The Flying Melon: Creole and Southern Cuisine in Okracoke | North Carolina Weekend | UNC-TV
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The Flying Melon: Creole and Southern Cuisine in Okracoke | North Carolina Weekend | UNC-TV

February 14, 2020

– [Male Narrator] You
wanna get in line early at Flying Melon. The restaurant’s offering of
Creole and Southern Cuisine, fresh local seafood, and a uniquely beautiful
space in which to enjoy it, is a big hit with local
islanders and vacationers alike. – This is one of the finest
restaurants on the island. And, that’s why
we’re here. [laughs] I’m having the
special the tilefish with that shrimp etouffee and it’s wonderful. – I had two lump crab cakes. The service is fantastic. And the food is superb. And the place is beautiful. – I come to this
restaurant multiple times when I come out
here, so we love it. It’s one of those kinda places
you can kinda feel at home. It’s a really cool building. If you look at this, it’s crazy how cool
they’ve built this place. It’s just very pretty and
comfortable, relaxing. – The fun part was decorating. And, some of the art we
brought from New Orleans. Hung in our
restaurant down there. And, some of it
is local artists. I’m really cheap and so, I was looking
for a large chandelier. We were trying to replicate the way light-saving
stations look. Sometimes they have a tall
tower with small windows up-top. And, everything I looked
at that was big enough was terribly expensive. And finally on Craigslist
I found this chandelier and it happened to be
in a garage in Norfolk. And, it’s from Italy and it’s blown glass and copper and, it was pretty exciting
to find, especially for $400. So that was fun. Michael’s been
cooking for a living since he was 17 years old. When I met him, he was working at a couple
of different restaurants in New Orleans. And then, I would go and
wash dishes at the restaurant at night so I could see him. – My mom, her middle
name was Marie Langlois. And, her family were original
settlers in Louisiana. So, my heritage in the
Louisiana food goes way back. And I’ve always liked
New Orleans cooking. And, some of that different
influences with La Provence. The first place I worked, that was a French-all
restaurant . It wasn’t Creole or
Louisiana cooking at all. I always try to make
everything the best that I can. We might wanna do an appetizer and that would be our fried green tomatoes
with our shrimp remoulade. I have a mahi that I’ve seared, and then baked in the
oven to finish it. And it’s gonna be on a
bed of wilted spinach, to be with our rice pilaf. It will also have a
shrimp etouffee sauce. And I do a lot of
different kinds of meats. We do lamb racks
and we present it with a red wine
bordelaise sauce, which I also make
a plum reduction to sweeten it a little bit. And, it’s a real nice sauce. Well, the main thing that
I always want the customer to walk away with
is that everything that they encounter
is done right. We have, I think by far the
best cocktails on the island which my son does. And I’m very pleased with
how far he’s bought that in the last couple of years. – They kind of had me
around the restaurant ever since I was a little kid. So, generally I was just kind of hanging around the restaurant, eating food and harassing
those employees. [laughs] Fast forward to now, I’m doing the beverage program. I always want people to get
more than they expected. Make people surprised that
they could get such good food, good service or cocktails
on Ocracoke Island. – And Ocracoke is
that kinda island. People get together over
coffee in the morning and they talk about what
they did the night before. And cheers. – You can’t go wrong if
you come here. This place is really, I think this is the
number one spot. [gentle music] – [Deborah] The Flying Melon is at 181 Back Road in Ocracoke. And they’re open Tuesday through
Sunday from five to 9 p.m. For more information
give them a call, at [252] 928-2533. Or, find them on Facebook.

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