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THE DANGER ZONE | Clone Drone #1

September 2, 2019

*Wha-psh* Top o’ the mornin’ to ya, laddies! My name is JackSepticEye, and
welcome to a game called “Clone Drone in the Danger Zone” I love it already, just for how
rhymey and bouncy that name is. But to me… I don’t – I’ve already seen a little bit of it, but to me it looks like a “Robot Wars” kinda game. You get in as your little robot dude, and you have to fight other little robot dudes in the colisseum, It looks really cool! Okay, so don’t judge it too harshly right now. because, from what I’ve seen, it looks like shit’s about to go down. I don’t know what I’m supposed to be picking. Story mode? (Game) “Tamra Gamble.” Oookay, I’m Tamara Campbell, apparently… What is happening?! (Game) “Yes. They are 70 percent water.” (Game) “So selfish.” *chuckles* Ohh, okaay… So… Right! They’re fuckin’… Bang! Right into it! “How to play: WASD to move, Mouse1 to attack… A & D and Mouse 1, horizontal attack, Blocking happens automatically when swords collide” Ahh, okay. Okay, I get it. Right, so… Wait, what did I just do? I think I dodged. I don’t know how I did that. Hueh! Yaagh! NICE! (Game) “Victory.” Haha! Okay. (Game) “This human is doing well.” (Game) “Very much like a robot.” (Game) “But not enough like a robot.” (Game) “No. Not enough.” *Sword slices robot* NICE. It kinda reminds me of “Paint the Town Red”, in a way. (Game) Human. Please return to the elevator. Oh, I wasn’t supposed to kill you? Oh! Sorry! Um… So that’s what it is! You get in, and you fight robots, and I think it gets harder, and you fight different waves of them. It’s really cool! I don’t know if I get other weapons. (Game) In the next round, the human faces more than one sword robot. (Game) Yes. (Game) Who do you think will win, Analysis-Bot? (Game) Clearly it is better to have more robots.
The robots will win. *laugh* Oh, it’s so “Futurama”, like
“Rick and Morty” style. Like, Uhm, like FunnyBot, the guy who writes the jokes, or LaughBot, or… I can’t remember what his name is. Upgrade available! What can I upgrade to? Oooooooh! Extra life – Create a clone that takes over when you die. CLOOOONE DROOOONE. I can get a jetpack, I can get a BOW. Energy Blocking unbalances opponents. Block Arrows Kick. Uh… Motherfuckin’ bow, please! Oww! Equip bow, equip sword. Nice. Not enough energy. Ohhhhh…. No, that’s gonna be bad. So, my human’s name is Tamra Gamble. I’m age 31, My favorite – Wait, I have to do it as, (as a gameshow announcer)
Tamra Gamble! Age 31! Favorite color, Red! Occupation: Power station supervisor! Tamra, come on down!! Thanks, guys! Thanks! Crowd cheering your name, appreciate it! Hi, I’m Tamra! I’m 31, I’m from… I’m from Queens. What the fuck – Oh, crap. Oh crap. Uegh! Fuck! Okay! Shit just got real! WAAAAUGH! Can they run into this? YEEEEES! Step right into my dojo! You fuckin’ keep dodging my bow! I don’t like that! Okay, I’m very scared! *screams* ’cause it’s very easy to die! Aaah, I got ’em! (Game) VICTORY. I got both in one slice! (Game) I like this contestant. (Game) Let’s hope it does not die horribly in the next battle. Thank you! Thank you! This game is cool! Take away the pieces. Thank you! ‘Preciate it. (Game) Human. Please return to the elevator. I really wish I could sprint. Or something Okay. Huah! Okay, that just goes straight in. I had to see if there was drop on it. Nice Hopefully you can get TWO swords! (game)” What can you tell us about our next challege Comment-a-tron?” (game) “i was going to ask you that” (game) “do not evade the question!” (game) “robots with bows, archer robots” (game) “very good, let us watch the human interact with arrows” *acting like commentator* Ehe, arrows. Yeah, robots with bows. *giggles* So, the next one I actually have to get There’s other robots with bows. Right. Okay. My arrow width, A jetpack, I feel like I might need a clone… ..this time NIIIIIIIIIIIIICE *in background* “did you know that most humans have no clone backups?” *other commentator replies* “what about twins?” (game) “they don’t act as replacements when one of them dies.” *laughing* (game) “then what are they good for?” “i’m not sure” *more laughter* (in robot voice) “Humans don’t have a clone replacement.” OH, they all have bows! ooooooh! I didn’t even get em? Ah come on! Right f*cking hell music! WHAA-U! HA! Get em, Get em, Get em! Nice! I hit you and you’re not dead?? Oh, This- now your f*cking dead cause your blade gotch-AH-a!. Jesus! Niice. Keep it f*cking rollin’ Keep it- wHAT THE? You’re not dead? Ah, s*it. They don’t die in one slice! That’s really bad for me! Ok, now you have to be dead, your head is split in half! Ha! HA! I got this *slicing sound* i got this i got this just keep- Keep on a-slicin’! *rattle noises* Uue, eh, ah ow, f*ck Can I hit him?! Okay, hes- he’s in the saw blace he’s gonna die anyway. EH! Your arm came off! NICE! it’s like killing droids with a lightsaber, it’s fucking awesome Hyeh, DAHHHHHHHHHHHhhhh! Don’t know how I killed ya, but I’ma chop you into tiny little pieces! *in background* “I was pretty sure it was going to die.” *in reply still in background* “well, now we get to see it fight more robots.” *background* “maybe later it will die.” *giggle* I hate you guys, shut up! (game) “human, please return to the elevator” (whispered) God I aAAAAM Leave me alone- Thank you worker bots! ‘preciate ya! A-woo! A-woo! (game) “what are some good tactics for fighting both archers and sword robots?” (game) ” do not turn your back on the archers” (game) “it only take one arrow to kill you” (game) “good advice for the human” Wha- No jokes? No- No witty remarks? They actually gave me decent advice this time. Okay! I can do this! I- I- I can kill everything! Uh, block, arrows, unbalance, Energy capacity, Energy capacity! Cause that way I can fire more arrows. Ha-bew! Ah-bew! See? TWO Arrows, but it takes ages to recharge. But at least I get two arrows oh- fff I shouldn’t have done that. I shouldn’ta done that. Uh oh. EH! YAAA Sons of bitches. Oh I chopped his arm off! Nice! Now you get nothing ta- No legs to stand on Oh, christ. ‘Kay I need to kill you first. NOO! hup yah! yeh geh Did I get em? Did I get em? No, oh f*** there’s more archers over to the side I didn’t realize. ok ahhh- geh! Nice! I kill them! Eh! Get ’em! Did I kill him? Hopefully, ok. Sword bros are easy to handle, look at this guy. Aww, I feel so bad for him. HAAH! I feel bad for him if I de oh ah eh Didn’t HHup Dah! Oh, you’re not dead! Niice! (in the background) victory! *deep voice* Victory. (game) “the next fight would not be so easy” Are you sure about that? Cause I’m kicking ass over he- Ow! Are you not entertained? Aww, I can’t kill them. (game) “human, please return to the elevator” Eh- Havin all of them watch me and in the Colosseum and everything and sayin’ that That reminded me of the time I played o’er Not Overwatch, OverGROWTH (game) ” for our next challenge, we have a special guest” (game) “who is it?” (game) you’re about to find out ooooOOOOOoooo. OOOOOOOOOHHHH! oh kay! What do I need next? Maybe a jet pack? *lip click* Ahh, energy capacity, no I’m- energy capacity all the way, and energy RE-charge is next! Until I feel like I’m actually going to lose a life, I’ll keep my clone there. Then I’ll get another one when I actually do die. Do die do die do die die. (game) “look to the sky! The emperor, arrives” What the f*ck Oh, god. (game) “fellow robots, i have come to oversee the human experiment” (game) “as we speak, the Harvesting Fleet is travelling towards the closest human outpost” Jesus christ… (game) “we will harvest their minds and destroy their bodies!” (game) “in the meantime, let us watch this human get torn apart by our lastest combat robot!” This is kinda creepy! Also, I can change the orientation of my arrow. (in the background) i gave you Spider-Tron 5000 *crashing sound* Oh, god Oh, god. This is- I hate it! I don’t like it at all! Hyuh! Nice. Okay. Okay. Cool. Cool. I- I wanna kill you guys. Nice! Nihice! Fouck em up! Is he dead? No He-d Fuckin ninja! Woah! Holy shit! Okay! Ehh! YEAAAH! Oh, that makes me feel good! It’s not tha- It’s not that HARD. But it’s cool! I wanna get a jetpack! I wanna fly around! I wanna fly around as an everybody. (game) “sword robots!” (game) “Yes, these guys can knock your sword aside” (game) “let’s see how the human deals with this” Oh no, they can knock your sword aside- What did he call them? Energy recharge, yeah. Let’s get that. So now I can fire arrows fff I can fire more arrows And my thing recharges super fast Niii-, well not SUPER fast. I would- I would like it to be a bit faster. Oh, shit Oh shit. Oh, shit Ahh, this might be where I die! EEH! Shit shit, shit Okay, lead them- YES Lead them in to the FEELS! WOoo These guys look like me actually. NIIICE! I haven’t even had to do anything HUH! Fuck you, and ehh, fuck you! Oh, shit! Oh, He blocked! He blocked! *screams* Oh fu- Ah fu- AHHHIIII chopped your fucking leg off Eeehhhh riiiii Right through your face! Right through your face! HEaaahhhh Thank you. I coulda- (game) “this human is not terrible at fighting robots!” Arrow width would be good, i mean these are good as well. But arrow width would be good. *thinking* And so would jet pack. Kick? I guess so. Block arrows, block arrows, unbalance, good form, recover from being unbalanced. ehh Jetpack! Let’s get a jetpack! Shift to activate my jetpack. Got it. WOAH It fires me forward? AHH! It I- I don’t like it! Ohhh shit. OOH shit okay OH I GOT HIM! Deh! Right in the red, Right in the red, Get em! Ahh, fuck Eyyeh So everything fucking shares the same energy? God dammit. OOOKAY This is gettin quite hard all of a sudden. EEH! Yess! That fucking son of a bitch is outta the way. HYEH Ni hi hice! I sliced his head in half! DYEH! [unintelligible] Wait for my elite skills bro! Wait for it! Witness me! Nice! Right Let’s go with a fucking sword on these bastards. Look at you guys! Thinkin you’re all that and a bag of chips. Ohh you ain’t hot shit though! You ain’t hot shit like Jackaboy! DYAAAAOWWWW! FINISH HIM! You only have one leg. awwww huhouh Fuck you! (in the background) victory! (game) “Analysis-bot, didn’t you say that Spider-Tron 5000 could not be defeated?” (game) ” The human has find a way. We must start research on Spider-Tron 6000!” Yeah, cause I’m awesome dudes. (game) “Analysis-bot, what can you tell me of the Mark 3 Combat Archers?” (game) ” they are the lastest archer model, they had the A-I. the most accurate aim…” *chuckles* (game) “… and the highest speed” (game) “this does not bode well for the human challanger” (game) ” i would advice running away, but not in a straight line” *laughter* They called it “Aye” intead of “AI” it was “Aye” Okay! Let’s get ready for this Uh oh. They look like Mettaton. Oh I got em! I got the dude in the back! What? Wasn’t even aiming at you. Oh yes! Uh oh. Uh-oh uh-oh EYH! Deh! I’m just firing random arrows now to try and hit them hopefully. Oh, christ. Uuuh- th-the enemy, -he has his friend! Oh, you’ve giant arrows though. AND you’ve a sword! Whatafuck! Get away from me! NOOOOOOOOOO! The clone has to fight the same dudes? Oh. Eyh! Di-eee HHHYEH! Come on bring it. Bring it, bitch. what’cha got? Ain’t got SHIT! You ain’t got shit! You ain’t got shit on meee *clanging metal* HAAAAAAAAH! (in the backgorund) Victory! KILL (game) “the human defeated the Mark 3 Combat Archers!” Sure did. (game) “this is a talented human” Hell yeah I am. Most talented human you’re ever gonna see, ya damn analysis bot. An- -Commentate o’ tron. (game) “an overwhelming number of sword robots” (game) “quantity is sometimes better than quality” (game) “indeed” O-kay, I’mma give this a try, with arrow width. Since there’s a lot of sword dudes, I’m gonna try and- Well first off, I’mma try and use the environment to my advantage. That’s what a good warrior would do. *banging sound* Ok, I can’t ’cause there are no things. I’m gonna try and line them up. Hyeh! Fack! Oookay, I’m outie bitches! See ya later! WOOOOO! Okay, gonna turn around like that. Hyeh! Hyeh! Am I not killing anybody? Sons of bitches! AHYE got someone on there! Oh, someone has half a head, don’t they? Eyugh! YEESSS Got another one. I’m just gonna run around in circles. Hello, all the people! How are things going? There’s a big ship in the sky. NIIICE EYH! YESS Right across the face! OHHH! Critical Annihilation, that’s another game that this reminds me of. The, the way the character models work. Nice. See, you gotta bait them. Gotta bait them. He’s gonna jump, Jump! Ah- EYH! No more jumps for you. Aww, this guy only has one leg. HAAAAAAH! Now you got no legs! Freebie! (game) “how many sword robots do you think this human could defeat?” (game) “we have seen it beat 8” (game) “-it is logical to assume that it could continue beating a steady stream of this model” *laugh* (game) ” I think it’s time for more advanced challenger” Like who? We’re going into wave ten. We’ll do wave ten and see what it is- Umm. Hi! Aww. Those guys were cute. I was hoping that I could actually fire an arrow at those guys. Can I fire an arrow at the king? Will it do something? No. That would be a nice little easter egg. If you fire something at them. And all of a sudden THEY came down to fight you. (in the background) “please return to the elevator” I just did, shut up! (game) “sometimes quality is better than quantity” (game) “the next battle will be one to tell our future versions about” Okay. For this, I’m gonna- i gonna have to be boring and get a clone. (computer) clone created Wait, it said I had clone- (game) “now more versions of this human will die” (game) “perhaps they will die in different ways” (game) “we shall see” It said I had clone 1. And getting that was clone 2. So it doesn’t reset if my clone dies? Oh I guess my clone hasn’t died. I’m playing as the clone. What’s- what’s going on? Why is this guy wave 10? OH! That’s why! Oh no! Dyeh! Oh balls balls balls I’m scared. Ooh, god. Ahh! RUN! AAAAH *scream* NOO No! AGHHHH! Son of a bitch, it took off my leg! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *heartbreak* Oh, my little robot dude! Do-did I get anything? Uh, I want, i want more energy. Shit man! Right, so let’s see if I can fire at his legs. Oh shit- He just blocks them all! Eyh! NOooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Didn’t you say- *whispers* Son of a bitch! (game) annihilate! (game) destroy! (game) that is a good song (game) i like the sentiment *laughs* Didn’t you say that if I stood still, That I blocked- I guess he deflected my sword away. Damnit! Oh, man! Do I really restart, at the beginning? Aww, I don’t want to! Age 69, and a Craft upholsterer? *cough* AHHH (game) do you think this human will do better? (game) the body is the same, the mind is new (game) if this mind know how to fight, it may succeed (game) we shall see Oh wait, I only have to fight one dude. I thought this was- Is this? This isn’t like the really hard dude, is it? No. Not at all. I’ma chop him into tiny pieces. Sorry, I’m making your job harder. Umm. Ok! Well I’m gonna leave this episode of- (in the background) please return to the elevator I Get it Can you please leave me alone? I’m gonna leave this episode of *cough cough* Clone Drone here. *cough* This game is awesome! I’m really liking this! I’m gonna try it again. (game) in the same way you eat an elephant, you slice em into small pieces! Why would you eat an elephant? Elephants are lovely! Um, I’m gonna try this again. Hopefully, I’ll get further than last time. I like how the robot just looks like he’s dancing. Are you doing the robot? Haha. Umm I-I’m looking forward to seeing where this game goes. Hopefully they update it. Like frequently. Cause I’d like to see more upgrades and It would be cool to have- I don’t know. *gasp* Why didn’t I combine? I could have combined my jetpack with my sword swipes! I didn’t think about that. Tactics! I’d like to see this become almost like a multiplayer thing. Or even just a lot more upgrades and can add to your character and- Just a lot more robots- OH there’s so much potential for this it’s really cool! Anyway! Thank you guys so much for watching this episode. If you liked it, PUNCH THAT LIKE BUTTON IN THE FACE LIKE A BOSS! AND high fives all round Wa-psh! Wa-psh! Thank you guys and I will see all you dudes… (in higher pitch) IN THE NEXT VIDEO! *outro music* nice flute music its baby making music right there

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  1. I downloaded that game and meanwhile i was addicted from that game i will, play more tomorrow so addicting!!!

  2. I have been saying Quality over Quantity for so damn long….NOW EVERYONE WILL SAY I STOLE IT FROM THIS GAME!

  3. Anybody 2019? Also anybody find out that the green robot sounds like purple sheep from Exploding TnT?

  4. Petition to give this game a battle royale in the same arena with the same killing tactics and every round you play is until a certain number of players are dead before you are all teleported to individual upgrade rooms to have 1 upgrade per person you killed. Start with 3 upgrades

  5. Jack can u please play more of this game I enjoy watching u kick arse like a boss!!!! (I’m Irish btw ??)



    sorry it’s 6am, no sleep and I go on rants

  8. Guy on wave 10: deflects arrow
    Jack: Fires other arrows

    Guy on wave 10: delfects other arrows

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