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The flying waifu! – meidocafe channel

February 26, 2020

Well, hello dear kids, Welcome to the meido cafe channel. Today, I’ll be- Ah, goddammit a wonderful maid that just hit her head on this goddamn ceiling.. well, whatever. Hi again~ Today, I’m at Mr. Richard’s place on his table, trying to break it.. No, no, rather not.. (Hey! My table!) No, no, Mr. Richard, no worries. I have two whips, but I only need one. Well, ehm.. It’s Mr. Richard’s Birthday today and we came up with something totally spontaneous and wonderful, well, we will, together, release some wonderful fapulous dakimakuras into the sky. Let’s see what happens~ But first, I will inhale some helium, I always wanted to try it out. How does this work? Oh..oh.. Mhm, wonderfully inflated~ Now let me inhale abit of it, dear kids. I’m kinda scared that my stomach would explode, but let’s do it anyway~ Is it possible to understand me talking like this, or..? Yeah, dear kids, this is how it is after inhaling helium. Then it sounds like.. Wait, I will try again.. Fapfapfapfapfapfapfapfap, nice~ yeah~ So eh.. This is Madoka, I will release her- For how long will my voice sound so shitty? This part of the video is useless as hell, we’re gonna cut it off. Stupid af idea.. We’ll be getting out now, We’ll also be taking our.. air.. suitcase.. or whatever it is with us. (Gas) Our “gas” (Gas) We’ll be out- I’m sorry, we have to cut off that part, we have to cut off everything. I guess I should restart: Dear kids, I didn’t say anything, you’re all witnesses. Ok, let’s get out already. If we don’t end up raping Madoka today, our victim will be Nia from Gurren Lagann. You can cling onto her and fly up to the sky, it’s gonna be wonderful~ Well, dear Potato-man or whoever you are, let’s get going. We’re gonna get out. I’m kinda afraid that they’re gonna explode. I guess there won’t be a happy end, the balloons are stuck. It’s your stupid lamp’s fault, mr. Richard. It wasn’t supposed to be like this, we will cut off this part, too. Goddammit. Can you even see anything, potato? Dear kids, it was not a good idea. You should inflate the balloons outside, and not- ayayay Here’s a stupid tentacular lamp dazzling people. Let’s get out. Wonderful~ Look out, dakimakura balloons! (No~ the other way around) Ah, what the heck.. What was that? Maybe something in my panties, I’ve probably laid an egg because of all the excitement. Ehm, what else do I need, gimme a sec.. I was smart enough to put a leash on her, like a cat. But it doesn’t flight high enough, as you see. But at least it flights! Look kids, a flying dakimakura! Oh, isn’t it beautiful? Look how it’s floating, yes! Wonderful, let’s go to the city and see what’s gonna happen. Oh, it’s wonderful.. Oh, isn’t it beautiful? yeah~ Now we’re going to Zurich, to “gas” some people. No, I didn’t say anything! So, let’s get inside. Very nice~ Nobody can pass now, because of my “bondage balloons” or whatever. Well, we will now try to sell these balloons, or just give them away for free to lolis, so they agree on joining our mission to conquer The space? Or whatever (Swissfappers foundation) Swissfappers foundation. That’s the chief of Education, or whatever. Oops, here we go! Here’s an emergency brake, we’re gonna use it now, let’s see what happens. No, of course we won’t do that. People are already watching us awkwardly, thinking: No, please don’t come talk to me. Hi you lovely people, what will you be doing today~? He will be married, but I won’t. No reaction. It’s always like this. There is a loose thread. (-Some german pun that doesn’t make sense in english-) Maybe my dress is falling apart because of the helium? I don’t know. Can’t you try to tie it up better, mr. Richard? yeah, go ahead. We can do- Nononononono- aha.. I can’t let my hairstyle get ruined, no way. Well, dear kids. We are in Zurich now, near the train station where it’s loud and a PET bottle of mineral water costs around 1000 Euros or whatever. Sorry. Sorry, I’m sorry. Sorry again. Well, hi there~ Oh, sorry. I’m sorry~ She doesn’t fly well, I’m sorry. Sorry, I’m sorry~ I’d say we need more balloons? This stupid thing moves forward more like a dog. Hello~ (Hi) Would you like a balloon? (Oh, no. No, thank you)
Ain’t she gorgeous? I made her myself. Watchtower? What is this? (Jehovah’s Witness) Who is Jehovah’s Witness?
What does that witness do, what did he see? Oh well, dear kids. Mr. Richard is inflating some balloons to make some childeren happy. Mr. Richard, that one’s too large. (No~) C’mon, explode. I guess it doesn’t want to, oh well. (Ok guys~) yeah, have a nice evening. (Bye everyone) (Bye)
Share the happy news of the pink balloons! Thank you! (Bye everyone) Bye only one! (-another weird pun? I tried-) Everyone wants to marry me, isn’t that wonder- We could get rich by just selling balloons to lolis,
and then we would be stinking rich and could buy even more ferraris. (Bye!) Say merkel hi from me. (Yeah, sure) (Really?) Hello! (Hi, can I take a picture, too?) You have a pretty fox there, or whatever that is.
Yeah, I even have its tail. A fox tail? I always wished myself one. Now we can stick it in my bum, like this. Can I put it on my shoulders? (Yeah sure, go ahead) Wait a moment.. I got myself tangled up, stupid fishing thread.
Can you hold this for a second, mr. Richard? Hey, do I look like a sexy rapper now, or what? Does it look good on me? Hey, look! I’ve catched a wolf, or a fox, or whatever. He is so kawaii~ And tastes bleeh.. reminding you of death and ruin. No, don’t let her fly higher.. How do I look like~?
(Very Pretty~) Very nice, kids! This is Zurich! Kids, we are right in the middle of Zurich now, a place named after “pestalozzi” Here’s a statue of a guy kidnapping a shota, or whatever. We will now let Nia fly away, hoping that she won’t get stuck somewhere and explodes, but oh well, let’s see how well it goes. The ground where I’m trying to stand on pretty much sucks,
I end up making holes with my heels. Let’s hope I don’t fall flat on my face, but oh well.. As you see, she is bit too light. Mr. Richard, can you pump her up abit? Dear Mary, can you hold it for me? Very good~ Well, dear kids, if you’re going to try this at home, then you need a dakimakura, alot of balloons, a pretty lady who can hold the dakimakura for you and a slave that is blowing during the whole day. I mean pumping up balloons, of course. ah, isn’t that nice? What should I do? A nice pose? (I’m not a professional photographer) Maybe like this?
You’re not? Oh, my d*ck is visible, goddammit. Can’t you blow harder, mr. Richard? yeah, blow it up you hot shit. yeah kids, Nia is going to fly high now. I wish her a pleasant journey. Isn’t that beautiful? Ah~ It’s like gliding a kite, just with a dakimakura. Does it look any good? Wonderful~
Oh dear kids, I always wanted to do this~ We’re letting a weather balloon fly, a dakimakura one. And now she slowly wants to get into some building.. Very nice, yeah~ The leash is pretty long..
I’m kinda fishing for a tree. It’s such a great idea, isn’t it? Does it look nice? Is it sexy? Oh no, it’s dragging me away. People are already looking, they are afraid of the hostile UFO, or whatever. And everyone’s thinking: Wtf is that? Should I maybe drag her down? Yes, very nice, it’s alive! My waifu! I saved her, yeah~>My “laughter” when Melon-pan is wearing my mini buruma

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  1. I swear to god, have been suffering fron Flu for the last 5 days, today I woke up barely being able to breath and as soon as I saw this video and laughed my ass off my breathing was fine again! God bless you Melon Pan for curing me!

  2. im happy to be as far away as America is from Germany just to keep my distance from him holy shit this mans is a scary man what has life come to and why is my generation like this I hate this generation I wish I was born way before any of this existed dear heavenly Father just save this mans soul before he gets himself killed and I hope that the next generation is different and happy because I have depression because of my generation have a good day humans. edit: who's watching in 19?

  3. This guy was born with a strange mutation. His brain is unable to feel any kind of shame, and that makes him the most alpha male.

  4. I jist finished an episode of the helpful fox senko san and then this video shows in recomendation and then shows this wtf 6:20
    I Disliked already 😡
    But this dude siriusly has balls going in public like this
    95% otaku minus 5% for me cause of the poor fox

  5. Мне завтра на экзамене пиздец! (я должен был готовиться, но решил смотреть эти видео)

  6. 本当にアニメが好きなんですね日本のアニメを好きになってくれてありがとう╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

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