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January 22, 2020

Hi Dad! Hi. Can you switch the channel?
The movie is about to start. But I am watching the match on TV.
Can you not use your tablet? No, don’t you remember?
The Internet is down. Oh, I remember! We bought this Broadcast Hotspot, where you can
watch TV on your tablet without the Internet. How does that work? Let me show you! I just connect the RF antenna. I just plug in the Ehternet cable from my home WiFi. It is as simple as that! Wow!
It works! I am watching the same programme as you. And there is almost no delay! Now I can switch to my movie.
Thanks Dad! So how does it work? The broadcast signal arrives at the antenna. It is then split into multiple paths, to allow the handling
of more than one multiplex at the same time. The tuners receive the signal and select a particular frequency. The signal then goes via a USB hub to a microcomputer. The microcomputer receives the signal… ..and streams it over IP to the correct destination. The destination is reached via a WiFi network and
mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. The box is built with off-the-shelf components.
It costs a very modest amount. The design and software are Open Source. The box is based on the Sat-over-IP standard. It is compatible with any Sat-over-IP client. The Broadcast Hotspot allows streaming of
multiple channels at the same time. Additional services are supported, including
subtitles, Teletext and recordings. I don’t want to miss any of this! This match is so close! Great. Go on! Go on! Go ooon! YES!! If you want to know more about this project… ..or if you want to build your own Broadcast Hotspot… ..then visit EBU.IO

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  1. Interesante desarrollo. Veamos hasta donde progresa o si se queda solo en una experiencia de "laboratorio"

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