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August 17, 2019

Hi everybody how’s it going? Welcome back to Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 for more superhero action. Man I cannot wait to
get back into this game and play on I’ve been so excited to play more. The
beginning was amazing and we are going to oh that was nice we are going to go
and he is our job sorry no no I’ll be there don’t worry I’ll be there yes. So
we’re gonna do Peter Parker’s day job I guess is it Doc Connors I guess it
probably is right on this stage we’re later in spider-man story so it’s not
gonna be working at a Daily Bugle and so let’s go over there web-swinging is so
cool isn’t it and look how amazing this game looks it looks just great oh just
like the little sort of oh my days the little the little flips and everything
is so nice look at that that is majestic isn’t it sorry guys you’re gonna have to
part with me just talking absolute nonsense about this game just because of
how big of spider-man fan I am like the moment I saw the sort of reveal trailer
for this I just couldn’t wait to play it and so far is living up to all the
expectations that I had and also I was looking through the menus and stuff and
we can get loads of skills we’ve got missions characters we’ve got BIOS moves
DLCs I haven’t got that yeah so much here look what are these things that
things so I’m knock and you get XP there is so much to do in this game it looks
great alright let’s open the store anyway I’m waffling and we’re gonna go
to our other job our day job as some sort of lab
assistant I am guessing if it’s anything like fee I don’t know if it’s based on
the comics this game or whether it’s a standalone story so anyway there’s Peter
Parker I wish Doc Ock is it well dr. Octavius I
think he is yeah Otto Octavius it’s fine you can’t man oh it’s malfunctioning now
is this when he’s gonna become Doc Ock saved her later well some fire it’s
being zapped he’s no cock yet that’s good of course ps4 sounds it’s gonna take off
that’s like jet engine this this game takes a lot of power which is if you can
hear it where and see there’s nothing I can do about it it doesn’t smell very
positive I assure you in the next phase let’s not get ahead of ourselves is there somewhere else we can discuss
this some way too smokey maybe you should take the rest of the off Peter
but we’ll talk later Reni been here for five minutes already
getting sent home easy day work well work was oh I know
dogs check on the prosthetic arm okay let’s have a look let’s test it all
right bad shape no guy well it’s pretty cool let’s see what’s wrong with you
what’s this repair the prosthetic arm oh cool Octavius industries nice diagnostics test reports following
servo control path damaged connect servo mojito fail power voltage control fail
press X to continue okay power control for the arm is damaged to press X to
continue even here to do the pre checkup record this create a connection between
the green start piece in the orange end piece okay how come you oh no we can’t rotate the
existing ones okay so want to use one of these I guess and rotate it and then we
want to use another one of those and rotate it then we want to use one of
these ones can we rotate no that’s locked it’s okay so the ones it gives
you a locked I suppose oh and that’s locked as well so we can’t
put one there I see I see so this is a nice and easy puzzle isn’t it because
this obviously this star doesn’t want to make it too hard there we go component
repaired press X to continue okay another one some circuit pieces only
allow connections from specific directions oh I see so that’s got to go
through that way around right but we can’t so we don’t want to go straight
down we want to go down and round this and then round so we want to see so like
that and we want to put that one in then we want I think the bottom one yep and
then we won that one again and then a left one oh hang on how the hell does that work unless we okay that’s unless we gotta take that
out huh unless we we can’t go straight down can we unless we can let’s try that
let’s just try going straight down maybe we don’t have to go through that one
just because it’s there I assumed because it was there we would have to go
through it that maybe not and then we want to go this one oh no we need that
one again can we rotate that no it’s stuck okay
let’s let’s think about this hang on we can’t move that right it’s risky it’s
gonna have to be that one then it’s gonna have to be that and then that one
is gonna have to be that one not that one sorry the other one yeah that one I
don’t we need oh I’ll see there’s a spare one
one that doesn’t matter right okay I get it while it was really stupid of me
wasn’t it apologies guys sometimes I’m really
stupid so that one goes there Wow okay I’m really silly sometimes okay
next I wasn’t looking at that extra piece one idiot I bet you’re all
shouting your screens only you already set the power voltage can trouble you
also need to me is charge requirement some certain pieces provide a positive
or negative charge I literally don’t know I’m doing here is that right okay so that’s not oh okay I haven’t got
enough footage right okay I see so we want to put that no hang on
that wasn’t the one I wanted I already get this let’s start again so we have to
make it a certain voltage don’t we so it’s going on – it so there that’s not
gonna work is it yes okay so go to three okay I’ll get I get it now
I’ve learned how we do it so that should yeah they’re all successes now so
complete uploading schematic – arm cool see if that worked
let’s the prosthetic arm it’s not too bad once you get the grip of it Wow okay
this is working properly now look at that it’s pretty cool you can control it
know what has been testing new materials for the prosthetics spectrograph
stations circuit projects are now available in the lab okay so we can just
do some circuit projects Emily can we drink some coffee god bless that
grant money we can okay what’s this over here today’s the day grant review who we’re
ready the work has progressed at a remarkable pace I honestly never thought
we’d get the tinsel actually weighted back to an acceptable tolerance but
Parker the boy has an eye for guerrilla science like none other just as I was
ready to order a custom machine replacement part he returned from the
hardware store with a bottle of solvent chronically late genius it’s already ten
after where is he surely he couldn’t have forgotten
today’s review sorry I let you down doc yeah unfortunately the life of a
superhero is a complex one um so what’s this then use the specter graph
analyzing unknown substance found that was just a new contact material for the
process that ago so identify the unknown substance by its absorption spectrum use
fragments of the unknown substance that try to match up the absorption lines in
the spectrum okay do we just literally pick them up and drop them in place the
fragment into an available slot and try to match up the absorption lines okay and then like that that was pretty easy I guess these are
like tutorials hydrogel polymer composites there’s a lot of impedance to
keep looking for other materials okay exit the lab okay Oh additional projects
are available now so I guess we can do those it’s like a side mission or
something where they all have keeps the snacks doctor they just literally on the
same he’s I think we’ve got samples of every type of prosthetic in existence
what’s this our first volunteer subject Lance
Corporal texador lost his arm overseas and now just wants
to hug his daughter again Osprey sad isn’t it what’s this over
here it’s light I need stuff over here as well true dr. Octavius is optimism
has ever been shaken this is confident I don’t know how you do those other things
like the other puzzles and stuff and I can’t really see where you do them today
I guess we’re leaving maybe we can come back later and do them or something time
to go home now I suppose well that was a short day at work wasn’t it a couple of
puzzles to solve on the computer and then straight home because dr. Octavius
decided to set the lab on fire it’s not every day you get to go home work so
quickly guess we’re off web-swinging oh there we
go 250 XP not enough to love a lot spider-man Yuri make it to Rikers yet
not Rikers our boy qualifies for the VIP treatment he’s in the raft rough day
winning scorpion electro and the rest she’s to be honored that’s a steam
company those guys skill set for you Yuri anything I’m on my way okay so
looks I’ve got go there do we have anything else or is that literally it
under the missions yeah that is it I wonder when we start unlocking side
missions and things maybe that happens later on maybe we’re in still like in a
sort of tutorial thing keeping the peace okay let’s go you head over to that probably nothing spider-man threat or
Menace within 24 hours of our broadcast you’ll get an autograph copy no extra
charge spider-man whoa name crap maybe an award-winning yeah soon I care
about I like someday yeah someday I like how
it plays little things like that while your web swing into places just to fill
the silence a little bit quite cool I love Jay jonah Jameson anyway is a great
character so here we go let’s meet Yuri when you come up here that I need a
break from their crap nice fair enough so why’d you call need a date to the
policeman’s ball you got a black and white suit no ball this year anyway yeah
we spent too much integrating Oscorp surveillance tech worth it though right
it was wonder if you have a suits in this game this one’s a good day every
tower bad huh you tell me someone sabotaged the central server and now all
the towers are offline inside job maybe I’ll figure it out
later right now we need to get the towers back online fast and you called
me oh that’s sweet I called someone I could trust plus the
signals are scrambled and we have no idea how to fix it whew I love a
challenge you break it you buy it I thought you
trusted me hmm okay look at this tower it’s for a pellet or yeah the suits
looking a bit I’ve been shifted bit battered up isn’t it and it’s not hang
on we’re gonna do here I’ll match the wavelengths okay cool it’s not the suit
on the cover either is it so I’m guessing we’ll get that sure but just so
you know I had to sync up with the tower to fix it I’m seeing all crime data in
the area now Oh breaking happening near me great don’t bother I’m on it press
all free to track crimes in progress oh cool Oh what I see so those tower things
are a bit like the whole viewpoint things in Assassin’s Creed war look how
big this is wow it’s massive let me go over here
onto these bits I don’t know anyway see yeah that’s what those things are then
so you have to guess activate them in each district and then you can see any
crimes going on that’s quite cool I like that there you go here’s a crime let’s
take a look at this hello well you guys did not very well kid out
for this job are you tracksuits balaclavas in a crowbar anyways with
melee weapons block but vulnerable to air launches are icy so if they’ve got
melee weapons they can block interesting adds a nice little well how often there
get out does that or dads lay it and nicely dynamic to our guests makes it so
you can’t just you know beat the hell out of everyone
whoa I took some serious damage there hello
so all of them is well we stopped to break in and we get a little bit of XP
and stuff and a crime token spider spider cop okay so you get like tokens
whatever they are crime tokens and you can spend it on stuff can you can you
spend on these no can we spend it on these maybe I don’t know we’ll figure
out I guess maybe we’ve got to do this a little bit first my guys going by foot
today good see you remember friendly neighborhood spider-man
don’t listen to Joe Jana Jameson it’s for the crap yeah back off creep why
it’s the same guy again innit let’s pretend the same tracksuit in balaclava
and there is again I know he’s wearing cargo shorts with it Webb strike these
brutes will block your melee attacks use webs and throw balls okay so it’s all
it’s starting to get a new dynamic now oh oh holy crap how did we do that thing where we
through web eni’s face that was pretty cool oh crap we are taking a fair bit
damage here what the hell I thought oh wait okay so he’s a bit like Fisk Finn
in that he can’t be here unless he’s been webbed up whoa okay I mean I’ve got
quite a Hard difficulty so is he down don’t try to escape me still
huh no okay he’s down oh crap how do we do with this save the house before time
runs out use L to aim at a target and then press
r1 to disarm them whoa that is pretty cool oh don’t you go you son of a gun oh
I knew Jameson was wrong about you yeah spread the word have you got somewhere
to go I could take care of myself good because
I haven’t gone you a few to stay oh yeah Center Z nice guy the feasts of charity
they got the best wheat cakes in the city hands down well some weekend he
goes I haven’t had any a long time I’ll check it out thanks spider guy
spider-man spider-man well he said it could should be able to spot the next
Tower from up there okay cool this is really cool
get to a higher vantage point I think we’ll leave it there guys that seems
like a good place to end but yeah this is really cool the little street crimes
and stuff isn’t it as well as the main missions I’m really loving this it
reminds me a bit of the spider-man 2 game on ps2 which I absolutely loved
when I was a kid well a teenager I guess but yeah it reminds me a lot of fat and
I have a really good fun with this so far but that it’s going to do it for
this episode so as always thank you very much for watching if you enjoyed the
video click on that like bub you really does have a channel to grow so I do
appreciate it make sure you hit that subscribe button
and the notification benefit you or just haven’t already done so and I’ll see you
all next time

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  1. The electrical puzzles are very unique. I can't think of another game that does something like that. Guys in tracksuits with crow bars, they're probably just out for an afternoon stroll.

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