The Logistics and Aircraft Crew of WE-CAN
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The Logistics and Aircraft Crew of WE-CAN

September 9, 2019

Hey. Hello. Do you like our science van? It is awesome. My role is project manager, which means a
lot of logistics management. So, we’re kind of helping to find a place
for the C-130 to operate. We’re helping to set up that space not just
for the instrument teams, but also for the people who are going to be in the operations
center. Then when we’re in the field, we’re kind
of responsible for coordinating the PIs talking to the pilots and the NCAR teams so that everyone’s
on the same page. We have scientists here, but we also have
aircraft mechanics, technicians, we have pilots. The actual flying missions is our priority,
but outside of that we spend most of the rest of our time doing flight planning and coordinating
with all of the scientists that are here. What their plans, what their goals are for
any particular mission. I would just tell anyone with an interest
in aviation that there are lots of little niche opportunities particularly with regards
to scientific research. For me, the best part is when we collect a
good dataset and you see the scientists are just really happy. We want to collect great scientific data so
they can go out and make breakthroughs in research. For this project, just what I’ve learned
already so far about the way these western wildfires work makes it really worthwhile
being out there flying and being a part of the project.

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