The Cup – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts
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The Cup – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

August 9, 2019

[Ambient Crowd Chatter] [Elevator Music] [Swoosh] [Swissh] What’s with the cup Eh, I figured I’d start bringing my own cups,
so I didn’t use the disposable ones. Makes you look like a dork though! Whatever, someone’s
gotta save the planet Hey look at me! . . . I’m saving the world with my rad cup!
[So much Sarcasm] Hey, c’mon man, ever little bit helps. Seriously? . . . What’s one cup going to do? [Rapid clicking]
[Blaring alarm] [Door Slam!] What’s happening! S-s-scientist! It’s the Earth Mr President . . . She’s in Maximum Pollution! All the centuries of
Litter, Waste, and Deforestation . . . It’s just too much! She’s gonna Blooooww! By God, we’re doomed! [Intense machine whirling!] This is it! [Building machine intensity!] Wait . . . It’s stabilizing! Something’s happening at Oregon. Get me the NSA! Putting you through now. [Phone to Ear swoosh!] [Phone noise wave stuff. idk] Medium coffee coming right up. Uhh… I brought my own cup actually. So how’s your coffee? . . . Saavviour of Humanity? [Sarcasm overload] Huh? [Presidential March Music] You boy. For your act of bravery today. We are truly in your debt. You have saved all of humanity. Let it forever be know, in our darkest time . . . Our only light, came from you. [Clapping applause] For your Literally incredible, act of valor . . . I bestow upon you, this Certificate of Bravery Gah. [Slow Motion]
Nooo… [Slow motion]
[Absolutely horrified screams] [Horrified screams, echoed through the ages] [Slow motion echoing screams]
[Building intense music] [Sudden silence . . ]. Pfft!!’

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  1. Just goes to show ya… no matter how hard we try to save this world, someone will be there to destroy it.

  2. ONE certificate. Man, the cyanide and happiness universe is a confusing place.

  3. That one piece of paper tho… What if the president didnt burn up so much kerosine getting there?

  4. Imagine how comforting it would be if the whole planet would explode at once and that's the way you'll go. Everyone would meet the same fate and nothing is left.

  5. If he was getting his coffee, and says “I brought my own cup”, and then drinks that means he came for no reason

  6. At 0:51  the tv is showing 99% critical, at next sec 0:52 it changes to 77 and then it again starts decreasing from 99 to 89 at 0:54. Why?

  7. Even tho this is funny …alot of people take it as meh….or that the garbage man will clean it but seriously…earth is just like us …we cant handle all of this pressure nethier the earth can…but who listens…..I find it funny how there are gonna be so much replies about this comment saying I'm right and these stuff….but I only see talking…not working

  8. 🌍Put the man in yellow vest in the cup?☕️💨👨🏽👩‍🔬

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