The BEST Low Cost DRONES for Beginners in Divisoria
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The BEST Low Cost DRONES for Beginners in Divisoria

October 15, 2019

This is 3,200 pesos right? the other one is 2,500 pesos and this one is 1,600 pesos These are all basic drones I like this Dark Pro brand This unit is available to Lazada online store Almost same price with your unit The problem with Lazada, they don’t test the unit That’s the problem Here you demo the product So 2,500 not 1,500 pesos? How much your Drone here? For beginners only with built-in video camera This unit How much? 1,600 pesos? Please lower the price to 1,000 pesos? I will buy it immediately 1,500 pesos? You have any other units available? What? The color blue is the same unit with the white the same unit This one is 1,600 and this one is 1,500 pesos You can lower the price to 1,200 pesos? no that’s 1,500 pesos I will film the unit I will promote your products to my vlog What is the name of your store? no store name only stall number 1,600 pesos? then 1,500? 100 pesos discount only? Specs are good for beginners Please give me more discounts… I will promote your products to Youtube Channel no, that’s it! last price 1,500 pesos 1,200 pesos? 1,300 pesos? no more discounts, last price is 1,500 pesos 1,500 pesos? your discount is only 100 pesos ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! that one This drone is capable of hand sensor control,
but doesn’t fly higher than 400 feet above ground level How about the red one?
You have different colors here But most magic units
are all the same, yes sir Who owned this stall? A Chinese sits there ahhh that’s him Please just test the unit first If capable to fly smooth We fly the Drone not too high How about the data storage? the mini “memory card” only no sir, not included with the unit generic data storage or memory card How about your program monitor?
mobile application available for both android and ios You will test it now? Namsan, kuya will start to test your drone now This is the last gadget “Papa” will buy We’re all set for now Other shop offers 2,500 pesos
but capable of flying up to 200 – 500 feet high But those drones are big compared to this model Ahh, I agree The same specs to them but those drones are bigger Yes, those are bigger Drones imported from China, right? yes [Noise playing] where is the camera? see front of the drone wow! 360? Camera control at your left hand,
just push the camera icon button for 2 seconds How about the video control? Video control icon at the right side, just push the button for 2 seconds, then you automatically switch to video See details of operation recorded in your Drone Manual How about the antenna of the Drone? No Antenna sir, only mobile phone holder I thought that’s Drone Antenna 2.5 GHz wifi and bluetooth onboard 360 degrees, this is the control Unlike the old type model drones, difficult to control All latest models are user friendly,
not difficult for the beginners Auto take off and landing, this is the best! If you begin to descend use auto control

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