The INFINITY STONES: Part 6 | The Time Stone (MCU)

August 12, 2019

Contained within the Eye of Agamatto, the
Time Stone is a powerful artifact with the ability to manipulate time on both a small,
and massive scale. At its most basic level, the Time Stone can
be used to return objects to their original state, or accelerating the process of decay. At a more advanced level, the stone is capable
of allowing the wielder to manipulate the past, to alter the future – erasing entire
events – even bringing back the dead through prevention of the individual’s death in
past. The stone also allows for the creation of
a time loop, where the user can repeatedly play out a scenario, until a desired outcome
or result is achieved. The Time Stone is considered immensely dangerous,
as it possesses the power to inadvertently create alternate timelines, as well as destroy
the natural order of the universe.

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