The Fly (1986) Trailer [HD] – David Cronenberg
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The Fly (1986) Trailer [HD] – David Cronenberg

January 14, 2020

I think you’re making a mistake. I think you
really want to talk to me. Sorry, I have three other interviews to do
before this party is over. Yeah but they aren’t working on something
that’ll change the world as we know it. They say they are.
Yeah, but they’re lying There is a limit even to the imagination.
Human Teleportation. Molecular decimnation, breakdown and reformation is inherently purging.
Where our greatest creations meet our deepest fears.
Something went wrong Seth. When you went through, something went wrong.
You are about to go beyond that limit. Those weird hairs that were growing out of
your back, I haven’t analysed. But they were definitely not human.
If you saw how scared and angry and desperate he is.
I’m sure Typhoid Mary was a very nice person too when you saw her socially.
No! You’re afraid to be destroyed and recreated,
aren’t ya? You’re changing Seth, everything about you
is changing. Oh no, What’s happening to me and I dying?
I want to know what’s going on. What does the disease want?
It wants to turn me into something else. Oh no.
A fly got into the transmitter pod me that first time when I was alone.
Don’t go back to him. It could be contagious.
I’m afraid! Don’t be afraid!
No, be afraid, be very afraid. Scream
Help Me. Please, help me. The Fly

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