The Adventures Of Dr McNinja. [Mini-Reseña]
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The Adventures Of Dr McNinja. [Mini-Reseña]

August 29, 2019

What is Dr McNinja? Dr. McNinja is a webcomic created by Christopher Hastings that focuses on the titular Dr. McNinja. And who is Dr. McNinja? Dr. McNinja is a descendant from irish ninjas that decided to dedicate his life to medicine instead of murder, at the same time that inspired by his love of Batman became a vigilante of sorts. It might be good to mention that his nurse is a gorilla, and his sidekick a moustached bandito that rides a velociraptor named yoshi. It’s one of those stories, those that abandon all possible logic. Dr McNinja is first and foremost a love letter to irreverence and the unconventional, it’s a story dictated by style before reason, but it does so in an spectacular fashion, every story is crazier than the last one, and yet in the middle of their bizarre world it makes sense, the writer not only has an incredibly vivd imagination, but he also manages to write interesting and engaging tales in the middle of the zaniness. It’s not a simple blend of ridiculousness, random stuff does not make a comedy, rather it is a quality narrative with great humor, which simply happens to be guided by crazy ideas. Not many stories include medically inclined ninjas, velociraptor riding banditos, jetpack T-Rex, or revolver wielding dolphins. And there’s only one story that combines all of this with the protagonist surfing the stratrosphere with a Dracula robot as his table. The first few stories don’t’ have such a polished script or art, in fact they are black and white, but the author is constantly evolving and improving his work, creating what is in my opinion one of the most entertaining webcomics. Besides, it’s free. So go read it right now.

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  1. Oye amigo grande, sigue asi, tus videos son muy buenos, aunque, te aconsejo que empieses a acer mas videos de lego, que el de bionicle fue excelente

  2. le he estado haciendo seguimiento a ese cómic desde sus primeras paginas, toda una ida de ella XD, recomiendo Dead Winter, es como walking dead pero mas divertido.

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