The Future of Airplanes
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The Future of Airplanes

October 16, 2019

These are the technological developments that
will allow us to move ourselves and our cargo cheaper, greener, and faster, through the
air, going forward. This is the future of flight. With the first all-electric twin-engine, self-powered
aircraft successfully crossing the English Channel this month, and the ongoing effort
of the Solar Impulse team to become the first completely
solar-powered aircraft to fly around the world, the amount of innovation targeting the aviation
industry is eye-opening. Within the next year, unmanned, solar-powered
drones like the Silent Falcon will hit the commercial UAV market. The Joby Aviation S2 electric is a proposed
Vertical Takeoff and Landing aircraft that could be five times as efficient as a conventional
personal airplane. Airbus’ two passenger version of the E-Fan
will use on-board lithium batteries to power two electric engines. The Aeroscraft ML868 could lead a comeback
of giant airships. The 770 foot-long behemoth can carry 200 tons with cargo bays larger
than any current air, truck or rail transport vehicle. Aerion’s AS2 is the first supersonic commercial
jet since the Concorde. It will fly at a speed of Mach 1.6. Laminar flow technology and better
wing design will reduce drag by 20%. By the middle of the 2020’s we’ll likely
see solar powered drones delivering broadband to millions for a fraction of the cost of
traditional satellites. Building on the concept of drones and autonomous
flying technology, fully-automated planes will take to the skies to revolutionize not
just the air cargo delivery industry, but possibly personal air travel as well, much
like what’s happening today with driverless cars. By 2030, plant-based fuels should account
for 30% or more of an airlines’ fuel consumption. Airbus’ hybrid commercial airliner will
emit barely any emissions or noise on takeoff and landing thanks to lithium-air batteries. Boeing and NASA could team to launch a hybrid
commercial airliner called SUGAR for Subsonic Ultra-Green, Aircraft Research, which uses
two-thirds less fuel than an equivalent sized aircraft from 2015. Travelling 10% slower, but using 70% less
fuel than today’s Boeing 737, the D8 Series Double Bubble’s fuselage will provide 20%
of its lift. By 2040, we could see the world’s first
hydrogen powered commercial flight. The hydrogen would be cryogenically frozen. EAD’s Zero Emission High Supersonic Transport
passenger jet, running on biofuel, could cut the more than 6,000 mile flight from Paris
to Tokyo to just 2:30 minutes. Like a fighter jet on an aircraft carrier,
commercial planes could be catapulted into the air, reducing the length of runways by
one-third. As if they were a flock of migrating birds,
more intelligent systems could allow aircraft on the same routes to self-organize into a
flying patter, reducing wind drag and saving fuel. Six hydrogen engines, a rear engine that doubles
as a wind turbine, and solar panels on its roof and wings will propel the zero-emission
Progress Eagle, a triple-decker, 800-passenger airplane concept that we could see in production
by 2070. Thanks for watching our rundown of the future
of flight. Make sure you hit that like button to share these ideas with your friends, and
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edited by Brendan Plank. Until next time, I’m Bryce Plank.

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  1. I carnt wait till this happens i my self loves the future and how we all going to progress 2020 is the starting point to new tec of the future.

  2. Or…. the hyperloop and even faster supersonic tube transport systems will replace arcraft except for military use an nostalgic flights.

  3. I would have to say that we need to get that technology don much sooner than the dates mentioned on the video. Please think about visiting the fallowing links for more real true information. #UtahForJIllStein #GreenPartyOfUtah @Jill2016 @JillStein

  4. we might think are future looks like this, but the people in the 50s thought that future cars would look awesome, but the cars now are way different from their imaginations.

  5. Nice video. One correction though, the electrical cri cri was the first electric airplane to cross the channel. It went mostly unnoticed because they kept it hidden from Airbus who sabotaged the same attempt from ULM airplane company named Pipistrel a few days earlier.

  6. Heavy trucking and harvester and mining trucks can be powered by "Blue Crude" which:-
    * cracks CO2 and hydrogen out of seawater
    * the cost of the nukes and electricity to run this process is included in the end price of the diesel
    * includes the price of buying the reactors in the price of the electricity
    * can scale up the nukes as we scale up the Blue Crude industry
    * is already economical with electricity from today's reactors
    * might be cheaper yet if we build hot thermal reactors to crack the water directly in thermochemical reactions rather than generate electricity to do it.
    * as the US navy developed this to make fighter jet fuel at sea in nuclear aircraft carriers, it can also be fine tuned to produce all the jet fuel we need.
    * This industry will scale up as oil and diesel scales down.
    * Then we will save millions of lives from fossil fuel pollution as well as preventing climate change
    * We will have a sustainable electricity grid and transport system that will not suddenly run out of resources.
    * Job done!

  7. Imagine how cool it will be in the future: You start daydreaming on a flight, so you look outside and watch the other planes join or leave the gang. Then, in the nearest one, you can see a guy making new memes on his windows with post-its…

    Because memes and post-its will never disappear. They'll evolve.

  8. I had many of these ideas earlier, but like Nikola Tesla, Marconi got the credit of 'inventing' radio, something Tesla had actually done earlier! No money, no patents! CAPITALISM SUCKS!

  9. Damn, you found a way to create a very professional and informed ethos while densely packing information that's so interesting and almost fantastical I feel like a kid googling Lego sets. I can't help but binge watching this channel, keep up the good work

  10. All these 'concepts' are utterly nauseating and the timeframes too, biofuels??? Hate to break it to you but plant based fuels are ridiculous in the extreme, diverting arable land for ethanol fuels is a joke, ethyl-ester derived from next gen nuclear plants is the only viable option, all these ideas suck, cept for the airship thingy.

  11. The project eagle looks more like a 12 year-old got advanced 3d modelling skills and then was shown a drawing of an aircraft and told to make it better, after which some people tried to justify the design choices

  12. 1:12 Well if those giant balloons make a comeback, Cargo isn't the only option for use, but construction in ways and places thought previously impossible, or extremely dangerous and risky to the point of not getting green lighted, where as an air transport like this could change that.

  13. How about they invent a plane that doesn't blow up in a flaming explosion and kill everyone aboard if it crashes. That would be amazing

  14. In exactly 2025 there will be no jobs, no work. Each of us will have 1 pension, 1 vacation and 1 food for the whole day.

  15. The future airplanes already been tested.On September 18,2015 a 6th generation J-28 (Fiery Dragon ) flew at mach 6 speed and landed.Typed Wang Zhenguo and VLRAAM into your computer to find more information on China s future airplanes.The PL-21 that flew at mach 6 speed is based on the turbo-scram jet engine.

  16. The last one won't get a prize for good looks. Is it a Russian design? No, it's way too ugly to be Russian.

  17. I don't want them to change already like how are the airplanes look I don't mind if they don't change the hull of the aircraft

  18. Technology has become the new God of this world to most people . How I long for the simpler life where people were neighbors to each other and people had control over everything instead of everything having control over people . New , different , change , are words I don't care for !!!!!!!!!——————————————————————Ernest E. Johnson

  19. I think next generations gonna be inertial clean energy engines, so as space tech gonna be too the same

  20. I feel like these projects are to conservative. Compare an iPhone to a cell phone 20 years ago. LOL. In 50 years we better have a some pretty damn amazing commercial airliners.

  21. pardon me, but your perfect diction , pronunciation and cadence … your grammatical correctness and poignant vocabulary…… you cannot be American!

  22. Grind season till the casket don't ever settle for less ignore the naysayers and doubters salute to everyone out here getting it.

  23. Progress Eagle (O.o) Man that thing seems to came directly out the wet dream of an overly ambitious SJW-Tech-company
    …guess when that thing is avilable for bucking no white cis men are allowed to enter ^^

  24. All I wanted to hear…by the year 2070, we will figure out a way to extend our lifespan to 200 years! 
    Then again, I can just reincarnate and enjoy these future invantion as a young man/woman. I think that's a much easier rout!

  25. I’ve been seeing future of flight programs with exciting ideas for more than 20 years, yet nothing ever changes. What makes you think any of these will go into production or change the way we ship and travel?

  26. Why are we even using gasoline anymore and poisoning the world if stuff like this is possible I look up the solar powered car we should be able to trade in our cars for solar powered ones if we want like gasoline isn't gonna last forever we should be thinking of the future I hate the fact that solar panels are so expensive when gasoline runs out what happens then?

  27. Lies . An author said that airships will carry 200.000 tonn which is more than any current transport ? What about " Mriya" an225 ? What about sea ships , trains etc?

  28. Most of this is pie in the sky. The 800 seater is a non starter. It would take too long to load and unload, and it would be difficult to find routes where it could be economically viable.

  29. biology is also developing. genetically engineered (vulture version) bio robots will be available as per demand. you have to just wear the auto_ acclimatisation robot suit and enter the bio robot. it will take t o your destination anywhere in the world if you give the co ordinates. even inside your house.

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