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The Decision – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

August 22, 2019

– Hey, Honey? – Hmm…? – Can we talk? – Sure.
What’s up? – I was just thinking and uh… …do you wanna have kids? – Where did this come from? What’s on your mind? – I was just thinking, I guess. We’re at that age where we
should come to a decision, right? – (sighs) Right,
I agree. I mean… do you…
want kids? – I don’t know. I mean, on one hand,
kids are such a handful but– – But they can also be, like, the most
important thing in a parent’s life. – Right! That’s exactly
what I was about to say! Then again,
the world is crazy out there. – (chuckles) You can say that again. With everything going on,
it’s a dangerous world out there. – It’s true. Plus if we didn’t have kids, you and I could focus on
our goals and each other! – Do you think we’re…
you know… ready? – To be honest? I don’t think so. – (sighs) Yeah. You’re right.
Maybe we shouldn’t have kids. – [jokingly] Yeah, like we make
good parents anyway. We are way too irresponsible. – [jokingly] We could never be good parents, not with the way you drink! – (chuckles) Exactly! – [normally] So…
it’s decided then? – [normally] Yeah. Yeah, I guess it’s decided. We don’t want kids. Alright,
you heard her! [threateningly] GET THE FUCK
(ball bounces) ♪♪ – Hey, sweetie? Do you think we’re ready for a dog? (dog whines) – Hello there.
My name’s Dave. – Hi, I’m Rob. – We’re from Cyanide
and Happiness. – We’re gonna be on
streaming ourselves. – Wednesday, September
the fourteenth. – Three PM CST. The link is in the description. – IT’S RIGHT THERE! – We’re gonna be answering
all your questions, sketching horrible things, jerking off.
(both laugh) On Follow the link in the description
if you wanna download the app. – Did you get that?

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  1. Holy shit I actually figured one out before the ending! My success rate is super low so I'm feeling great right now lol

  2. Oh my god that came out of nowhere!!!!! Still remains my favourite C&H short ever. Just by how long is subverts our expectations, and then that TWIST😂😂😂😂

  3. I knew it, I knew that they would already have kids that they were going to throw out, or that they were going to leave them

  4. Oh Goodness. Those are two crochet hooks, not knitting needles, but they're being used as knitting needles.

  5. I thought they were going to adopt some children not take them away omg that is the worst😲😲😲😲😲

  6. I genuinely thought they were going to make kids anyway, their demeanor was so suggestive. But then the twist happened. 😮

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