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  1. Mostly because the QE can’t launch anything else… sooooo…

    Helicopters sure, but any ship can do that, and harriers are pretty outdated.

  2. Such a shame how far down british has become since signed on with e.u…you once were a great nation,you must build up your army,navy,ect..asap..the e.u. is never gona let your money are supporting the whole of europe!! They will never allow you your freedom without a fight.what made your leaders at that time ever think could trust germany again??they started both world wars&seem getting ready for next one..I pray you can build yourselves up again.

  3. It was time for the United Kingdom to have an efficient naval projection. Remember the juggling Vulcan attacks in the Falklands War.

  4. RUBBISH. Worst Aircraft ever for RAF or Navy. Can't carry as much as F15, 18 can't loiter, one engine (over sea) can't dogfight, has never reached operational standards or lasted estimated engine/airframe/cockpit life. Oh yes , at $.82 Billion well you wouldn't have hungray kids, failed NHS in UK. GO POODLE BRITIAN!

  5. Such a wast of people's taxes. That could be much better employed for science, education, infrastructure and the NHS, to benefit the ciuntry and it's comunity!!

  6. I must say the test mule makes the Aussie flag pop. Turkeys too, where the USA and uk flag are hard to see 😜. It’s like someone involved with ANZAC cove did the decals lol

  7. This is why "cancelling the F-35" was never a simple option. The U.K. is relying on its development even more than the U.S. military services.

  8. It’s a good plane for what it’s intended for and will fit in with the new Air dominance fighters for the U.S. Air Force and navy and other Allied 6th Gen fighters,keep in mind it’s a strike fighter not an Air superiority fighter….

  9. I really love this plane, I don't really care about the hate around it. Look into details, it's not over priced and it's also a multirole fighter so I see many people comparing it in 'apple vs oranges' situations.

  10. The f35 is garbage. Its a waste of money. I bet the typhoon could beat it. The f22 should have been the future for america.

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