The GOP vs. Trump’s Tariffs, Straight Pride in Boston & A Hellish Helicopter Rescue | The Daily Show
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The GOP vs. Trump’s Tariffs, Straight Pride in Boston & A Hellish Helicopter Rescue | The Daily Show

September 6, 2019

Illegal immigration. It’s how I got
to The Daily Show, and it’s the problem President Trump
can’t seem to solve. For the last three years,
he’s been trying everything to curb illegal immigration. I mean, threatening a wall,
putting kids in cages and, probably the most inhumane, lining the border
with movie spoilers. You know,
it’s discouraged so many people. “Papa, will we try
to get to America today?” “Not yet, Pedrito. I haven’t
seen the new Avengers.” So, because illegal immigration
is still going up, Trump’s latest idea
is to impose tariffs, increasing tariffs on Mexico until they stop
allowing migrants into America. But Republicans
in the Senate are saying that Trump is muy loco. President Trump is facing
some serious opposition from his own party
over his plans to impose new tariffs
on Mexico. Well, there is not much support in my conference for tariffs,
that’s for sure. Look, I think it’s safe to say you’ve talked
to all of our members. We’re not fans of tariffs. We’re still hoping
that this can be avoided. Ted Cruz, he says the president is playing a game of chicken
with Mexico, and he says there’s no reason for his constituents
back in Texas to pay the price
for a massive new tax. That’s right,
even Republicans don’t think Trump should be playing chicken
with Mexico. Although, I’m pretty sure
that he would win. I mean, you have seen
what that guy can do to chicken? Have you seen? But yes, President Trump
has threatened a trade war with Mexico, which would increase the price
of everything. Electronics, beer
and food in America. And now tensions
are running so high that Trump has sent Mike Pence
to negotiate with Mexico. Yeah. Which, I’ll be honest,
I think is genius because Mike Pence isn’t worried about America
losing Mexican food. He’s never had it. I mean… Yeah, this guy is so bland,
when he eats a meal, he’s like,
“Mother, this is so spicy. Did you add mayonnaise?” (laughter) All right, moving on
to some other news coming out of Boston. Uh, Pride Month is a joyful time
for the LGBTQ people and really anyone
who’s not an asshole. But if, uh,
if are you an asshole, well, there’s good news
for you, too. NEWSWOMAN: USA Today
says a small group of men sparked outrage in Boston
by announcing plans to hold a Straight Pride Parade
in August. The group called
Super Happy Fun America says it advocates on behalf
of the straight community. It released
a proposed parade route that mirrors the path of this weekend’s
LGBTQ Pride Parade. Hell, yeah! Finally, someone standing up
for straight people. (whoops) Yeah. I fully support
this movement. If straight men
want to grill steaks while wearing cargo shorts talking about how much
they loved watching Scarface, no one should try to stop them. And yeah,
no one’s trying to stop them, but that’s not the point. The point is
straight people deserve a parade because they’ve been oppressed
for too long. You guys realize
that straight marriage has only been legal
for, like, 4,000 years? Huh? Huh? You realize straight people
are the only group that don’t get
their own slur? Huh? Why do you think that is? Huh? Straight Pride Parade. Get the (bleep) out of here,
man. -(laughter)
-It’s… (cheering and applause) Like… It’s so… It’s so trolly. Right? Especially a Straight
Pride Parade in Boston. The city has had
six Super Bowl parades. What do you think that is? And finally, moving on to news
that’s blowing up online, the next time you wish
that you could call a helicopter to take you to the hospital,
you may want to think again. A mountain rescue in Arizona
nearly spun out of control. Chopper crews were hoisting
a 74-year-old woman to safety when that red basket you see
carrying her began spinning. That lasted
for about 40 seconds. Rescuers say she is okay other than suffering
some dizziness and nausea, but they say
this problem is pretty rare. (laughter) Holy shit. I’m genuinely so happy
that la-lady is okay because… Like, I…
like, I watched that video, and still when I watch it now,
it looks horrifying. The worst part
is when she landed, they made her pin the tail
on the donkey. (laughter) Like, seriously, though,
if that were me, I would be throwing up
for the rest of my life. Yeah. The ride home from the hospital
would be like… (retches) The next week
at the supermarket. (retches) 20 years later, I’d be walking my daughter
down the aisle. She’d be like, “Daddy,
this is the best day of my…” (retches) And what sucks even more is that knowing
America’s health care system, I wouldn’t be shocked
if next month she gets a hospital bill, and it’s $1,000
for the helicopter ride and, like, $200,000
for the spins. Yeah. She’ll be like, “Why is…
Why am I paying for this?” They’ll be like,
“Well, actually, it’s a dollar “for each spin,
but you had a lot of them. You saw how many you got.” So, yeah, that was, uh,
obviously quite an ordeal. The good news is, though,
she got to the hospital, and she got the treatment
that she needed, which was being spin around
a thousand times in the opposite direction.

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  1. Mexico : I give you food I give you stuff you need and this is how you treat me

  2. I hate how Mexicans are bieng put on the side of lgtbq and whatever, we literally make fun of them on the weekly, fucks sake they wouldn't be safe if they came.

  3. Why in the world the alphabet people need to be even more represented in the west since they're a protected group here.If anywhere in the world these parades will be need it is in the middle east and other backwards countries not the west…


  5. I'm a heterosexual who enjoys the opposite sex. What's the big deal if I want to say I am ? Everyone should be comfortable with who they are. Bashing is not the solution.

  6. I feel every person who attend this “straight pride parade “ is a gay in disguise
    (I’ma die when a bunch of my fellow trans people who are straight attends🤣🤣)

  7. This is american left… they think they have sence for humor and intelligence but we all know that it's quite opposite

  8. regarding 2:14, Why does holding a straight pride parade make me an a**-hole, sir? Aren't we diverse? Or are you propagating intolerance in the name of tolerance? Are straight men, any less deserving of celebrating what they were born as?


    There going to be a Straight Pride festival in my hometown. Listen to this call to the organization. Pretty funny. Sad but funny.

  10. Come on straight people. Make a better flag than that! Your is just a sucky bi flag. PINK and PURPLE??!!!! Ok no. Here’s what y’all do. Make the purple a blue, like crayons crayon blue (darker than the trans flag but litter than the bi flag), and make that pink a red or a very hot pink. And do the female and male signs in black.

  11. The straight pride parade went over better the 'It's ok to be white' saying. I guess only minority groups have the right to feel proud of themselves.

  12. I think it's kind of discriminatory to say that straight people can't Celebrate existing advancement of our species and shit that makes sense. The LGBT community Should not have a fucking month Celebrate.

  13. The straight pride is a meme and some people decided to turn the meme into reality which is hilarious. It's whole idea is to make fun of the LGBTQ march and that's ok.

  14. Straight pride might be a stupid idea. But have you thought of when hetero cis men express their sexuality in public it's seen as toxic but when queer people do it it's seen as brave?

  15. Serious Question: How does holding a parade for some straight people hurt gay pride in any way?

    Ive seen some comments saying how 'unequal' the straight parade was being, but the real inequality is lgbts having a parade whereas some straights can't for some reason.

  16. legit trump was only semi good for cracking down on people who abuse public aid…which can be done by literally anyone with money but u know, what does a YouTube commenter know

  17. You'll never see this guy talking or debating anyone without his fucking retarded ass crowd to scream and yell when he can't answer a question. And you idiots are pretty butt hurt about a perade you think is a joke. Hey dumb ass, why do you think only white men with cargo shorts are straight? Your parents are straight right, or probably not after having your dumb ass

  18. “Get the fuck out” is the most intelligent thing this guy has to say on the matter. Nobody seems to get it:

    Pride parades aren’t victim movements. They are celebrations of genuineness. No one needs a victim card to engage in that.

  19. The fact a single straight parade had double the people present trying to shut it down And media trying to censor it just proves Normal people HAVE sufffered opression and NEED a parade.

  20. Nobody should be discriminated. Straight people are being discriminated just for being straight. I can't remember names, much less extra pronouns for the attention seekers. One of my best friends is gay and they say the same thing all the time.

  21. every past president including obama had a tougher stance on immigration. Fact. Sovereign countries do not have to open their borders to allow whoever inside. This isnt fantasy land or Pre-K, we wont be building a better society or making macaroni pictures. Anti borders is just anti common sense.

  22. People did try to stop them did you mot see the news with all the protesters! Why do people care if someone wants to have a parade get a life people!

  23. Now that's a spinster! Sorry if joke is already done here.
    I counted about 60 rpm at it's fastest rate. That's movin'! Practically hell in a hand basket.

  24. I myself believe it's an Abomination to be a homosexual but I also believe they have a right to express their own freedoms and beliefs with that being said anyone should be allowed to celebrate their pride are doing pride month when you try to suppress moral reasoning for your own selfish beliefs now that's disgusting

  25. Immigration is good. ILLEGAL immigration is not, it is undermining the patience and work that regular immigrants put in to get into this country.

  26. Its funny how the US media tries to paint a picture that the entire America is with this gay shit.. These comments and many others continue to prove them wrong… Trying to convince Straight people something is wrong with them 😂😂 You guys have alot of marching to do.

  27. A lot of the LGBT community have gone from being bullied, to being the bully. I don't think they really want equality anymore, they want to run shit.

  28. Wait so if you dont conform to the agenda you are an asshole thats some asshole shit to do tho fucken hypocrite as i recall its equal rights not speical rights foo

  29. what you mean he has been doing anything he has been trying to do it but you snowflakes bitch and moan too much that he can't do anything about it.

    what so wrong in having a straight parade when THE ALPHABET PEOPLE have one what's so wrong in that and yeah we had it for a while already but now the news and laws try to make it like being straight is wrong.

    see the news media already forgot about the AMAZON fires because their rating for that story was efficient enough for it to keep on running so they decide to report on something else that will get peoples attention.

  30. The gay parade is always on tv and liberal media. The straight parade has been attacked for not believing in the false claims about gender identity. Gender identity has nothing to offer, sexual identity is based on real gene research. There is not even a single gay gene.

  31. – Trevor you get this wrong again – President Trump's strategy worked and works, and don't discriminate against marches!

  32. So a gay man is ridiculing and marginalizing another group that wants to have their own parade. Does he not see what an ignorant bigot he is. Straights allow him and his followers to have parades across the country without a single incident, yet heteros wish to express themselves in like manner and the bigotry rages, even violence. And he doesn't see he is the very things the LGB parade is speaking out against. What an ignorant man.

  33. Gay pride is ok. Next it will be pedophile pride parade let's be inclusive right 😉. We can't just say yes to something that's not right.

  34. Streights are superior by design, we are anatomicaly compatible with our partners, that is why they hate us so much, because they can never be fully sexually realised with the same sex, ad of course, they cant have babies, their life style brings only death and misery.

  35. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. In my opinion, straight pride parades are a response to the ever increasing amount of homosexual/transgender propaganda being injected into every aspect of society. From drag queen story time with little children, to movies, tv shows, gay pride parades, posters in schools and shops, billboards, etc. The whole straight pride movement would not even exist in my opinion if media and certain political/social groups would stop injecting gay/trans pride into every aspect of society. I understand there are many people who are proud to be gay, but there are far more important aspects of life to focus on besides sexuality. When you push so aggressively for anything especially when it involves people, backlash is always inevitable.

  36. "Putting kids in cages." What the f***?! They come here ILLEGALLY and get free health care, food, and a place to sleep. Why would they keep coming here illegally if we put them in cages?

  37. And now, twisting Trump's words. When did he say that the reason why he's putting tariffs on them to stop migration?! It's to fund the wall and discourage ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. 0:35

  38. The parade was to troll plain and simple. Was a joke in the beginning, but then they actually had one. There were hardly any people in the parade. Thr biggest crowd was the protesters protesting the parade. 😂😂

  39. Nobody tries to shut down the faggot parade. If people want a parade to express themselves. Let them fucking do it. Jesus christ. You motherfuckers on the left are not our moral arbiters and you don't get to decide who gets a parade.

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