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THE MILANO Explained!

August 21, 2019

Used for Interstellar flight by the Guardians
of the Galaxy, Peter Quill’s Ravager M-ship, the Milano, is a versatile spacecraft capable
of scavenging, combat, and personnel transportation. Lovingly naming The Milano after his childhood
80’s star crush, Alyssa Milano, Peter Quill uses the spacecraft as his primary living
quarters and refuge after his desertion from the Ravager crew. The ship’s upper flight deck is equipped
to comfortably accommodate a crew of five, as well as providing living quarters in the
cabin’s lower level. Peter has outfitted the cabin with various
trinkets from his childhood, most notably, a hand-crafted tape deck integrated into the
ship’s sound system. In combat, the Milano is extremely agile,
and comes with an armament of high-powered twin-mounted plasma canons. The ship was designed with less high-tech
components than other M-ships in the Ravager fleet, allowing Quill to have more hands-on
control, while using the ship as a canvass to recreate the childhood he left behind on

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  1. i wonder why the Milano has the same turbine system that the helicarriers and the vulture's wings

  2. Okay, what kind of engineering experience did Star lord get to build a tape deck on to a spacecraft? Either way, Tony Stark would be proud.

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