The GoProposal & Senta Integration – How To Maximise The Value of Your Clients
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The GoProposal & Senta Integration – How To Maximise The Value of Your Clients

August 8, 2019

– So GoProposal helps accountancy firms to give them most value they possibly can^ to their clients. It helps them to price their
services more profitably, so they’re not leaving
any money on the table and they’re charging for
all the hard work they do. And it also helps them to
completely remove scope creep, because that’s the biggest
thing that corrodes the client relationship that they have. (playful music) Senta was a really key integration for us, because they’re fully focused on helping that practise to operate more efficiently and to be able to ultimately deliver that value to the client. So once you promised the
value with GoProposal, you then need a fully systemized process to actually be able to deliver that value. And that’s exactly what Senta does. (playful music) So what we actually do is
we pull the contact data from Senta, if they
already exist in there, or if we’re creating it for
a new client in GoProposal, we pass that data through. With every line item and every service that you’ve got in GoProposal, you can correctly attribute that to a work flow in Senta. So when a proposal is accepted, it automatically triggers off all of those workflows in Senta. Then the other thing that you can do is, let’s say, for example, it’s a new client, as well as triggering
off all of the workflows to all of the services they’ve chosen, you may also want to trigger off a bundle of workflows around on
bowing, for example, so let’s say, if you have
a pliant welcome process, a professional clearance process, an HMRC authorization process, a payment process, etc., then because that proposal
type has been accepted, that all of those workflows
can be triggered as well. (playful music) What I’m excited about is
helping our GoProposal members to build more profitable,
more scalable businesses. And that’s the key difference, I see tow types of accountancy firms: You have accountants that
provide accountancy services and you have businesses that
provide accountancy services. Businesses are committed
to give you the most value they can to their clients,
but they’re also committed to their own growth of their revenue and of their profit margines as well, which is really, really important if you want to grow a successful accountancy or bookkeeping business. What the combination
of GoProposal and Senta will help accountancy firms to achieve is not only, are they priced in profitably in the first place, but they are delivering
efficiently as well, because of all the process
that they now have in place. (playful music)

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