The Best Android Tablet? Samsung Tab S3 Unboxing & Initial Impressions
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The Best Android Tablet? Samsung Tab S3 Unboxing & Initial Impressions

September 1, 2019

What’s going on guys, John here from TechTested.
In this video, we’re going to be unboxing, and providing our first impressions on the
Samsung’s latest Android tablet – the Galaxy Tab S3. In the coming weeks, this video will
be followed by a full, in-depth review, so make sure to subscribe to the channel if you’re
interested in seeing that. Without wasting any time, let’s get started. Let’s begin with the unboxing. The main
specifications of the Tab S3 are the Snapdragon 820 processor, 4 gigabytes of LPDDR4 RAM,
as well as a 6,000 mAh battery. For the display, Samsung used a 9.7 inch Super-Amoled panel
with an impressive 264 pixels per inch – more on that later. By a narrow margin, this tablet
is both thinner and lighter than the iPad Pro, and it feels very good in the hand, with
the glass front and back giving the tablet a sleek, professional look. Putting the tablet over to one side, we’re
first presented with the Adaptive Fast Charging travel adaptor. This is the same model that’s
included with the Galaxy S8, and is capable of outputting 9 volts at 1.67 amps, or 5 volts
at 2 amps, meaning it should be able to charge the tablet relatively quickly, though we will
put that to test in our full review. Next in the box is the 4 foot USB-A to C cable,
for which replacements can be found easily. It’s nice to see USB-C being used here as
opposed to the older Micro-USB standard. Next up is the quick start guide, which provides
basic setup instructions. Also included is the warranty card, and a small pin, which
is used to insert a micro-SD card, as well as a nano-sim on LTE models. Lastly, some
small tools are provided, which are used to change the tip of the included S-Pen. Upon removing the Tab S3 from its packaging,
the first thing we noticed was its beautiful glass and metal design – it certainly looks
and feels the part, and would fit right in next to an iPad Pro or Microsoft Surface.
The next thing that stood out was its Super Amoled display. Samsung are well-renowned
for their beautiful screens, and this model is no exception, featuring a high resolution
and HDR support – something which we’ll talk about in a lot more detail in our full
review. After setup, we had some fun with the S-Pen.
I’m no artist, but I can tell that this accessory is certainly more than a glorified
stylus. Writing on the screen felt perfectly natural I was also impressed by the quad-speaker
array, which has been tuned by AKG – part of a company called Harman, which Samsung
acquired last year. They don’t distort at high volumes, and should be more than ideal
for watching movies on. Let’s now talk about some of the finer details
of the device, all of which will be expanded upon in the full review. Firstly, the inclusion
of a fingerprint scanner, which is always a nice addition – on this tablet in particular,
it’s placed within the home button. It seems fast and reliable for the most part so far,
and we like that it can be used to open the Secure Folder, purchase apps, as well as unlocking
the device. Next the cameras. The front facing camera
is 5 megapixels and films in 1080p. The quality here is nothing special, but it should be
more than enough to make crystal clear video calls, or take selfies. The rear camera on
this device has 13 megapixels, an impressive f/1.9 aperture as well as face detection.
It can film at 4K UHD resolutions and includes a flash, but the camera on your phone is likely
to be far more practical on a day-to-day basis. That being said however, under good lighting,
this camera is able to produce some decent content. We also liked Samsung’s gesture
control feature, which makes taking photos easier. Because of that great HDR screen, quad speaker
array, a claimed 12-hours of screen on time, and high-performance internals, this tablet
definitely seems like a great choice for content consumption and gaming. If you’re interested
in the productivity side of things, Samsung also offer a keyboard case accessory, though
we haven’t yet been able to try this out. So there we have it – that’s our first look
at Samsung’s latest Android tablet. We’ll be evaluating day-to-day performance, battery
life, charging times and more in our complete review, so stay tuned. If you’ve got any
questions about the device, feel free to comment below and we’ll address any issues in the
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video if you enjoyed it – we’ll be back soon with our full review

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  1. 'Isn't a real pen' – precisely the problem I have with this whole set up is deciding on what is real and what isn't. How exactly do you watch a movie if you are holding this device with both hands?

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