The BEST way to WIN a game of FORTNITE: Battle Royale!
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The BEST way to WIN a game of FORTNITE: Battle Royale!

August 26, 2019

This could be the most epic win ever Welcome everyone My name’s ali-a and I am a self-confessed fortnight battle royale addict You guys may recognize that intro from a tips video went out yesterday which led us to of this spot right here and apparently it is already becoming popular because this guy and Probably a few others are coming down to landing one of my favorite spots to pick up loot to start off oh No, you didn’t know you Didn’t oh my god. He’s come and Okay, this is this is not the best start, but it’s fine. We can work with it hold on hold on well I’m gonna have to abandon One of my top six spots to start a game off because he’s beaten me to it unfortunately this guy’s coming up here But he’s left something underneath and it’s a trap great, okay if normally all I’ve been looking for is freaking the beautiful juice of Shields, but now all I have is a few potion or no weapon I’m gonna have to scavenge hard I actually cannot remember the last time. I started a battle royale game and landed with no weapons I am progressing backwards apparently it was there’s got to be something here hold up a second guys I need to get myself wet before anything can really kick off it. That’s been looted as well alright well Please pray to the battle royale fortnight gods or something in here. I was gonna say to you guys Thank you so much, but always support my recent fortnight, Battle Royale Videos this game is just doing so well at the moment and rightly so because it is so much Freaking fun if you spend one second clicking like on this video or recently subscribed Then thank you so much guys. I hope you’re having as much fun I’m sure you having this much fun as I am on this game. This is turning into a How long can we last without a weapon challenge and you guys have been suggesting? Challenges to me so a lot of you guys know me, too The pistol challenge some guys won’t be to do the melee only challenge We get a kill with your melee weapon at the end if you’ve got any challenges Let me go down below cuz I’m down to mix it up a little bit alright so up here Here’s another one might like she killed spots Who’s often as you can see a spawn of a chest now luckily despite that all the rooms being looted? This has not been looted so, what are you gonna give me chest? Oh? Okay, just throw the gun down then whatever it’s fine Good action. No god damn Ally. I’m about to freakin rage quit right now. I swear to god I’ve only just keeping this together. I still don’t have a weapon and I’m getting mad right now You’ve had those starts to the games. We’re just not oh my god if I fell off again Okay, well we are we are weaponed up, and I’m sorry if I’ve excelled you guys out for not using this potion early We’ve got a potion rocking. We’ve got ninety five health and now we can start slaying people out, okay. Let’s do this where are you guys that I’m Armed and I’m ready to kill you now, not so afraid okay? If I sell one of these went inside boys happy shotgun armed number one rule of roaming houses guys So assuming that upload order doesn’t change I really hope you guys enjoyed my video letting you guys know where I like to start When it comes to the beginning of fortnight battery our videos is this the first like tips video? I’ve done for this game, and I’m hoping you guys will enjoy it. I’m still playing it so much I’m gonna work on a duo’s video if Claire, and I playing together we played pretty much every evening And I think what I’m just going to do is just record all of them all the ones who play now and forget a victory And only victory you guys will potentially see that soon so I’m excited to hopefully get a victory and share that with you guys because we take it seriously and then look at this my Shield potion luck is on point today ahead towards these buildings here well We’re well within the ring So don’t really have to do too much running to a specific point so just gearing up really is the main thing right now But also I mentioned that stats are now added into the game the beating the game thing for about a week now And some of you guys made a set have some crazy crazy wins in bathroom way out so Congratulations. You guys are absolutely insane tree get up. My god damn way That’s better What the hell was that Did someone to strangle an animal in here never though the death animation of death sound like oh? My god she’s wheeze This is crazy So that was a death sound if she sound like someone just been Strangled today alright pull out the old pickaxe grab all of this stuff up. Oh my god Oh guys, so I have to take a miniature to cool down after that because that was horrific Literally I can actually hear but away a chest every sky was camping in there if he hadn’t actually come out that front door He could have surprised people easy here, but mistakes have made buddy mistakes were made oh Not a shield. What is this? crazy crazy luck right now one thing Claire And I we’ve been talking about and you guys can let us know what you think down below as well It’s a possibility of a new map now a lot of battle royale games Specifically from what I know for battleground I believe I only ever had one map was a big map and all you’ve added in it is like environmental effects so nighttime daytime fog rain Rain obviously impairs your hearing which is a huge part of any battle a guy gamings a massive part of this game For gob see visually means you can’t see quite as far, but we were thinking we like this is a nice of green I’d say quite England esque. Maybe you guys would disagree, but I think why England esque Island that we battle at the moment very Buildings that just remind me of where I live basically boo thinking wouldn’t it be crazy if they added in like a snow Antarctic map or even a desert map. What do you guys think you got to let me know down below? I’m no adding in maps to a game like this is It’s a lot of work. Don’t get me wrong, but I think they should do it, man. I think they should do a match You’re heading complete wrong direction hold on let me just check if anything’s down here, though Like yeah, doesn’t look like yeah, alright onwards to the next ring my friends completely forgot that I could use in my mind I was still at 100 shield 100 health but that shotgun battle was actually a lot closer, thank God He couldn’t aim to whoa geez Louise alright so things have been rough for the start of this game But we do have a kill to our name, and this is where things really gonna start kicking off This is where we’re gonna start seeing some action, and I can just feel that we’re gonna run into people as well, so Hold your horses just as I’ve said that there is a building for left hand side and that mount in this world so there could Having said that gunshots going down. I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to walk over the top of this or not But I’m coming in fully armed my burst of salt rifle my favorite weapons in the game and make sure I can What are we saying? Oh? My god oh As much as I feel like I’m good at aiming a first-person Shooters this game can throw you off sometimes and make you feel like the worst aimer of anything in the whole world We’ve got three medkit star named two snipers here. Oh, baby. We are we are ready to go Yes, please sniper ammo yes sixteen beautiful beautiful beautiful resources oh Yes, all right. Whoa okay one edge of the Ring. We’re in will in it. That was the main thing got sniper I Think almost all the games have won so far I’ve had a sniper or if it’s been duo’s they’ve had a sniper Sniper is so important for the end game. Especially when people start camping out a little bit making their own bases It is the most deadly thing and although he got an account for bullet drop and travel distance Definitely grab a sniper either either be like bow action or semi definitely give it a go And he would loot box somewhere if it’s near though you can’t can’t see anyone Honestly sound like the loot box is gonna drop and top of me oh Okay, more gunshots going down. I think that’s come towards a prison the prison was over there or building I thought it was a prison. I don’t know if they’re come from that direction if they’ve tried to loot the area I was just in I wouldn’t be surprised to have people on it’s Mountain No Yeah, I think that was a prison over there Mmm Either way someone’s about to get caught by the storm. Oh Look at that that thing is dealt like a hundred 150 damage in about one-and-a-half seconds now if I’ve gauged this correctly We’ve got a space to do baby. All right now unless someone’s coming out of these Out of the storm right now. We should be okay, so there’s a semi-auto sniper in there Which honestly whenever I’ve used them I’ve used some light bolt actions So I think I don’t know this I’m so bad sometimes who decided which Lutz pick up I wish we could hold more than five things hey at least the guess We’re not limited to three like you are Battleground and the pic this I think I’m a rock to snipers to be honest with you I don’t really feel like shotguns are coming to play towards the end game It just doesn’t really happen to be honest with you whoa, okay? We’ve got an epic bolt-action sniper soria epic semi-auto sniper we’ve got ourselves a beautiful blue bolt-action green semi-auto burst of AR and then also a green AR three med kit But we are being forced guides to the fatal fields sounds deadly doesn’t it well it is I’m gonna feel the way over here actually And I’m hoping that no one destroys it in my building structures right now. This is where it gets hairy Oh, I always get so nervous man cool duty. I get nervous. It’s a different kind of nervous. I think like it’s so intently Like adrenaline filled all the time that it kind of is over in five minutes. This game is 20 minutes of your heart beating Non-stop, and I’m sure you guys know you’re playing the game as well, but it is it gets to your mat. All right Let’s find a smooth place to fool down here Okay, that’s fine. I’ve got three med kits. I’m gonna band myself up to a hundred anyway in a second now I always like to have the outskirts the mapped one side. I don’t feel like I have to check it as much And it’s gonna start coming in right now Okay, was fine. We’ve got a minute a half to get there those trucks and top each other What kind of structure is that there’s nuts? Oh is that someone dead? No okay? Is this gonna be within the ring or I think this is going to be within the ring now? This is good actual attention to me But this will mean I’m gonna base encapsulates this epic Supply Drop on top of me right now Then get our build on Bob the Builder in full effect right now And I’m gonna make sure that this is definitely my I’m gonna field a wall with few high towards fatal fields because I feel like As much as I love dropping into beta fields. I don’t want to be in it when the action goes down so here we girls gonna build Oh step up there and there and It is landed nice. Thank you for arriving I appreciate didn’t expect to be here this quickly and then with three med kits to my name I’m gonna make sure I’m at full health whoa okay It’s nighttime The storms coming in and now it’s gonna wait for some people to move around all right look Look you beautiful thing landing right and taught me. Give me something legendary something gold That is not something gold. It’s a shield which is cool, but I don’t need it right now Bandages Debbie don’t need traps definitely. I think I’m gonna get rid even though my bolt action is an epic I Think oh oh oh oh oh sweet Jesus look what we it’s me say is drop nothing legendaries. Give me the freaking bolt action legendary sniper I’ve heard some gunshots going down, but I mean if I was them. I would not all hold up hold up I can see some little ants wandering around If I was then though I would just stay in the buildings to be honest with you and not come out I’m not gonna take a shot anyone until I know it’s really clear I’m not sure if I should remake this out of metal. I’ve got enough to do so Damn Also type so many times it’s knife shots, I just okay, I don’t think she knows where she’s give me a chopper Are you mad literally a hairpin away from being a head shot one shot kill All right come on. Yes. Yes, yes, yes run Tozzi All beautiful beautiful beautiful, beautiful, they’re running in the direction directly at you away from you makes it so much easier all right We’re down to four People alive four kills to our neighbor a beautiful bullets nice one with the actions going off towards the end here. Oh, hey, buddy Of course the character had stopped the stop running just as I go and fire my sniper I sweat Whoa? Nice one. Oh my god. You’ve gotta love the legendary golden sniper looks like another job over there Oh wait, what how did I not seen this piece? Oh? We get home oh My god. She is actually a lot further away, but it looks In this situation I destroy these plots connected to it. I think the whole thing falls apart but I Can’t quite tell how much damage I’ve got more than enough bullets. I don’t mind about that This is a lot further waving it looks oh my god Okay, Jesus. I’m alive I’m gonna lucky to be alive that was stupid Wow I’ve been how many like if I had three Four maybe even I think it may have for shield potions this game Lucky boy. I am cheese. All right. Let’s build another step up here because obviously me expect me to come back the other way oh My god a bullet in the freaking chamber God this is a one of v1. Snipe off ladies and gentlemen only one person will come away victorious from this I’m gonna make sure it is me how he’s still standing on that structure My god you do have not much. You don’t much time to aim at all. This is literally No The 80s sensitivity of the snipers is way too high only zoomed in oh I thought that was it we don’t see not Yes Oh my god. Thinks a headshot as well They are out of here that means ladies and gentlemen the six kills to our name. It is down to a one Versus one why they even took out some of the steps if that should be smart damage I’m gonna give us a bandaged up and make sure I’m fully ready to go no 35 HP But that could be the 5 HP difference between losing this game and winning this game now the inner ring is Going to it’s gonna be on top of the building, but you know what ladies and gentlemen I have always wanted to build a Stairway to heaven in Fortnight battery ow and I’m gonna give this a go. We’re going up and we’re going only up We have to go towards it Okay, hold on. I have to go to flat platform here to make sure it spills out, otherwise. It’s just not going to connect properly Go all right now. This is where my heart gets beat and fast because If he sees me building up here. He can shoot it down it can do what I tried through the other guy But I failed which is knock down the whole structure I am in a very very dangerous position But this could be the most epic win ever in Fortnite battery ow oh My god guys. I’m in a well enduring I’ve stalked outside the ring which is actually amazing because you can’t really see where it’s coming from and Spare ourself some metal floors. Just to make sure you know as sturdy as possible. Oh my god Oh, do you ever see this be done in YouTube videos and Here? I am I am literally at the top of the map Staring down at the only part of the map that is left. Oh oh Always done exactly what I did he’s built himself a little fortress a little Containment center if you will to make sure that he’s gonna get the little loot loot crate does he know I’m up here though This is risky Well Eve away. The next ring is on me But I do not want to fire a shot unless I know it’s gonna hit him I’m not gonna be a loon and jump off and try and noscope in but I Want to make sure it’s counts is he from Miss and he knows who I am oh It’s a victory Royale ladies and gentlemen oh Just look at that look at that for an end screen at the top of the map Staring down at the only portion of the math left that guy was clueless if you’ve got my heart was beating fast He must have literally jumped out of his skin as that shot connected with him Whoa that is another victory well added to our list ladies and gentlemen in an epic epic fashion, honestly We started this game I was close to quitting we didn’t find a weapon nothing was going our way And it only only only just came together at the end there But we don’t stay away to heaven and snipe the enemy Wow guys if you enjoy one of these four night videos Please please PLEASE show them some support. I really really appreciate it. I’m glad I actually managed to give us a go I’ve been wanting to try it and it just sort of fell into place, and it worked out ladies and gentlemen I’ve been ali-a this has been fortnight. We are and that has been affixed to be well in epic epic fashion I’ll see you guys tomorrow for another video. Bye. Bye

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