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  1. It's amazing how much he sounds like john. This is like new music from Beatles from the 70s. Gotta say I miss claypool from old heavy Primus though.

  2. This is rough to watch. It's a decent track, but not amazing, and it's desperately wishing it were on Magical Mystery Tour. Lennon can't get out of his dad's shadow, and I'm kind of tired of watching him try. Claypool is playing second banana and trying to serve the song, but he's hiding his light under a bushel and it's painful. I dunno anymore…

  3. Wow they just threw Crowley ISM in your face and made fun of outer space you people better pull your s*** together!!! Even Les Claypool doesn't fall for the Masonic jokes.

  4. Sean was gonna make or break it. His voice is always so smooth and dandy. Needs to be more bands like this. Back to basics

  5. I am more impressed with Sean's guitar playing than his singing…. but I gotta say… not too shabby of a song… and always great to see Les… bravo

  6. Love this!!  I can't stop listening to the album.  Sean's guitar work on this is awesome…he plays exactly what the song needs.  And Les is, well, he's Les :).

  7. This sound guy clearly had no idea how to level Claypool’s bass into the mix … the bass is holding down the rhythm for sure, but on the album track it also outlines and ornaments the melody line carried by the vocals, yet in this performance the bass is barely audible. Claypool’s backing vocal is also much too loud here: on the album track the backing vocal barely hints at which chord inversion the melody floats above, but here it’s mixed in like it’s part of a country song duet. Just terrible, terrible decisions being made by whoever mixed this performance, the song is barely recognizable — whoever engineered this basically obliterated everything good about the song and turned it into barely audible mud with two competing vocal lines ringing over it. This certainly won’t contribute to album sales. Honestly, if I were the artist I’d have demanded to hear the mix beforehand, and I’d for certain have refused to let a show air something this bad. 😕 I love Colbert’s Late Show, but whoever mixed this performance butchered it horribly.

  8. I swear I hear Sean's dad backing up when he sings "you better be careful boy" . I think they added it, or at least I hope they have?

  9. These guys stand for Satanism like the Grateful Dead stood for drug use. Actually, even MOREso.
    It's fitting that Colbert and CBS had them perform.

  10. contrived and utterly irrelevant consumable made for pandering to reality escapism

    even their costumes suck

    in a single word – lame

  11. Nobody got "Do what thou wilt. Love is the law" , the famous satanic sentence and "Mr. Aleister Crowley" the founder of the satanic church and the creator of that sentence?? Did anybody even read the lyrics???

  12. Gee…Trying to "compete" with John's vocals is everybody's nightmare, but his own son! A better mix could've at least made justice of what SL's sounds like 😈

  13. This is satanic Aleister Crowley is an evil man look into it this is the agenda that their trying to push open ur eyes people

  14. Sound is terrible. Low, damp, slightly distorted, and most of the time hollow. Why would anyone portray Les Claypool like this!? Fucking disaster!

  15. Oh Les, its a Nitro "Trucker" Hat, mesh for sweaty Restaurant….reason,,I did tear the patch off though. In case of a Cisco Foods Impliments, or well wear your chin beard to the Right on Clozaril Hemlock…that was a good show for 29.00 bucks at the Minneapolis State Theater! Nearly 4hrs including intermission, during Halucinogenetics tour. And Sawati, but the Sears Repairmen Water Engine looking Slime at Holiday in Pretended Closed in the off sale bar,,,couldn't get a settling agent! That was a great show size to volume, Quality!

  16. Great track but Lennon let the side down wearing a Scots DG peak cap. Everyone knows that any cavalry regiment don't show any signs of intelligence. Unless he was wearing it ironically?

  17. Damn, cutting the entire song to just 3 minutes must of hurt. It just doesn't have the same feel to it with that and so much censor in the lyrics. Damn it Colbert

  18. Weird I love Les and Primus but not into this. It’s like a Pink Floyd/King crimson fusion. Love the Beatles and John was a genius as is Les but this is a mismatch for me 😬.

  19. the magical Beatles/Oasis vibe. It is really magical and great. This is premium music. Rock N Roll might Not be Dead.

  20. Wow. John Lennons kid will be a manufactured star. Imagine no possessions SIC! Basically kinda lame. And did you see Colbert bow to him like Obama bowing to the Saudi Prince? Gross.

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