The Macallan Golden Age of Travel: The Airship
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The Macallan Golden Age of Travel: The Airship

January 21, 2020

The 1930s. The first decade of luxury international travel. A chance for people to discover new and exotic destinations, exploring the world by sea, rail, road or air. Sailing across vast blue seas on a majestic ocean liner, full with the promise of romance and adventure. Taking off on the very first commercial airlines, an unforgettable experience, heady with glamour and style. Enjoying the slow pace of the grandest steam trains, long days of mystique, breathtaking scenery and first class service. Touring in sleek, modern automobiles, with their beautiful silhouettes and fine finishes, lives enriched with elegance and excitement. Fabulous years lived at their best, exploring lands near and far, feeling the eternal rush of the travel pioneer. And this, our fifth and final release from The Golden Age of Travel series, brings The Macallan’s exploration of this fascinating period of history to a close. Combining The Macallan’s mastery of wood and spirit with Lalique’s mastery of crystal, the series is testament to our enduring and shared reputation for quality and distinctive character appreciated by connoisseurs around the world. Indeed, each stunning decanter, one of only fifty of its kind ever to be crafted, and the precious Macallan spirit held within, represent both a timeless tribute and a warm invitation to celebrate A Golden Age of Travel.

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