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The Flying Rock – teaser MyMajorCompany

January 18, 2020

Hello, and welcome into The Flying Rock’s universe! Hi, and welcome on The Flying Rock ‘s blog! (Italian accent) Hi, and wilcome on Ze Flying Rock’s blog! Hi and welcome on The Flying Rock’s blog! Ho-ho-ho, what’s up, kids? (DIRECTOR:) “The Flying Rock” is a 10×13 min series in which all action happens in one place, in a bar, but that bar is special: it’s on top of an asteroid, drifting in space And of course it attracts every single weirdo/thug/smuggler/pirate of the galaxy Our idea was to build a closed world, in a single place One of our first piece of inspiration was the “Cantina” of the original Star Wars This is the scene in which Obi-Wan and Luke meet Han Solo for the first time Everybody remember that scene because there is a very strong atmosphere in that somewhat decayed bar, and also because all of the universe is in that bar So we thought: “that well-known science-fiction image of a bar on top of an asteroid, well, we haven’t seen much stories about it; and we thought: “OK, this is an opportunity to stay in just one set; which means an opportunity to film a small budget Sci-Fi movie we can actually do properly: stay in one place, but from which we can progressively discover all of the universe that’s outside of bar.” (Italian accent strikes back!) (PRODUCER:) Of course there are gunfights and brawls, but the “calm before the storm” moments are… very well written. Actually, one of my favorite scene is when “Wes”, who’s the hero of the show, explains to young “Kid” how to make a good cocktail. And that’s a very simple piece of dialogue. But we understand a lot: Wes wants a life set in his ways, and Wes tries to flee from his past, and Kid is looking for a new fatherly figure. So there are those dynamics in the show, in which we get close to the characters, and we want to know always more. (SCREENWRITER) While keeping a coherent universe, we really used, spontaneously, all of the different themes we love. (DIRECTOR) Well, the idea is that every episode is named after a cocktail; and the atmosphere of the episode is going to be inspired by that cocktail. That trick allows us to use different styles and themes The story of the project begins two years ago – it’s already a long story. We spent about a year working on the scripts of the first 10 episodes. And then we spent another year working on the pre-production, which means assembling the different pieces of the puzzle. But what’s cool about it is that we made a video-blog of the pre-production which is like a “behind-the-scenes” in real time: On a regular basis, we gave some news, we said like “OK this is what we’re trying to do”. So you can really see what we wanted to do, our failures, our small victories, the hard times we had; and we also explain some of the tricks of the trade, for exemple our screenwriting techniques, our techniques for story boards… To be clear the show is in live action, with real actors with flesh and bones! But for the story boards, we use a software program (FrameForge) that builds CGI sketch-ups This is called “pre-visualization” and it allows an optically and physically correct rendering; in short: very precise story boards. It’s one of the techniques we explain on the blog. So far we talked with 6 or 7 TV channels. And what they need is… They say it’s “amazing”. The project is amazing, the scenarios are amazing, the idea is amazing, the files are amazing… They think everything is amazing!… But, in France, science-fiction is an unknown, scary genre, and they’re not ready to make the first move. So what they need is to see how it’s going to look like – for real. And that’s exactly why we need your help. We want to shoot one episode, a “pilot episode”, with everything at the top level, to show them what we’ve got! Which means: top-level actors, top-level production design, top-level costumes, top-level FX… We want to to something very compact, very short and intense, only 13min; But we want to do something they will remember! CAMERA TEST: LIGHTING OF A FIGHT BY GUNFIRE ONLY (see the blog) I just shot the guitar… We’ve got the cameras; we’ve got the lighting equipment, we’ve got the studio We even have the team to build the set – and believe me, that was not easy, because building a believable Sci-Fi set is really… harsh. So all of this is set. We can even shoot in 3D, with a 3D effect comparable to the 3D of “Gravity” or “Life of Pi”, and not to… …well, we can shoot an excellent 3D because shooting 3D movies is actually our job! STUFF WE’VE DONE RECENTLY IN 3D LEFT EYE RIGHT EYE Now. What we need… …is… … a gigantic pile of cash! Mainly because we need to be able to pay for the materials to build the set, actually, for everything we can’t get for free… …we need some cash. Most importantly, the wood, the glass, the paint, the aluminum; The basic elements to build the set. And for the costumes, for the props… All of those things are extremely important visually, if we want to do something impressive. Well, for all of this, we need your help. Plus, it’s important for the special effects (FX), because we want FX that are not cheap-looking After Effects but what is called “practical” special effects, which are actual destructions of the set! So for all of this, we need your help. So – Our objectives. We’ve got 4 steps. Step I is 6500€ ($8250): we’ll shoot a teaser in a partially-build set. Step II is 8000€ ($10,000) For 8000€, we can build the set completely Which means building completely the bar And if we’ve got an actual complete set, then we can shoot an actual complete episode! It will be Episode 1. Then we’ve got Step III – that’s my favorite one – at 12,000€ ($15,250). Rather than shooting the 1st episode, that would allow us to shoot one of the coolest episodes of the show: Episode 6. In that episode we’ve got everything: a lot of extras that we’ll be able to dress with costumes, props, etc.; We’ve got a lot of FX; we’ve got a cool big gunfight with a lot of set destructions, tons of cool visual effects everywhere, visually it just KICKS ASS, we’re really into blockbusters’ visual codes And I really think that it’s what we should show to people if we want the show to exist. Finally, we’ve got Step IV, at 14,000€ ($17,750) that will allow us to shoot that Episode 6, but to shoot it with the ultimate blockbuster visual code: we will shoot it in 3D! Then, we will be able to do special screenings of that episode in conventions like Geekopolis, the GenCon, Japan Expo… We will be able to do “prestige” screenings in 3D! And it will feel like watching a blockbuster, but made in France, in a 13min format, and shot in one room only! So we’ll be able to show you a “small-scale model” version of a blockbuster; something amazing we’ve never seen before! So, we commit to give you news on a very regular basis so you can know exactly what we’re doing, you can follow this on the Blog, on our Facebook, or on this page. And that’s it, we’re really really counting on you, and we really want this project to happen.

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