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The Flying Rust Bucket

February 4, 2020

Hi there! New video means a new project and
this one is all about a scooter I found. Well, I say scooter but it’s more rust
than anything else… But I believe in it and most importantly we have a plan. The
plan is first of all we’re gonna take it apart. Then we’re gonna clean it up. Then
are going to give it a nice new color and put it together. When we all put it
together we hopefully have a very snazzy looking scooter. Let’s get cracking! All right let’s see if this magic trick
works… Sim sala bim! Ah magic! Well,
the scooter does look very snazzy but I think we can do more. So let’s just give
it that little bit of extra, just a little bit… Alright, let’s take a look at what we added as a little extra. First of all we’ve got this really cool-looking
little emblem. Right next to it is of course [HONKS] honker. If we go down a bit we’ve
got a holder for your juice box, also very very important and last but not
least to move all the way down here we’ve got some cool LEDs. YES! All that
we got left to do is take it for a spin! Alright that’s it for this project! I’ll
leave you with one fun fact that this was made in the German Democratic Republic.
Thank you for watching and I’ll see you next time!

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  1. Saw you post this on Reddit! Love the scooter, love the video even more. Very satisfying to see such an improvement.

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