The Extreme Science of Flyboarding
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The Extreme Science of Flyboarding

August 11, 2019

[THEME MUSIC] I’m Dr. North,
traveling the world, kicking down doors, giving
you backstage access to the next big thing while
it’s still– “In The Making.” For this episode, I’m in
Austin, Texas, for South by Southwest, making
friends, getting in trouble, and looking for
that next big thing. Smells like bacon. The coolest thing
I’ve uncovered? Flyboarding. Is it a new sport in
the making, or is it some weird cross between
a hover board and Zohan? I We’re off to Lake Travis
to meet 15-year-old Jake Orel and try it out. And how many horsepower’s
your Jet Ski? I’ve got 255 with
a special impeller. A rough estimate would probably
be maybe 320-ish, I’d say. 320 horsepower shooting
out from your feet? Yep. That sounds crazy. Yeah, it’s pretty insane. The sport is always
evolving and changing. Like, in the first
World Cup, people weren’t even doing backflips. And then the one I competed
in, everyone from the top eight up was pretty much
doing double backups too. So the conversation
that’s going through is that someone’s going to throw
a triple at the next World Cup. The most popular ones are really
backflip, double, forward dive, backward dive, corkscrew. And then there’s a
kind of a different way of a corkscrew where you go
down, you grab your board, and you just try to
spin as fast as you can. What’s the one where
you go across like this? Slalom. Slalom. Jake started swimming
underwater at six months of age. He became certified
scuba diver at 11. And he started
flyboarding at 14. This is just a wacky sport. You buy the board, which comes
with a 180-degree elbow that snaps on. And that hooks up to
through a 60-foot fire hose. It hooks up to the board itself. And the water goes
straight from the Jet Ski into the hose, not the board. And strap up and go. Jake’s tracking a lot here. He’s got the thrust of the
water coming out from his feet. He’s got the weight
of the hose including the water in the hose. And he’s got his own
body weight to manage, not to mention the Jet Ski
that he’s towing around. And let me tell you,
Jake makes it look easy. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh. This is pretty hard. Flyboarding– super-fan,
definitely hard. Is it a sport in the making? What do you think? Share in the comments,
and click Subscribe to see the next big thing while
it’s still– “In The Making.” [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. What an exciting look into the future, and to think it's accessible to a hobbyist now.   Cool stuff

  2. I predict future firefighters will hook their hoses up to flyboards and use them to take on 6th+ story blazes, maybe that's next episode

  3. Ive always wanted to try this. Hopefully its affordable for common people some day! Liked and subscribed:)

  4. We at H2RO Magazine know that we are home to the most exciting sports in the world. Flyboarding and now Hoverboarding are blowing up and young Pros like Jake are pushing them to new heights everyday! Great Episode In the Making.

  5. It looks super fun.  I priced it, and just the flyboard is about $5k.  Then you have to get your own jet ski on top of that.  So much for me starting that.  😛

  6. this was really cool I have always wanted to try this and I think its like and new thing it should definitely be a sport be for it gets old. Thanks

  7. I am a flyboard instructor up in lake tahoe. I wouldnt say its a sport in the making but maybe a high end hobby. Considering the set up minues the jetski is 5 – 7 grand. 

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