The Lost Scouts – Talking Tom and Friends | Season 3 Episode 10
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The Lost Scouts – Talking Tom and Friends | Season 3 Episode 10

February 22, 2020

[Ginger] I was seven, going on eight, the first time I learned
what being a Scout Boy is all about. All right. Who’s ready for the best
wilderness survival trip ever? -I am!
-This wasn’t just any trip. This was the trip where I’d earn
the Ribbon of the Forest, a prize given only
to the top scout in each troop. -Ready to do this, Tom?
-Ahem. Don’t you mean, Scout Leader Tom? I know that we are a small troop,
but we’ve got what counts – heart, gusto, and backpack snacks. I’m Robbie.
It’s an honor to be your scout brother. [Ginger] No way was he getting the ribbon. Um, has anyone seen my hat? -Hank was no competition either.
-[Tom] Listen up, scouts! They call it “the wild” for a reason, but with me as your leader, you’ll be able
to face anything that comes your– Danger! See? I’ve already taught you so much. That ribbon was mine. So, we’re just waiting for one more scout, -and we’ll be ready to go.
-[helicopter whirrs] Aloha! Darren? Nooooooooo! ♪ Wa-oah! ♪ [Ginger] Darren was in my scout troop! So much for the perfect
wilderness survival trip. Aw. Does someone miss home already? Did we have to bring Darren?
He’s a trouble boy, Tom. [barrel organ playing] A trouble boy! We’ve had our differences with him, but when he put that uniform on,
he became your scout brother. But he cheats at everything,
and he’s the nephew of the CEO! Darren is in our troop now,
and that means he’s one of us. Now. Who wants to make s’mores? [cheering] -Yummy yummy yummy!
-Grrr! -[on TV] I’ll admit it, mate…
-What are you watching? This is Survival Bloke! Tom was watching
this show to get ready for his trip. [Australian accent] I’m officially
lost now, but not to worry! I’ll just follow this line of ants to– Oh, dear.
Those are bees that are just walking! -[Survival Bloke screaming]
-Seriously? You like this guy? Well, Survival Bloke isn’t perfect.
Bees wouldn’t be able to trick me. If I were Survival Bloke, I’d get out of this predicament
with the proper technology. Oh, Ben! Survival Bloke is about forming
a true nature connection with the Earth. [sniffing]
Oh yeah, that’s the good stuff! Ew! Sure, Angela.
This guy’s got it all figured out. Ah! The bees are in me trousers! [Ginger] I was still mad that Darren
was with us, but I wasn’t going to let that
ruin my trip. [straining] Ha! [screams] Tents are stupid! Ha! You’ll never get Ribbon of the Forest
if you let the big scary tent defeat you! [shrill whistle] Okay, who can tell me
what side of a tree moss grows on? -Oh! All the sides?
-No. -The mossy side.
-No. This was my chance to impress
the Scout Leader and get that ribbon. Moss grows predominantly
on the north side of trees! -[Ginger] But the–
-That’s right. Great work, Darren! Sweet! Next question.
If the sun rises in the east, -then where–
-It sets in the west! Take that, Darren! Ginger wins this round! -Guys, this isn’t a competition.
-Yeah. Now, where is the best place to make– -Juniper berries!
-A bowline knot! The first ray of morning light
beyond the horizon! ♪ I don’t know, but I’ve been told ♪ ♪ Scout Boys aren’t afraid of mold ♪ ♪ I don’t know, but it’s been said ♪ ♪ Scout Boys go where they are led ♪ Give me the map!
I should be the pathfinder. No way! I’m the navigator! -You don’t know what you’re doing!
-I know everything! Huh? Where is everybody? Aagh… [Ginger] Suddenly, my chances of getting
that ribbon were not looking good. [both moaning] Way to go, Darren! Oh, come on! The best way to survive
in the wild isn’t a “nature connection.” -[crash]
-That’s just malarkey! Such a typical Ben response.
“Nature connections don’t exist.” “The sea captain on the cereal box
isn’t a real person. Malarkey!” There’s one way to settle this. [marching band] Good hike, gang. Now, sound off! My name is Tom, the Scout Troop Leader! Sound off!
My name is Hank, the salty snack eater! Sound off! My name is Ronnie,
the last person in line suddenly! Wait, what?
No, no, no! This is not good. The scout leader manual specifically
said that you can’t lose scouts! -[phone rings]
-Ginger, is that you? Hey, it’s Angela, your girlfriend. -I need you to settle an argument.
-Don’t you “girlfriend” him! -He has to be objective!
-Guys, I don’t have time for this. -We have an emergency out here!
-[Angela] If it’s bees, get out of there. No, it is worse than bees, okay?
I lost Ginger and Darren! Oh, no. All right, don’t panic. I am panicking and I really need
someone’s help right now! Okay. We’re on our way! And one of us
is bringing a superior philosophy. Check it out, Darren. Somebody’s prepared
for everything. Jealous? Of last year’s flashlight? -Never!
-Agh! I don’t need to see, anyway. I’m brave. I like it in the dark! Agh! -[Darren laughs]
-Grr! We looked everywhere! We checked the creek and behind the rock
that looks like a gravy boat. -But there was no sign of them.
-Okay. Keep looking, team.
Scout Boys never leave a scout behind! -Ginger? Darren?
-Ginger! [Hank] Hello? Hm. -Agh!
-Agh! -[Ben chuckles]
-You guys made it! That’s right.
I brought technology to find Ginger. And I’ve brought natural instincts,
which is way better. I don’t care how you find them.
It’s almost night time. Let’s do it! [jazz theme] -[owl hoots]
-Well, I don’t see a way out of here. Looks like I’ll be stuck here forever,
listening to your annoying voice. You’re the one with the annoying voice! If we can’t get out,
here’s how it’s going to be. That’s Darren-land. This is Ginger-topia. You’re not allowed to visit! I would never visit Ginger-topia. I would never visit Darren-land
because it’s full of ruiners who only became Scout Boys
so they could ruin everything I like. That’s not true. I’m here because
I deserve the Ribbon of the Forest. Oh, no, you don’t! That ribbon is mine! [birds tweet] It was then that I realized
I was about to be tested in a way I had never been tested before. Darren, we don’t want
to live in this pit forever, so we’re going to have to do
something horrible. -Please don’t say work together.
-Fine, I won’t say it! But we still have to do it. We can do this. [straining] Don’t you quit on me, Darren! I wasn’t going to! Aagh! -Ugh!
-[panting] Oh. We… we cooperated. Yeah. -Woah!
-Ooh! Bully for us! [awkward laugh] -[owl hoots]
-But now what do we do? All that looking and all we found
was two kids who weren’t even lost. Hm! It looks like Ben’s rescue plan
wasn’t so genius after all. At least I had a plan! All you did
was wander around and eat dirt! -Would you two knock it off?
-Stop being so bossy, Tom. Yeah, who do you think you are,
some kind of leader? -I’m literally the Scout Leader!
-Stop fighting! This day was tough on everyone.
Look, I’m all itchy from poison ivy. Oh, don’t play victim, Ronnie. It was
poison oak, and I told you not to eat it! [all yell at once] -What’s everybody yelling about?
-Quiet, Ginger. -We’re mad because we couldn’t find–
-[both] Aloha! Hey! How did you…?
Where have you been? All over. We crossed a river,
swung on a vine, we even saw a cave! We were lost, but we worked together
and found our way back. Wow! You got over your differences
and made it through the wild. It’s not like we had a choice, since it looks like you were all too busy
arguing to come save us. -Hey! That’s not true!
-Yes, it is! Oh. You guys learned the real meaning
of being a scout, so I think both of you earned this today. Sweet! The Ribbon of the Forest! Huh. That’s funny. I thought I had two. Well, you can share one
until we get home. -Right?
-Of course we can! I get it first. We’d still be in that pit
if it wasn’t for me! I get it first! [Ginger] And that’s how I gained
a brother. A scout brother. Sort of.

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