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  1. meh / 10, managed to put axels on an already existing model, lifetime and ability to maneuever in spaces such as climby rocks in a cave is very low

  2. At this state it look fun as an office toy … noting more. They need to change the design to make it more robust for military use also add suspension system for the toy wheels.

  3. this is not going to get …OFF THE GROUND if it is shown like it is with EXPOSED ~10.000rpm propeller while in "drive" mode

  4. this would be way cooler at scale with shrouds for the props and a stinger on it , loitering , hopping and jumping around to kill tanks. eventually tanks are over. everythign will get smaller and more nimble, making tanks obsolete. this isn't nearly stealthy enoug for stealth missions. it would have to be way more silent, meaning, smaller.

  5. Robots are not worth Nothing is a Rejection, we Human People are worth More More We are destined to Enter the Kingdom of Heaven, Robots will not be Destroyed, Converted into Christianity, or you will all perish. Jesus Christ is the most powerful weapon that will make you Tremble ALL!

  6. Pretty cool concept. Next step will be to integrate propeller guards that double as working wheels maybe using planetary gears or something similar.

  7. Getting there… slowly. Those wheels will not last long. But when they can walk up stairs and crawl up the side of a building… that will be something to celebrate about.

  8. utter hype and garbage .. build πŸ™‚
    lol.. typical of the israelis to big themselves up for making absolute SHIT.. that others already made better long ago πŸ™‚

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