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October 8, 2019

hi everyone I’m Tom and today I’m gonna be playing the Magnificent which is new from a porter game shift and things like avenue and santa maria in the past this is coming out for essence peal 2019 and you can pick up there i sure will be released shortly afterwards has came to tend to be so in this game we are traveling magician to traveling troupe of magicians while competing troops and we will be trying to expand our camps we will be traveling around and ultimately performing our magic shows all in an effort to sell the most tickets which is the most points basically so i am playing a two-player game today against a little class Marty where is he there we go I don’t want to accuse him of anything but I think real Marty knocks him off anyway I’m playing a two-player game there are some adjustments there are fewer darks available but you will get the idea if you are looking to play this with more players I would recommend you turn on clicking on subtitles you will be notified if any mistakes I might have made let me know if you find any that aren’t on there and there is a dynamic handheld camera and a static camera you can choose between those in their descriptions as well let’s get started so I am the first player my top hat is further up on the perform track and so on my turn I need to select a dogs from the pool and then I’ve perform an action with that die I also have these master cards here now we have numbered player board so I have the number one player board and that determines the cards that I start with and I had a choice of trainer tiles we had a choice of three and we pick one each there are different setups you can have alternate sides of the board and everything I’m just going with the standard basic setup for this video that so I have these master cards and I will be taking a die and putting it on one of these four so I’ll take four dice per round there are three rounds in the game each of these master cards has an ability that I can activate at some point during that turn so I can you know set a die to any number increase the value of the die by one because the more the higher the number is the more power you will get the better action you will get as well but there is a cost for getting get high-value dice so it balances itself out that way I feel though that I am in the mood or a decent action I’m going to start off with orange over here I’m going to grab this five and so it needs to come on one of my cards now setting it to every number I’m kind of happy with the number that it’s at I think I’m gonna put it on here which means that I get myself one coin I start the game with five everybody starts again with six but at the end of setup the start player needs to give a coin to the last player so that’s how we’re that’s how the stop player thing is balanced out so I’ve got my coin and now I have three options I can build in the camp I can travel or I can perform now performing you’re not going to do first because you need to have a matching poster intense you do start off with a poster and the tent pre-printed aren’t you’re bored but to be able to perform and score these posters you need to have matching shapes in your camp obviously on your very first turn you won’t have that down so I’m gonna either be traveling which is used to get more tents get these gems that can be used to altered dogs and earn some money if you get loads of them and later on posters once those spaces are revealed but what I’m gonna do first is expand my camp now one thing that you can do with these gems that will be getting is increase the power of your dykes each gem that you spend increases that power by two now you have to spend the correct color so I will be spending an orange gem here to increase the value of my orange dye by two so I now have power seven and one of the benefits this is not just that you’re getting to do a more powerful action but when it comes to paying for these dykes at the end of the round this plus two you know isn’t counted so I’m not gonna have to pay two extra coins for this power that I’ve used now that’s spent and can go back into the supply this lovely Troy comes with the game by the way and so now I can do a build action and the board tells us about these build actions here depending on your power you have different options to lay tiles on your board so for power three you can build a small tile there are small and large tiles you are limited by the color of the dye that you put down there there are some things that I can do as well though I do have this trainer marker and there are tiles on my board not right now but there will be and on the main board that I can use my trainer markers on so I could try and adjust this if I really wanted to I really didn’t want an orange tile I could come over to here for example every trainer mark you put here this means you can put one or more for every one you put here you can change one of the pieces you’ll be taking to a color of your choice and not be restricted by the color of the dial you took and there are other things to adjust dogs to be able to spend money to get posters things like that so I could do that if I really didn’t want to these are locked up until the end of the round though the spaces are cleared and can be used turn by turn but your actual marker doesn’t come back to you until the end of the round so I don’t think I want to do that right away so I am limited to orange which I’m fine with because my poster would like me to have a small orange piece this tea here the large one would be a bigger rectangle the small ones always cover four spaces large ones six spaces so I can just have one small one Lodge or because my value 7 I can have two small pieces so I think that’s what I’m gonna go for so I need two of these teas there we go and they need to be placed somewhere on my board now our first piece can go anywhere I like every piece after that has to share at least one squares border with another piece and I want to cover spaces to get immediate benefits I can get points money trainer markers to be able to use the powers more and more often and ultimately I want to cover up areas here four points at the end every section here the differently colored sections here differently shaded sections every section that I fill up is worth four points at the end of the game with four tickets so what would I like to do now money is always a concern because at the end of the round I’m gonna have to pay for the highest value color that I have so if I take all oranges that will be five and then on the board we’ve got a 4 and a 2 so nine eleven money and then I’m going another died if it’s a clear dial you have to pay for all the clear ones you take clear though can be any color when you take it for an action so I could be thinking about money because I’m already down for five even if I only said this one orange dye and I just spread out amongst the colors I do have six money then I can’t get posters as well and gems clear gems counters any color I think let’s go in the middle here although this could make it harder to fill up in the end couldn’t it doing it like this let’s go for a lot of money I’m gonna go to cover it down here I’m gonna get the Remo nee and I haven’t covered anything else with that piece there we go so that is three more sorts at nine no that’s pretty good isn’t it and then my next piece needs to at least share a border with this piece I think let’s carry on building along the side here and not leave any gaps so I’m gonna get myself a poster I can either have a poster from the display or from the top of the deck now I could go but this poster here it’s the same magician sooo pale the Magnificent Suhail and when this poster is scored I will get points on it and money so this poster here will be worth 2 points when it’s scored and I only need one piece for it this does need I’ve got these two orange tees it would need a small green as well and a green and orange gem I haven’t got an orange gem at the moment but it would score me eight points and get me two money I think though we could go for a little bit easier here still needs the Green Square and then this one would be good to get later I just wouldn’t be able to score them all at the same time yeah I think I’m gonna get a slightly easier one considering we’re early on in the game we refill the display and so there we go that’s my build action I took a die I put it on a MasterCard and got the benefit there is a bottom side to all the master cars that’s gonna involve scoring at the end of each round that can be thinking about I chose which option are wanted up to the value of my power which was seven because I used a GM to boost it by two and I put my two pieces down and one of them got one got me when he won got me a poster there we go that’s my turn so now we come over to Marty who is in a very similar situation he’s got different master cards he’s got a different trainer Tyler so what would he like to do now rather than being able to boost any die by one he can boost purple dives by two he doesn’t need one for his starting poster though he wants you know a big green so I think whoops no still little mistake Marty doesn’t have any gems there’s no so would he like to travel or would he like to build his camp I think now he can just spend his starting trainer to boost a die by to any die maybe he wants to wait until later though when he’s made the numbers a little bit better I think now he could take these low Purple’s because he can boost up to value three couldn’t he that’s tempting so he could boost this one to a three if he did travel now travel means you you used the color of the die that you were taking for the color of the wagon that you’re moving so he moved this purple wagon three spaces one two three get himself a purple and an orange gem that’s not an amazing action he could stop early and get himself a tenth which is good for scoring multiple posters at once because you need a a pair of poster with a tent and then if it I think to start with though he is just gonna go for building his camp and he is going to go purple he’s hoping to save some money so he grabs a purple one he’s putting it on here to boost its value by two so he is got a value three action so for him unless he wants to spend a gem and then he could build a large piece he is building a small piece here three he could boost it by two with his trainer there and he had to build a load of things straightaway now for purple there is a poster the one’s a small purple and then it wants a large green which is something that Marty wants to do Oh does he wait maybe he wants to do a large green straightaway and then he could get and then he could get that purple yeah he’ll do a green first so I think he’s going to grab yeah he’s gonna take a green dye he’s gonna grab the four and it seems a bit of a waste to put it on here too to change it to any number but it seems like a waste to use a gem as well because he’s not getting the full power out of it he’s gonna put it on here anyway to turn it to a number of his choice so it doesn’t mean he’s gonna have to pay for the value of it trumped it so it’s gonna be five the value for his action which would you know that’s what you need to be able to get a large piece so he’s gonna get a large green piece know that stares he can always choose to take you know this the smaller value and have the small piece instead but he is gonna go for the large one so what would he like he’d get himself a poster and a trainer in this corner that corner it would just be a trainer he doesn’t have to go in the corners of course he could be a bit messier than me cuz he only really to be really neat if you think you’re gonna cover the whole thing don’t you he gets some points and some money I think though yeah a poster and a trainer would be quite nice so he gets himself a trainer from his supply and a poster from the display and he’s gonna take that one that he’d sir in he’s no gems so a purple and a green and he’s halfway there so he needs to put this under anywhere and it only really matters for where he wants to put the tent you will put a tent on one of these spaces and get an immediate benefit I think he wants he’s gonna go for unlocking more trainers I think yeah that’s his job so he has done the same with me he only built one thing he didn’t spend any trainers or anything didn’t earn any money but he has got himself another poster and a second trainer which he can start using from next turn so it’s back to me that’s a bit annoying that I didn’t get another trainer marker I didn’t choose to go over there because my tile needs to trainer markers so I’ll have to get one as soon as I can really which means building more things in the camp and filling that up now if I went for orange again I could take maybe the fall and you know I would have value 9 then you add up all of your previous die so I value knowing for the action so that’s a big and a small piece they would have to be orange still I don’t need any large orange pieces for these what if I just got a small green and then I could do both of these yeah I kind of wish I’d put my poster over there now where the Train his hands gonna go I could do a bit of traveling though what if I just took this this green one I could take the green one and just get a tenth straight away and it’s a really low value dogs in terms of what I’m gonna have to pay out at the end of the round I think I like that idea so I’m going to grab this green one and I’m gonna do a travel action with it where shall I put it I don’t need its value increasing I don’t need its value changing to anything I could sell a gem for two coins I need the green I don’t particularly need the purple right now yeah I’m happy to do that I’ll get two coins for this purple gem and then I need to do a green action value one I’m gonna go for travel so you for every space that you go over that’s got a gem or a poster on it you get yourself a gem or a poster as shown on here the color of the gem that you go over but I am taking a very very short trip because you need to stop on the 10 spaces you can choose to stop early but that’s why I took such a low value dye because I just want this tent straight away so when we come back around now this is a space where you can just zoom past to get yourself a poster so I’m going to take this tent and I put it over any of these spaces on my board and get the benefit from it I’m tempted to take another trainer marker even though that’s not going to match up underneath my performance I’m tempted to take another one so that I can get that train and Walker as soon as possible and get the most use out of it I want to be using it each round so yeah I’m gonna get myself a poster and a trainer marker but we need something in the display for the posters there is something that’s good for me this could be scored on its own if I get another green like it’s called this one on its own then these two as an action together provided I do of powerful enough perform but will see performance very soon so I’m gonna put that there so that it lines up nicely and get myself another trainer marker so one of my two remaining actions I want to be building in the camp again so I can get the use of this which is take another large piece when I do a build so that’s it for me we are going back to Marty who needs to get a small purple piece so he’s gonna need value three for that Oh he’d plant this up already I think he’s taking a value one purple toy and he’s placing it on the plus two making its value three which means he gets a small purple piece so grab that and where does he want to put it there’s not an amazing place for it here though he could get himself a trainer marker and a clear gem that’s quite good and surely he can find something to put in here now for one of his scoring cards he wants a big rectangle of all purple so hopefully he can get something going there so in his trainer marker and a crystal you are limited by the way to three of each crystal if you would get more than that of a color then you just get a coin instead can’t choose to get rid of them four coins it just happens so Marty’s quick turn there he just does another build back to me and what was our planning I want a small green piece downtown and then I want to do a performance yeah so the only green dye that’s available though is gonna be that’s six there so from in terms of money that’s gonna be a bit expensive for me but I can maybe get a few things out of the bill what do I want to sort a small green so I would have to boost it to seven so I could get two smalls because it seems a bit of a waste getting a six if you owe no I can just I could grab the six like this and then we could have a plus one here and then I’ve got value seven oh it’s already seven because I’ve I’m adding the Greens together Oh so that would put me on eight it sure would mean come on how can I just be on nine and get a begginer small so we could we could put it on here and waste the re-roll a bit will not worry rolled there to change it to any value ability so then I would have seven and spending my gem would put me on eight nine so with my value nine I get a large and a small green unless I want to use the power here but I don’t do I want to use this trainer tile over here both of my markers go on it I’m gonna get myself another large piece so that is too large greens and a small one and that is good because I can school large pieces if I can get enough of them so that’s not particularly good for there is it I do have to be touching in some way we could do something like this yeah the first piece will be there and it will be touching and then the second piece can go in the corner I like that yeah let’s do that so I’d get myself two posters two coins and a gem and so always forgetting to fill the display of posters so what would I like if I can get a large orange piece which isn’t a million miles away this one would be nice although it needs gems this one would just need me to get one more small green and doesn’t need any gem so I like that part of it and refill Oh too big perfect that is absolutely perfect it does need a green gem so I’m gonna have to do some traveling get some gems for Olli next round but I do like that as you can once you’ve scored these will rearrange them will see performance very soon I promise you so there we go we’ve got another piece to put down so do I want it all neat up there or do I want to get another benefit right now get a gem yes I want another clear gem okay then so at the end of your turn you trainer markers get taken off the action that they did and get put up near the tent they’re still locked up until the end of the round but anything you took on the main board for example it’s free again for anybody to use after your turn so I did some building again over to Marty for his third action okay Marty wants a ten so he’s gonna need to do some traveling and I think purple is a good way to do it he’s gonna grab this purple one and what would he like a money or a gem clear gem would be dice I think I’m gonna put it on there that’s his third one he’s gonna spend a trainer marker to boost that by two so the value of his action is two three four and now he’s gonna move one two three four so he gets himself a purple gem an orange gem and he landed on this 10th so he grabs this this is gonna need him to spend a gem when he performs where it’s gonna get him seven points and when it’s gonna come down to paying for dice he did take that green five so he’s gonna have to pay at least five but he’s doing a very good job at keeping the price low of these Purple’s now it comes to my final action and I want to do some performing I want to perform twice I have two posters that I oh I can’t there are the way they are oh that’s frustrating I only want to perform once then because I only have two of these oranges and that’s one two three so I just want to do a basic perform I think I could if I had a trainer marker I could use a trainer marker to swap my posters around but the way I’ve done them shouldn’t have put the tent there I did it so I would get the terrain and Marcus or I’d get an extra tile but yeah I could I can wait until next round to perform that’s something to think about and just you know stock up for now I have got some more tents and maybe perform three times at once I could get some more pieces getting value seven five six seven and then another one I could get myself two more small orange pieces and then score maybe three of these at once but you do need a high value in perform Marty’s gonna perform in a minute so he’ll get to see what it entails I think I’m hanging back yeah I’m gonna do some more building so I get value plus one but I don’t really need that I’m getting five seven eight now if I boosted it with my wheel my clear gems I could get a big and a small and that’s something to think about because I could score big pieces four points for each big piece yeah do I do that I could spend to clear gems though and just get two big pieces have a value twelve Oh small pieces help me with the Performing don’t they but big pieces would help me scoring right now yeah I’m gonna go for I’m gonna go big I’m going to spend to clear gems I got myself two big orange rectangles now I am very tempted to just put them up here where they slot in so nicely but at the same time I’m worried that card in future will come out that wanted me to have the biggest orange area and I’m breaking up my orange area I think it’s gonna be okay though this is nice and neat so this gets me a trainer marker which I could use I might as well before the rounds out so I’ll put that there and then we could just keep going yeah I’m gonna get a clear gem back is there anything I’d like to do I think there really is I could swap around my posters for a trainer marker that’s only for building I could spend two money to get into the post I’m full of work posters there that’s going good the opposite way on one of the tracks that is when you take a die immediately flip it over yeah haven’t really got a use for this but hey I’m gonna have three next round so that is a good thing I think so that is how my camp is looking quite good I think and we go over to Marty’s last turn he is going to perform so he is ready I think for oh he isn’t ready to do two so he could just do a really cheap perform he’s only got one big green piece doesn’t he yeah I’m thinking now is it better for him in terms of points to just go and get into the tent and he can score this card which is worth five points for an extra tent but for the purposes of showing you performing he will show you performing so he could take an orange actually just to be cheap because he could get a really powerful performer he took another purple he could take a clear but you have to pay for every clear you take regardless of that that’s in addition to you know your highest colors total so he’s gonna take an orange because what he’s gonna have to pay is his highest color total is five four green he hasn’t really earned much money has he he’s he hasn’t in any so it’s a good job he’s gone cheap so he’s gonna take this orange for he’s gonna perform now performing doesn’t care about the color of dice that you took it does in terms of working out your total but for the action itself you just take your top hat and move to the value that you’re taking so Marty has powerful and this tells you you can perform once so you need to select a pair of a poster and a tent and score it if you’ve satisfied the criteria you can you have the pieces in your camp and you can pay for the gems so this doesn’t have a gem cost and Marty does have those two pieces in his camp so he can score the better one he could choose to score the worst one coin but I don’t think he needs it so he’s gonna score this one he’s gonna perform the Magnificent Larissa is gonna perform I should say and she is going to draw in five cash paying audiences audience members and so Marty is going to get five points no money to speak of there this gets kept face down because master Carlton might reference the posters that you have completed underneath as well we have a GM requirement of a clear gem but Marty gets seven more points from that so he’s on 12 we do not get rid of the tents that after performing you are free to rearrange your posters so Marty could put this one underneath and get another seven coins seven points but I think he’s gonna be worried about coins and extra and so he’s gonna leave that right there and that is the end of Marty’s perform can he do anything with his trainers though he’s got two left over just noticed he should have had a coin from the MasterCard he does have three coins left over so I think he’s gonna spend two of them yeah I’ll spend two of he’ll spend one marker and two of his coins to grab himself another poster so these are the ones that he’s got available he he does have the green the purple ally who gets a big purple and that would score seven yeah that’s quite good I think because one of Marty scoring cards as well is going to be for every different poster that you have up here you know there are different magicians performing although you know the same magician is performing different things need different shapes and stuff the fair having four different magicians appear Marty could score a five I should say I do apologize Marty could score himself the full twenty points of that at some point in a future round so yeah he’s gonna take that poster now we have the end of the round first of all we have payment so you need to work out your highest value color mine is orange or green I need to pay seven basically but I have earned myself a lot of cash so I’ve got a lot left over if you can’t pay for your dykes you lose points in the first round you lose a point per coin you couldn’t spend and second road you lose two points in the third round you lose three points so you really want to be on top of your money if we’ve taken any clear dive so it can be very useful because you can use them as any color you would also have to pay for those but we didn’t so Martis highest color is only five it’s green so he just needs to pay the five there but that is almost all of his cash next up the person who is furthest up on the performance track gets to choose a new MasterCard and train a tile and so you are thinking about what you want as a bonus in the future in terms of the tile and on the top of the card but also you’re gonna get to score one of your existing cards or the new card that you take so Marty’s on top so he’s gonna get to choose first so scoring orange charles no good different posters he only got two trainer tokens he’s got three of those there would be nine points but I think he could just score his 2/10 and that would be ten points it does lose a nice power but everything else he hasn’t got a great way of scoring so let’s think in terms of the power and scoring in the future so this benefit would get you a poster when you you know use the when you put the dye on it for a turn this will let you turn two gems into a trainer token and then it scores trainer tokens all Marty likes that he’s getting that I think it does mean that so thinking in terms of the trainer tiles this would let you spend a trainer tile and then get a point for every completed poster every performed poster that could be good as well or what about a trainer token and for each one you spend you get +1 one trainer token gets you plus three but only on a travel that’s the one he’s getting with this I think that’s what he’s going for yeah he is gonna grab those so this goes on his space here and this will go in with his cards but he’s gonna score one in a minute now only in a two-player game if there is a space gap in between the people on the performance track the first player also discards our set so I am gonna have what I take define for me basically I think to you know encourage you to perform and make sure there isn’t a huge gap left between you but I did leave a gap so it’s going to be Marty getting rid of stuff now you can see I’ve got four orange tiles and this boosts orange dice and stuff and lets you scoop perform posters what he’s getting rid of that he does not want me to have that so what I am getting is the power to get more posters not great for me right now because I’m full up but it does give me plus one and I can spend multiple training tokens to do that so not all bad but yeah he has gotten rid of the best thing for me next up we need to score and discard a master card so you are thinking in terms of what’s gonna get me the most points but also which benefits um I okay we’re losing so I could do this right now I’ve only got two I’ve got three different magicians so I could get myself twelve points from getting rid of the card I just got this lets you do your highest total which would be seven for me plus a clear any cleared are you took dice but yeah not great that would just get me seven points a point for every large piece I do have four large pieces so that would be sixteen points almost the maximum it does get rid of my lovely plus one power though this would let me pay four points up to seven times spent up to seven coins I do have I have six coins so I could buy eighteen points with this but I would kind of like my money for now filling up Rose this scores seven points for each up to three I think I’m gonna be able to do that pretty soon I think I’m gonna score the big pieces card I don’t want to get rid of this but yes it has to be scored so that is going to be four points for every large piece for eight twelve sixteen points almost the maximum so there we go I jump into the lead but that’s gonna be short-lived I think because now we come over to Marty he’s not going to score his trainer Marcus yet this is small pieces that he scores he’s only got one different posters that’s just too tense is just too as well so he can either get ten from the tents there’s no limit to the ten so if he saved that to the end he could get twenty five points from that card he could just do the posters now for eight and lose the ability to get a clear Jim yeah that’s what that’s what he’s gonna do so he’s gonna get eight points for this so that puts him on twenty and his new card can just slot in it there so now we need to slide down our hats and keep the relative order so I’m gonna stay start player then we need new cards and tiles for the master area see what’s available here we got some orange things this is copy the ability of another master card that’s quite nice we’ve got plus two but just for your performance we’ve got good get a clear gem and double the effect of all bonuses that you get from one tile you place in the build action everybody gets their trainer markers back and then the start player which is me has to gather up all of the dice and roll them to start a brand new round nothing the best way to finish off part one was with a big clumsy 100 dice roll there we go that’s what’s going to be available for round two so I’m gonna finish this video here you’ve seen all of the different actions if you’d like to stick with the game though and see how it plays out I’m gonna go all the way to the end in part two if you have seen enough and would just like to know what I think they’ll be a link to that coming up on the screen or it’s in the description right now if you’re particularly impatient today but thank you very much for watching there are hundreds of playthroughs on this channel hopefully you’ll find out another one that is of interest if you would like to help me keep making these videos are it’s only possible thanks to the support of my patrons to and I’ll see you wherever you end up bye [Music]

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