait about twenty years to produce your epic movie to rewrite our history, jealousy is an ugly trait.

  9. Not a bad video but one slight inaccuracy. The guy who came up with the plan was actually Warrant Officer 1 Ed Macy, the pilot of the Apache (he's the one kneeling down with a pistol in the painting and posing with his DFC at the end). For more info, give his autobiography (Hellfire) a read.

  10. All arguing who has the best marines. America an UK marines are both hardcore and done great things together and on there own.

  11. This makes buying and wearing a poppy on remembrance day seem so terribly modest when we continue to have British troops who are so bold and honourable. An "ataboy" or well done seems woefully inadequate for such a superlative effort..

  12. I've read the book that tells this story in great detail. Its an incredible story. What i took away from it most of all was the response of the guys, When asking for volunteers every man stepped forward. Cant ask for more from your mates. If i remember correctly 3 marines including the WO1and a Capt from the Royal Engineers were the lucky 4. Ed Macy the Pilot that landed inside the fort did so with less than 1/2 ft clearance on his rotor blades, he then got out of the Apache and helped the marines all while under fire.

  13. No not just strapped to an Apache helicopter, riding the said helicopter into a battle zone.. but no that’s not all of it. They were unloading their weapons into the said compound. They had to use both hands to hold their weapons they had to brace themselves against the stubby weapon carrying wing or the air intake and were firing their weapons. 32 weeks of basic training 5% success rate and this is why!

  14. To do this takes humongous balls. In fact, I'm surprised that the Apaches could even get off the ground with them being so big.

  15. lol talk about safety hazard and idiotic thinking. hey lets risk 6 lives by trying to save 1, while the US risk 0 lives and save many

  16. Base: are you aware that is a severe safety hazard?

    Pilot and marines: why don't you get you lazy fat ass down here and stop us

  17. That’s the Royal Marines for you mate. Hardcore no messing about will hit you hard where it hurts kind of crazy. My fellow countrymen as I’m obviously British by saying my fellow countrymen,haha.
    Great info mate. Info like this wouldn’t get out through normal channels so hurray for YouTube,its video makers and channels,the good one’s anyway of which there are many.
    I’ll take a look at some more of your videos,if I like I’ll subscribe.

  18. I can't remember which magazine it was but one published the picture of the Apache with the Marines and dubbed it "the Flight of the Phoenix".

  19. Can I just correct some people comparing us Marines to Royal Marines….
    It's Royal Marines COMMANDOS, that's the difference.

  20. Apparently there wsnt any enemy round the area at that time as it was dinner time . So they strapped themselves into flying things making loads of noises firing their rounds into empty rubbles picked up their dead came back feeling like heroes

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