That’s Why Airplanes Seem Spacious (But They Are Not)
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That’s Why Airplanes Seem Spacious (But They Are Not)

February 24, 2020

Psychological tricks to make you feel at home
in the cabin? Pilots and flight attendants hiding their
own secrets from passengers? Whoopie cushions left on the seats in economy
class? Well maybe not that, but what other mysteries
are you unaware of each time you step onboard? Heh, more than you’d think!… 1. Flight attendants assess you as you’re boarding
the plane. It has nothing to do with being judgmental
– just a part of their job. For one thing, cabin crew members have to
figure out if you’re going to be a safety concern on the flight. Next, they need to understand whether you
might be a valuable resource in case of an emergency. (Spoiler: if you’re physically fit and reasonably
dressed, you are.) 2. An extra seat behind the pilot and the co-pilot
in the cockpit isn’t reserved for special VIP passengers. It’s for flight attendants during take-off
or landing and for inspectors who monitor the flight. By the way, this seat is called a jump seat
because when you get up from it, it immediately folds (or “jumps”) back up. 3. The cockpit is typically off-limits not only
for passengers but also for flight attendants during the flight (unless pilots request something). But most crews would go the extra mile to
help passengers have the best flying experience. That’s why some kids and extremely nervous
flyers sometimes get a sneak peek inside the cockpit to either quench their curiosity or
calm down their nerves. 4. Airplanes can safely operate with one engine,
even during take-off and landing! The situation when both engines fail at the
same time is almost unheard of, but even if something like that did happen, a plane wouldn’t
drop from the sky like a rock. If all engines stopped working at a high altitude,
pilots would still have at least 20 minutes to find a suitable place to land. 5. Planes can also land when their wheels are
broken! It may sound terrifying, but if the landing
gear gets stuck, pilots just skid the plane’s belly down on the runway. If everything’s done correctly, such landings
are quite safe. 6. Are you still hungry after your meal? Ask for an extra portion, and if it’s available,
no one will frown upon it (provided you ask politely, that is). The sad truth is that all leftovers must be
discarded after the flight. And if your stomach begs for more… well,
less food wasted! 7. Modern planes have special systems that detect
other aircraft, mountains, and unexpected solid objects in their path. These systems’ main purpose is to inform pilots
about any nearby obstacles. Ten miles away from another plane – and a
voice starts saying “traffic, traffic, traffic…” That could get on your nerves. Five miles closer, and the same voice begins
to direct pilots where to go. And the voice now sounds like the pilot’s
mother. No I made that one up. 8. Pilots often work long, long hours. No wonder that during particularly tedious
and uneventful flights (which are the flights we passengers love the best), they may feel
sleepy and start to nod off in their seats. It’d seem that reading a good exciting book
would help fend off the drowsiness. Unfortunately, books aren’t allowed in the
cockpit – they’re considered a distraction. 9. Ever experienced such a hard landing that
you jump in your seat and go white? Unlike what most travelers believe, it’s not
necessarily a sign of an inexperienced pilot. There are some conditions when a gentle touchdown
is outright dangerous. The most common situation when a plane must
touch down firmly is when the runway is wet. Then the machine has to break the water surface
to avoid hydroplaning. A hard touchdown is also necessary if a runway
is too short – in this case, it helps increase the plane’s braking capability. 10. Flight attendants aren’t there just to serve
food – they’re highly trained professionals. They know how to deliver a baby, are skilled
in hand-to-hand combat, know how to survive in extreme conditions, and can extinguish
a fire 30,000 ft in the air. 11. Airlines are going to address the dreaded
middle-seat problem pretty soon. A new design has already been developed, and
new chairs will be available shortly. These improved middle seats will be a bit
lower to the ground than the aisle and window ones, and they’ll have 3 more inches of additional
space! 12. Most passengers have a misconception that
co-pilots are just sidekicks or understudy characters who know little about flying. This belief can’t be further from the truth. Co-pilots are totally capable of flying a
plane, and they do it regularly! It’s a typical situation when the captain
flies the plane to the destination, and the co-pilot operates it on the way back. 13. Flight attendants have the same problems with
jet lag as you do. Imagine flying all the way across the globe
on a regular basis, AND dealing with the dimming of cabin lights during daylight! Their bodies get confused, and it doesn’t
pass with time or work experience! 14. Airplane manufacturers use a special trick
to make the cabin look bigger and more spacious. For example, the walls have a particular structure
that reflects light. That, and they’re painted white, which always
visually expands a space. The illumination between the ceiling and overhead
bins makes the ceiling look higher. It helps people with claustrophobia to deal
with being in an enclosed space for hours. 15. Passengers are also happier when their airplane
has a wider entrance, and its lighting is brighter. Research shows that in this case, people are
sure that their meals taste better and their seats are wider, while the only different
thing is their surroundings! 16. Pilots recommend nervous flyers to pick seats
in the middle of the cabin. When turbulence occurs, it affects the front
and rear parts of the cabin the most. The middle, over-the-wings section doesn’t
get shaken that much. Imagine it like a seesaw! 17. Deploying an emergency slide when there’s
no emergency is a very bad idea. It can cause hour-long delays and costs airlines
thousands of dollars to pack the undamaged slide back into its container. Why would someone do it? Apparently, to “get off the plane faster.” Well, just keep in mind that it doesn’t work
this way. 18. If you want to be a pilot, be prepared for
endless tests and examinations. Pilots have their skills checked every 6 to
8 months. They have to go into simulators and practice
all kinds of emergency situations. After that, examiners assess them. Safety and technical testing and medical examination
are also regular and crucial. 19. Some airplanes have secret bedrooms for those
crew members who need to catch some shut-eye. “Crew Rest Compartments” are located either
at the back of the plane or behind the cockpit. 20. Pilots are very careful with what they say
and how they deliver it. You’ll never hear them announcing anything
dramatic, like “fail” or “malfunction.” They downplay any existing problem by replacing
“zero visibility” with “some fog,” or “something’s broken” with “some technical problems.” It’s called “positive scripting,” and flight
attendants follow it as well. But passengers perceive pilots’ announcements
as more important and, statistically, listen to them more attentively. But if there’s a really serious problem you
need to be prepared for, don’t worry, you’ll be informed! 21. Some airlines skip particular row numbers
because they’re considered unlucky in certain cultures. Number 13 is the one most commonly avoided
by airlines and manufacturers. Another row number you might not find on your
flight is 17 – it’s unlucky in some parts of the world too! 22. If you’re in a window seat, you can notice
the way the airplane wings flex. Sometimes they flap so much that you get worried
they’ll fall off! What you might not know is that the wings
are supposed to flex and are specially designed this way. If they were stiff, they’d snap off as soon
as the lightest turbulence hit the plane. 23. The way the cabin is pressurized has a big
effect on your taste buds: you lose up to 30% of your ability to taste sweet and salty
things. In other words, it’s not that airplane food
isn’t tasty – you just can’t feel its full flavor. That’s also the main reason why airline catering
companies add extra salt and spices to the dishes they cook. 24. The first airline to offer its customers online
check-in was Alaska Airlines, and it happened in 1999! The system was available to a limited number
of passengers and worked only for selected flights. Well…look how far we’ve come! Hey, if you learned something new today, then
give the video a like and share it with a friend! And here are some other videos I think you’ll
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on the Bright Side of life!

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