The Most Powerful Stormtrooper Types and Divisions [Legends] – Star Wars Explained
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The Most Powerful Stormtrooper Types and Divisions [Legends] – Star Wars Explained

August 24, 2019

Imperial Stormtroopers were the most recognizable
ground forces of the Empire’s military, and while the standard white armored troopers
made up the backbone of Palpatine’s iron military fist, they were far from the strongest
units within the Stormtrooper corps itself. We’ll go over a few categories as some of
these troopers only specialized in certain aspects of combat, from precise combat abilities
to brute force. When it comes to sheer, overwhelming firepower
that category likely goes to the Phase 3 Dark Trooper. This was the final phase of the Dark Trooper
project, which created what was said to be one of the most powerful set of trooper armor
ever produced during its time period. While capable of being used on its own as
it contained a droid A.I. brain, the Phase 3 Dark Trooper armor was most effective when
used as an exoskeleton for a highly trained organic soldier. At a height of nearly 3 meters and having
some of the strongest armor ever produced, this suit was compared to being a walking
tank. Not only that, but it also contained a jetpack
allowing the trooper to quickly catch up to its fleeing prey. When it came to weapons, the dark trooper
suit had mounted mini missile launchers within its shoulder pads and hidden wrist mounted
blasters. Their greatest firepower however came from
the assault cannon that they were equipped with. The assault cannon was essentially a giant
chain gun that fired massive blaster bolts that could cut through nearly any body armor
and building material it came into contact with. A few were even equipped with missile launchers
as well. The only real way to stand a chance against
the barrage from an assault cannon was with a personal energy shield, but even then that
would only buy someone just a few extra seconds. And while this dark trooper was nearly unkillable
with the armor at full power, if the suit were to get disabled by some means, then it
would leave the trooper inside nearly useless. As a few cases the trooper was cybernetically
infused into the suit, but even if they were able to get out, they had no weapons to use,
as the heavy assault cannon was far too heavy for any Human to pick up and use on their
own. But nonetheless, the Phase 3 Dark Trooper
was the most powerful in terms of raw firepower and brute force, with a few special units
being created for different task forces, like the Inquisitorium dark troopers who worked
alongside the Inquisitors, though its unknown of any special modifications within their
armor. Aside from being vulnerable to E.M.P type
weapons, the phase 3 dark trooper armor was also extremely expensive, with estimates at
about a few billion per suit, which is one of the reasons they were never mass produced
beyond a few dozen units. The next category will look at stormtroopers
who have the highest combat training and whose’ abilities aren’t fully reliant by the armor
they wore. For this we’ll look at Imperial commandos,
Nova Troopers, Imperial heavy troopers, and Stormtrooper commanders, as they all had a
high fighting prowse and combat expertise within their respective fields. Imperial Commandos were the Empire’s counterparts
to the Republic Commandos. Nearly all the members of this special unit
were clone veterans of the clone wars, and as such had vast experience in the field of
combat. While they wore specialized armor that enhanced
some of their abilities, their main strength came from their expert training and experienced
sharpshooting and close combat skills, which were so refined that they were typically tasked
in hunting down Jedi survivors. Their teamwork among their squads was second
to none when compared to other stormtrooper divisions, which made them very deadly in
groups. Nova Troopers on the other hand were specially
trained to perform essentially any task that was required of them, from covert ops missions
to operating in the front lines alongside regular troopers. Nova Troopers were highly decorated stormtroopers
who were recognized for their superb adaptability to nearly any situation they were put in. Because of this, they were often the personal
guards of high ranking Imperial officers and were the main on-the-ground forces among civilians
whenever Emperor Palpatine made public appearances and addresses. Although they were honorary soldiers who were
capable of a wide range of specialities, they only wore regular stormtrooper armor that
was merely painted black and gold, which made their abilities even more impressive as their
adaptability came solely from their physical and mental strength rather than their equipment. Imperial Heavy Troopers were highly specialized
soldiers who excelled in close quarters combat, so much so that they were even able to compete
with trained force sensitives and low tier Jedi. They were also known to be able to take down
Wookiees and other naturally strong aliens. Their armor gave them extra protection toward
physical weapons and they were almost always armed with electro staffs. Then we have the Stormtrooper Commanders. These were the successors of the Republic’s
ARC troopers, and were regarded to be the Empire’s best soldiers who weren’t genetically
or cybernetically enhanced, as they wore just regular stormtrooper armor that typically
had blue markings on them. Due to their superb fighting prowse and leadership
abilities, stormtrooper commanders were the superiors of nearly every other stormtrooper
division within the corps, with even Shadow troopers taking orders from them. Although they were remarkably skilled as soldiers,
due to not being enhanced in any way or given special equipment, they were usually ineffective
toward unique enemies such as Jedi or force users in general. And as a bonus in this category, we have the
Guardsman Stormtroopers. While these guys weren’t technically within
the Stormtrooper corps, as they were just Royal Guards with the same armor on that was
just painted red, it is important to note that they likely were the best trained soldiers
to ever wear stormtrooper armor. Royal guards in general were as powerful as
one could humanly possibly get without having the force, with them excelling in every regard
from close quarters combat to marksmanship. And them wearing regular stormtrooper armor
just made their jobs easier as they wore armor that was more practical for traditional combat
roles. The final category in this video will go over
specialized stormtroopers who had characteristics that made them extremely dangerous in their
own unique ways and possibly the most effective in specific situations. First are the Terror Troopers. They were an experimental class of stormtroopers
who were cybernetically modified to be outfitted with cloaking equipment that allowed them
to turn completely invisible at will. On top of that, their modifications gave them
deadly claws in their hands as well as the ability to perform superhuman feats, such
as moving at incredibles speeds and jumping meters high in the air. They were usually used for assassination missions,
but were also known to combat force users. Next are the Shadow EVO troopers. These guys were shadow troopers who wore specialized
armor that gave them the same abilities as EVO troopers, which allowed them to survive
in some of the most hazardous environments imaginable as well as provide them additional
protection toward blasters. As a result, these shadow EVO troopers were
able to operate their stealth missions in far more environments than their regular shadow
trooper counterparts. Finally we have the Cuis clone stormtroopers. These guys were cloned stormtroopers who were
created from a former Emperor’s Hand. As a result, they were all born with the ability
to manipulate the force and were trained in lightsaber combat by Darth Vader. The force allowed them to perform abilities
that no other stormtrooper could, and it gave them an edge when facing Jedi and other enemies
of the Empire that were force sensitive. While they were powerful in fighting, due
to the complicated nature of cloning force sensitives and the dark side in general, all
of these force sensitive stormtroopers were ultimately killed by Vader after they were
corrupted to turn on their masters. As a result, the idea of creating force sensitive
stormtroopers was abandoned.

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  1. We had some issues with the audio, so it may sound a bit off. But aside from that, we're going to start posting a lot more regularly now as college finals have finished 🙂

  2. You should have added the Zero G assault Stormtroopers, Hazard Stormtroopers, Purge Troopers Legends , armored Stormtroopers and Shock Troopers.

  3. am i the only one thinking terror troopers heavily resemble Grievous? the mask, the shoulder plates, clawed boots and kneepads shaped very similarly

  4. Actually the red stormtrooper armor the royal guard said wore were very advanced and had greater protection then any of the other armors as I recall.

  5. You are wrong about the Dark Troopers. They were droids, and only phase 3 could be used as an exosuit. There was also only one completed Phase 3 unit and it was aboard the Arc Hammer.

  6. I wish he had brought up the fact that the phase 3 dark troopers armor was made of an alloy called phrick, which was lightsaber resistant

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    SUGGESTION: please do Warhammer 40k: TYRANID hive fleet VS Star Wars: YUUZHAN VONG Invasion fleet each with equal biomass & in an equal setting.
    No one has dun this yet!!

  8. but alot of imperial guards were force sensitives, im pretty sure thats was one of the requirements to get into the elite guard training program

  9. It was a huge mistake to abandon the Dark Trooper project. If I was the Emperor I would have damned sure all my Royal Guards and a few others were made into them.

  10. Star Wars is Skyrim meets Fallout in that there are giant cat people (Cathar:Khajiit) giant lizard people (Trandosians:Argonians) A group of Rebels fighting an Empire (RebellionVsEmpire) and yet it some how takes place in both the past and the future (Fallout is a futuristic 1950s). Also there’s the giant suit of armor (power armor;Republic blaze trooper/phase III dark trooper. Also the Synth are basically battle droids. And MacCready from Fallout 4 always reminded me of Han Solo.

  11. Lets not forget the Snowtroopers, whose combat bonus in arctic conditions is so overpowered, they can defeat rebel armies that are supported by the entire main cast in spite of the main cast's severely overpowered Plot Armor bonus.

  12. Imperial Commandos are batter than any other non-cybernetic stormtropers because they are pure republic era clone veterans, they even wear the same armor they used to when they served the republic. Unlike the shitty plastic suits the hopelessly undertrained stormtroopers are stuck with..

  13. inquisitorium dark trooper…
    they have the strongest and largest armor…
    holy shit….

    for the emperor!
    dark troopers are the closest thing star wars has to space marines?

  14. Maybe Palpatine shouldn't have built the damn Death Star so he could've built his own version of the Mobile Infantry.

  15. No Radtroopers, no Scout troopers, no Zero-G troopers & no Death Troopers? I find your lack of mentioning these types disturbing. .

  16. Imagine being a rebel and ya see a dark trooper fly over the hill and shoot most of your squad dead and fucking head butt you

  17. I think Nova troopers are better than Stormtrooper commanders.

    I also think that Nova troopers, Heavy stormtroopers and stormtrooper commanders became Royal Guards, as royal guards were chosen from the best of the best.

  18. For all these special fodder bois one must remember that the white fodder bois have the greatest power of them all. There will always be more of them.

  19. The phase 3 dark trooper armor white the person inside
    Looks like power armor from fallout brother hood of steel

  20. Even though the average regular stormtrooper may be very weak, these types of troopers redeem the galactic empires reputation of having a weak military. I'm glad👍🏽

  21. Those dark troopers are awesome. Though I am heavily biased by a Halo/Fallout inspired fondness for power armour.

  22. I'mma gonna go with the dark troopers, imperial commandos,and the Nova troopers in my opinion are most dangerous and skillful units in the empire

  23. There was one clone that actually hold it a lightsaber that was still alive after that he had he I think he was the leader of the five-oh-first not sure but he was able he made a commitment Darth Vader that he will kill his own team if he and himself fell again he is a great stormtrooper probably one of the best I would actually my opinion he's the best of all the Stormtroopers and his team I'll actually tell you the truth he's my favorite stormtrooper I'm on all of these

  24. I personally think imperial commandos should have been replaced by death trooppers since they were like the null class clone. A one man army

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