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September 26, 2019

Parents today face
more challenges than ever, you know, protecting
their kids from social media, uh, bullying, lion attacks. Uh, and, yes, that
doesn’t happen in America yet, but they’ll find a way
over here. Trust me. So, to help parents out,
Desi Lydic returns with her recurring segment,
The Parent Rap. -♪ ♪
-(cheering and applause) Trevor, I’m not just a parent. I’m also a mom. (laughter) (laughter, scattered applause) That’s right. Thank you.
It’s God’s work. But tonight,
I want to talk about the problem with helicopter parenting, because today’s parents
are way too overprotective. Like yesterday
at the playground, this mom wouldn’t let her kid
play with mine -because he was too rough.
-You know, actually, I agree with you completely,
Desi. Sometimes kids get hurt
on the playground, -and that’s part of life.
-Yeah. Exactly. But when my kid stabs
another kid with a screwdriver, suddenly I’m banned
from chaperoning field trips. I’m sorry.
Did you say, “Stabbed”? Yeah. Desi, Jr. plays hopscotch
to win. (laughter) Look, the point is parents
have gotten way too fearful, and now it’s starting
to ruin people’s lives. I mean, just listen
to this story I heard last week
that broke my heart. A group of concerned mothers
reported a man in a park in Clairemont asking children
if they wanted a magic wand. Steve Coy says it was all
a big misunderstanding there. He says he has been handing out
these handcrafted wands for years. MAN 2:
They’re colorful, shiny -and meticulously crafted.
-COY: Each wand takes about a half an hour to make. MAN:
The mothers of several young children
he approached posted the encounter
on the Nextdoor app. They say his actions are
inappropriate and concerning. This makes me so mad. A gentle artist wants
to give children free toys, and these moms call the cops
on him? I hope their husbands cheat on
them with their hottest nanny. -I do. -Wow.
(laughter, groaning) Wow. Okay. Well… Like… But I don’t know, Desi. Like, maybe we should be
a little suspicious of a random man
trying to give toys to kids. Oh, Trevor,
what if we had that attitude back when Disney started? Oh, a grown man asking children
to come into his big playground filled with dark tunnels and a giant duck
who’s not wearing any pants. (laughter) I won’t lie.
When you say it like that, it actually makes Walt Disney
sound pretty sketchy. Like… Well, yeah, but if you get
to know him, the only thing that you’ll find in his heart is
children’s dreams and some Nazi paraphernalia. (laughter) And you won’t find anything on
this kindly wizard man, either. I mean, you tell me.
Does this sound creepy? MAN: While they may not be able
to conjure spells, Steve Coy says
they do have a certain power. COY:
I’m not rich, but the amount of pleasure
I can give a human being by giving him a magic wand
is… precious. (laughter, groaning) Uh… I’m-I’m gonna say,
yeah, that sounds creepy. (laughter) He wants to pleasure kids
with these magic wands? (laughter, clamoring) He has so much more
to offer children than that. MAN: In addition to the wands,
for 25 years, he’s been handing out these. COY:
My fun pass is what usually gets me
in big trouble. MAN:
The fun pass. COY:
The side effects include dancing, happiness,
laughter and euphoria. I mean, how can anybody go wrong
with that? See, Trevor,
this sweet soul just wants to give our children fun passes, and these moms want
to lock him away? I’m sorry.
I-I don’t mean to get emotional. It’s just…
(sniffles) I just hope all their husbands
drive off a cliff with their hottest nannies. What’s…
what’s up with these nannies? Anyway, like, fine, Desi.
Okay, you know what? Maybe I’m being
a little too suspicious, and, like,
he’s just an innocent guy who wants to make the world
a better, fun place. Yes, he is…
just one kid at a time. COY: This one girl–
she was like ten. I gave her a fun pass,
and she was so nice. And I said,
“Oh, my gosh, you know what? “I have a magic wand
for you in my car. Let me go get it.
You stay here.” And then… “But I can’t give it to you
unless your mom says it’s okay.” Okay, I’m gonna say
that’s hella creepy. -What?!
-Desi, he literally said, “I have a magic wand
for you in my car.” Yeah, but only
if the mom says it’s okay. That’s being a gentleman. Look, all I’m saying is, if we let ourselves be ruled
by fear, we’ll deprive our children
of any spontaneous joy. It’s just
common sense parenting. Okay, fine, Desi.
So let me ask you this. Are you willing to take your kid
to that park and let him play with Mr. Wand? Of course, Trevor. As soon as I get custody back,
first stop. Desi Lydic, everyone.

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