The Boeing MAX 8 Scandal & Controversy Explained!
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The Boeing MAX 8 Scandal & Controversy Explained!

February 21, 2020

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  1. Instead of laying off workers those executives should be fired or take massive pay cuts! Their short sited decisions shouldn't ruin the lives of so many others!

  2. What’s infuriating is that they’re freakin airplanes! Lives are at stake! How are they okay with cutting corners and rushing? Criminal negligence!

  3. I assume from the lack of mention, that nobody went to prison over this. If that's the case, then no businesses shouldn't be able to just self regulate. People in charge don't care if it's not their asses specifically on the line if they fuck up. The Boeing ceo and probably some of the other higher ups likely got golden parachutes when they were fired.

  4. Imagine your car has self driving, but you didn't know and it was incorrectly sensing the side of the road, and corrects you into traffic repeatedly. That's is essentially what happened… Sad that Boeing probably won't be punished. Corporations have more rights than people while simultaneously being impossible to hold accountable. All you can do is fine them, who cares they'll just cut even more corners to save cost or fire low paying workers instead of cutting executive salaries.

  5. I think it is absurd that they can knowingly kill hundreds of people and not be held responsible. Just the CEO being fired is the only result

  6. Those CEOs should be in prison for manslaughter. But they will never be behind bars cause they own the politicians and judges.

    All in the name of a few extra million dollars for themselves.

  7. after seeing all this the FAA should most definitely take back more control making money should never take precedent over keeping people safe

  8. So they cheated the system, put out a faulty product, blamed the end user and then insisted in their erroneous statements until proven unabashedly incorrect that got two sets of people killed, and all of this was to save some cash?

    There's nothing I could say that could feasibly represent the sheer, nauseating ire I get from stories like this, and yet no matter how many stories like this come out, there will always been ants ready to defend the ideology of deregulation. What you should be fighting for instead is optimizing regulation so there's less maze-like scenarios but the bad actors still get caught.

    I get a primal desire to see these BOEING dastards hung, but I know that the most they'll get is a small slap on the wrist that they'll earn back in a few days time.

  9. How strange that oversight is being cut across the board, and the result is drug companies and airline manufacturers exhibiting shady practices.
    Letting a business 'be a business' without oversight for the public good, in a world where the bottom line is profit, is flat out negligent on the government's part, and our shortcomings affected the lives of those in other countries.
    Don't blame the engineers who were more than likely pushed with 'do it or you're fired.'

  10. Loved this deep dive, I only had a vague understanding of the problems with Max8 before but this really fleshed it out. I understand why the FAA would want to delegate more to the manufacturers, but I think this just proves corporations given enough power for too long cannot be trusted to keep the public's best interests at forefront.

  11. Every airlines tagline is "your safety is our number 1 concern" you'd think the manufacturers would share the sentiment.

  12. It's crazy to me how much capatalism drives companies that are directly responsible for the well-being and saftey of people to ignore and breeze past issues like this…

  13. Anytime corporations "save money", people suffer. Cutting corners and cutting costs are dangerous and almost always result in consumers suffering. Maybe corporations that are RESPONSIBLE FOR PEOPLE'S LIVES should worry less about their bottom line and worry more about keeping the people who put their trust in them safe.

  14. A column of marble is stored on its side, supported at each end, until ready for use. Some time before then, a third support is placed in the middle, doubtless for safety as three supports are better than two. When the time comes to use the column it is found split in half about the third support. One of the first two supports had sunken and rested the whole weight on the safety support splitting the column. Safety systems are tricky beasts they often make you less safe.

  15. It is not a good idea to have the FAA take back the power it has given Boeing to self regulate here. If they did it with them they would need to do it with others as well and as the video stated that is not feasible. These companies go through several steps to get to that point. I can assure you that although boeing dropped the ball here as did the FAA there are many other manufacturers of aircrafts that do it right every time. I build planes as a career and the strict rules and quality that we follow ensures that this never happens.
    This is the perspective of someone that does not work at Boeing however works in the industry at a different company.

  16. Is the question, should the FAA have more oversight, after this scenario a serious question? After seeing what a company will do, the lengths they will go to in screwing the public and ultimately themselves? How is their stock now, did it take a nose dive like their planes? Everyone should be saying, duh, of course the FAA should take back and have more oversight! Power corrupts, giving any corporation more power in what it can turn out as safe and reliable, is turning on the spigot of disappointment and regret on full blast.

  17. Anytime you give industries regulatory control over its self, this will be the result. Greed will always corrupt self regulation. It's the reason that we put regulations and a regulatory system in place to start with. We just forget about the consequences of not having regulations and outside inspection/enforcement, so we remove one or both of these important requirements. Unfortunately, we inevitably discover that regulations are necessary and self enforcement doesn't work, and the outcome is typically the unnecessary loss of human life. 🙁

  18. it blows my mind there wasnt a fucking AOA disagree light, it wasnt in the manual and it didnt have a simple off button, rather a sequence of things you had to switch off assuming you even knew what was going on, what a shame, this was a move to save money and thats it.

  19. Hey Phil the sound on this is terrible the, mic is too close to Maria's throat, so its picking up more sound from Marias throat than her mouth.

  20. MCAS is triggered from just one sensor doesn't mean there isn't redundancy. In fact, a simple search shows there are 2 AOA sensors. Reading input from one at a time is a design flaw, but not as presented. Unconfirmed, but it seems that all boeing airplanes have only 2 AOA. Even Airbus has AOA and Alpha Protection, a comparable, but different system. Removing MCAS from the manual, a system on other planes but seemingly unfamiliar to pilots would in any other circimstance be unnecessay. This is still a preventable tragedy, but seems like a misunderstanding of the details, and unusual focus given a 5 min Google search.

  21. Boeing also had a few problems with the software and certification of their Starliner Commercial Crew program. It seems they need to do something about that.

  22. That’s what you want to hear when you get on a plane…. “srkkk hello everyone this is your pilot speaking you guys are in great hands I’ve had like 3 hours of iPad flight training so enjoy your flight”

  23. Knowing what I know about Boeing, I cannot trust that name again. They should be held accountable for every corner they've cut, but please, don't take the power to regulate themselves away! One shitty company shouldn't be the one to say other airplane manufacturers can't do what is needed to have a safe and efficient product. I would move for a form of checks throughout the process of manufacturing such a vehicle, but I just feel as though government shouldn't have to do it all. Of course this is my personal opinion. Let Boeing pay for what they've done, what they've let happen and for what trust they've lost. But let's be better and smarter about the power these companies have!

  24. Thanks for this kind of content, very interesting and knowledgeable. My dad's a pilot and we talked about this before but i didnt know much about it.

  25. The public needs to keep their opinions out of the aviation industry. More government regulation and oversight will not solve anything. MCAS is a tried and true system that they have used on multiple other aircraft and somehow on the max it is a problem. Its not a case of willful negligence its a case of "oh shit we didnt think this would happen".

  26. And this is the same company that congress rammed through billions of dollars for the next manned mission to space at nasa. Corrupt money gonna corrupt.

  27. The FAA should be the sole agency/company to give the all-clear on new aircraft in my opinion. I also believe that fault lies with Boeing for hiding the issue and lying as well as the FAA for not certifying the aircraft

  28. Allowing corporations to self regulate will only give them more opportunities to cut corners in the name on profits and cost consumers their lives.

  29. Commercial pilot here. Just want to point out that boing did recommend extensive training to pilots who were flying the max8 but countries that do not have the same safety requirements as the US didn’t enforce those recommendations and only required the iPad learning.

  30. Should the FAA take back regulatory power? Absolutely. Just because it should behoove a company to not make a dangerous product does not mean we should assume they will take the correct measures to do so. It is awful easy for someone to say something is "good enough" and push it through, this is why checks and balances must always be in place.

  31. It may just be me but it I hear static in the background whenever Maria speaks. It might be something wrong with your microphone or my earbuds.

  32. Boeing was idolized in my home state of Washington for years, until they moved out of the state for marginally better profits.
    For years, we gave them tax break after subsidy. At the end of the day, corporations are indebted to their shareholders, and not the public.
    Give our government the power to tax and regulate mega corporations! These corporations are not accountable to the people like our government is.

  33. All Max 8 should be refunded, and the entire board of directors should have their entire net worth auctioned off and then split to the immediate kin of the victims, crew and passengers.

  34. Maria sounds like she needs a day off in bed to clear her sinuses…I hope Philly_D has benefits for his employees
    Hair looks fantastic though!! Shiny is my fave colour 😛

  35. Why don’t you make a series of the the Boeing vs Airbus war. I think the 737max issue is much greater than what we think, not only has Boeing ruin their reputation but thanks to their arrogance the company is losing its trustworthy as a plane maker. Overall great deep dive keep them coming.

  36. Unfortunately these crashes came down to pilot error. The pilots in both cases failed to deactivate the electric trim/MCAS systems. In one of the flights they turned it off, things normalized and then they turned it back on. It's basic training to simply deactivate the electric trim in the case of a runaway trim situation, which the MCAS basically was.

  37. Hmmm, giving control of the expensive and slow process to keep people alive to a private corporation, the likes of which exclusively exists to accrue profit, was a bad idea? Say it isn't so…

  38. I really hope they are held accountable but history tells us that other than a scapegoat no one with money and power will face the music.

  39. Something similar happened to an Airbus A330-303 in 2008. The pilot managed to regain control of the plane, but many of the people on board were seriously injured.

  40. The issues with both the MAX 8 and Starliner are really hurting my confidence in Boeing in general. Their culture right now seems to be to "get it done first" instead of "get it done right", whether it be getting to market before Airbus or getting crew to the ISS before SpaceX. But with both air travel and space travel, where doubly or triply redundant systems are the norm and there is very little margin for error, rushing through to be first is simply not good enough. IMHO there needs to be a major cultural overhaul at Boeing with an emphasis on safety or else they may not survive as a company.

  41. OH.MY.GOD!
    This is terrifying. Kudos for the amount of research and analysis that went into this. I have a much better understanding of this subject matter that has been on my mind since the first crash, thanks to you.

  42. I read a really interesting article by a pilot who said that any properly trained pilot would have no problem at all dealing with the problem caused by a faulty sensor, and that Boeing has long designed planes with the idea that pilots would be the final "fail safe" on their designs rather than making them idiot-proof. They assumed any pilots flying the planes would be competent. However, many African and Indonesian and third world pilots are not well trained but trained in rushed, poor programs that turn out pilots that fly by rote rather than having real skill or understanding of flight or how planes work, making them unable to handle anything other than a routine flight.

  43. The oversight given to Boeing was earned over many many years of doing things right. For one thing, as we’ve seen in this video, planes crashing is very bad for business. I think the oversight the FAA has given manufacturers is fairly reasonable once they have established themselves as being capable of building safe planes consistently.

    I think in the end there should be more strict guidelines of what is considered a new plane. But then Boeing just straight up lied that the plane handled the same way so they definitely need a ton more oversight and start building that trust again over the next 50 years.

  44. I'd like to see a deep dive into why Boeing has been constantly way over budget and underproforming on government contracts across the board.

  45. Long story short: corporate greed, lack of government oversight and cutting corners in goddamn AVIATION of all things killed 346 people. They should go bankrupt for this, hopefully they'll pay a lot to the victim's families

  46. People always seem to forget, these regulations are written in blood. They're there because some company knowingly did something that would put lives at risk because of profit.

  47. Boeing only have themselves to blame for their financial situation. I hope they go bankrupt and the FAA goes back to actually regulating.

  48. If the aircraft is unstable when in Autopilot mode switch off autopilot. In one confirmed case they had 40 seconds to turn it off before the aircraft was unrecoverable and didn't as they were distracted by errors on the screens. Also let us not forget that boeing is only doing what the customers (Airlines) demand of them. And another thing so your audience does not misunderstand your hype is that with every fault or issue the proceedure is that one person flys the plane and one goes thru fault check lists. They do not do this from memory they do they from a check list. They use these check list all the time for everthing flying anything every day every hour every minute on flights all over the world even your local private pilots does it.
    I hope that not all of your 233000 subs dont become dumber from this video.

  49. Every critical component on a commercial airplane should have redundancy, no exceptions. Having all these systems to correct for different thrust is stupid. Design the damn thing around the engines you are planning to use. Don’t band aid an old design with new engines and faulty software.

  50. great video nice info but i had to rewind like 70 times just because her voice is so monotone its hard to focus no offense maybe just a little bit more enthusiasm 🙂

  51. Great breakdown. My degree is in Aerospace Engineering and my specialty is controls which is exactly this design area. I knew all the information and mechanics behind the MCAS system but was unaware that is responded to only 1 AOA sensor. Every aircraft system I've seen has so many redundancies it's hard to believe they designed the system only around one sensor. And the fact that all automated systems are turned off if they turn off the MCAS system. I mean commercial aircraft are incredibly safe due to their design and fail safes but this is a fucking huge mistake on the controls engineer's part. This should have been addressed day one in a design meeting and never happened. Never mind trying to meet deadlines and get FAA approval. This could all be avoided with proper design review. Executives may make the asks and deadlines but this is some shitty engineering.

  52. This was very well done. It makes me so upset to hear the reasons for these devastating events. You all covered the story in a neutral and informative way. Thank you

  53. Great coverage as always… However, I'm really bothered by how frequently this video cuts from body, bust, face, illustration. Literally. After. Every. Sentence. Cut. Cut. Cut….. So many times every few seconds. Way more than usual. Anyone else notice/bothered by this?

    Edit: i noticed why this bothers me. It doesnt give me enough time to make "eye contact" before it jarringly changes where her eyes are again. Makes me dizzy trying to refocus to her eyes every few seconds. It's… Anxiety inducing.

  54. "Companies and Industries can totally self-regulate! They'd know not to cross moral lines and put people's safety first! It's not like when govenment oversight and regulations are relaxed, people will just roll back valuable checks for the sake of profit!!1!!"

  55. Well… Once more we see if you cut corners on safety and quality it's gonna come right back around to bite you in the ass. Boeing deservedly lost these billions and hopefully the FAA and other flight agencies have a closer look on this in the future.

  56. Boeing is a dishonest and stupid hierarchy of management and technical executives. Calhoun, the new CEO is another money grubbing ninny. I'm not sure if they really intend to try and recertify, or, if the return to service narrative is to try and keep the share price stable. The Max series is an inherently unstable design when certain power settings are applied. No auto trim application added as an afterthought, like MCAS, can compensate LONG TERM for such a dangerous and unstable aircraft. If its recertified there will be another crash, probably associated with pilot failure to apply forward stick becasue the application designed to prevent stall has now been modified almost to nothing. DO NOT TAKE YOUR FAMILY ON THE MAX, IT WILL CRASH!

  57. Most people have no idea what type of plane they are in. You do not know how many times somone told me they were in a 747. But yet when they described it was definitely not a 747.

  58. Sadly noone on top will get punished for this, no Government will let it happen, the Justice System really is the best system money can buy.

  59. Giving companies the ability to perform their own oversight is placing too much trust in people who have profit at the forefront of their mind. Also, the lack of communication about changes is something that is less likely to happen if oversight is handled by an unbiased party.

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