The most Spiritual band in Australia – Unicorns With Jetpacks
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The most Spiritual band in Australia – Unicorns With Jetpacks

August 16, 2019

Hello Hello there, my name is Leonidas and this is the energy previously known as Matthew. Now just an energy. and yeah we have a band called Unicorns with Jetpacks. Which is kind of funny really because I think unicorns can fly by themselves, they
don’t really need jetpacks. but when they’re emitting rainbows, I mean that’s pretty
cool. Rainbow steams, nebulas – flying through nebula clouds galaxies black holes whatever. the scope of thought is infinite. The imagination is in such a higher
realm of existence It’s the spiritual realm. It’s the gateway to cosmic understanding and awareness. yeah I think what’s unique about our
band, is that we don’t create art like normal creative people would think of art We actually channel everything we do from a higher dimension so it’s actually
you guys that write the songs it’s not us, in fact it’s the universe, it’s
everything.. coming down and manifesting into this physical plane
which we call the material world Yer exactly, we’re not responsible at all really We just provide a resistance-less vessel for the universe to speak through Which I think is really important I think the universe has been silent for a long time and I think it’s just time for the universe to speak So I’m happy to provide my services of being a psychic, and a clairvoyant and a channeller – and a shaman, don’t forget that. Haven’t reached shaman level yet Not in this life time – not in this lifetime We both used to be shamans in a past life I think we were actually rival
shamans I think we we’re rivals in different parts of the Amazon. Which just was interesting because I think that that rivalry now has turned into like more of a camaraderie and kind of our our energies are so
perfectly balanced in the opposite sphere We’ve taught each other a lot of
things. We’re mirrors for each other You have a lot to learn from your past,
not only this lifetime but previous lifetimes. And when you learn to
deal with those issues and those traumas, you can move forward and then growth
just keeps happening keeps going. I’ve taken on the role of more of a magician in this life.. so that of a wizard, an explorer of the higher realms, of the higher dimensions of consciousness And I’m bringing that about understanding, that
knowledge, and that magic into the physical plane. And I’ve chosen to be – yeah – a healer and basically, I think I’m being pulled back to shamanism. I’m doing
a complete 180 and one 360. We’re not in control of our destinies, of our paths, they come to us. yeah, people are holding on so tightly, aren’t they? It’s fear, its insecurity it’s like .. “If I just completely let go… If I completely let go.. where am I going to end up? you know? It’s the unknown. That’s right. You don’t need to reach a
future state of “success”. The futures’ only in the mind. It doesn’t exist, it’s a construct. Yeah man, just be a froth lord. Be a froth-Lord, be a Scat-Lord, be whatever the hell you want to manifest When you surrender to the universe, your
higher path naturally comes to you. That’s right. Surrender to the universe
baby. I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from this –
We met an actual fairy at Rainbow Serpent. Like an actual fairy.. People have fairy like characteristics.. And I’m not talking about a costume here.. It’s funny cause you meet a lot of – like –
kind of “muggles” at festivals and they kind of exist completely at that sort of surface area They’ll come up to you and then make a
comment about what you’re wearing. and it’s like, “yeah, you’re very
observant”. Yer thank you for pointing out the the plain bloody obvious in the physical existence.. It’s like, if I want to wear a dress,
If I want to wear an Indian headdress If you want to think that’s cultural
appropriation, I say Well, how do you know I didn’t used to be an Indian in a past life? Life is actually just…. and we don’t
really need to give it a name. That’s so profound man.

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  1. Wow! you guys are so enlightened i can see your auric fields through the computer. So shiny! such wisdom! Is there a unicorns with jetpacks disciple following?

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