THE POWER OF FIRE | Clone Drone #6
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THE POWER OF FIRE | Clone Drone #6

September 14, 2019

it was sheer agony that I couldn’t defeat any of the lelvel – Well, I could but not a whole lot of them I got a slight bit into it, and then I just kept dying over and over and over again So, I’m out of practice, and I don’t – I’m not good at this game but I want to be because I want to progress I wan’t to see – Noooo! No, no, no, I did not mean to click that *Explosion SFX and intence action music* Okay, relax calm down! So, there is new stuff in the game There’s: Story Mode is what it was before, but there’s more added on to it, and I want to see more of that But again, passing the levels I suck, but there’s also challenges now So there’s the ‘Inferno Challenge’ 10 brutally hard levels that will set you on fire I’d fucking lit fam…but you get flame breath as a reward ‘Random Upgrade Challenge’ Happy Construction Day Upgrade Bot Can you beat level 20? So you just get random upgrades as you go. ‘Bow Only Challenge’ ‘Hammer Challenge’ and ‘Kick Only Challenge’ Can you kick these ten levels? I kind of want to try the ‘Inferno Challenge’ *Robot announcer speeks* “Kerry Harison” *Jack mimics robot voice* Kerry Harrison *Jack mimics robot voice* Kerry Harrison Age: 50 (Singing) Burn baby burn, disco inferno! *Jack Laughs* Nice right, so what are these gonna be like? Be like God these dudes are flamey sword Are you guys are cool AHH! Ah motherfucker. He blocked it *chuckles* favorite human ah Shut up f*** off yes here. We go. Yeah needs 21. I’m gonna do better this time There’s a fire. I need to figure out the tactics *weird sound* know don’t fucking die again already. You sort of a bitch fuck ARE YOU F****** serious okay? Hey, Doc. That’s not time for me. That’s not for me Inferno challenge not for me the Crack let’s just try story mode again and see how far we can get without sucking like all of the ass I mean some ass needs to be sucked every now and then They think we can do a bit better than we did last time hopefully cuz there’s new stuff in the game now. I think The Hammer is more powerful, but slower what up its ad blocker Rose or sad into extinct off Okay, I forget how to block in this game. Is it just lending still We’re like backing off away from them or something like that. I can’t remember um Yessssss flame Breath Fire Hammer Fire arrows unlocked by Bow Only Challenge. ah tits maybe I should do the bow only challenge Like Arrows kick clone because there’s a lot of stuff now. We get fire sword I I Want fire sword I want to see what this is like What so what’s the difference can I like throw flames at people or something? No, oh the hammer guys are scary, so actually set you on fire Yeah Good for me. Yes it does nice hahaha Fuck you. Fuck you falling up. Yeah Fire sword is good. [okay] So what I have to do is to hit them and then they just fall into pieces That’s what I like. I like that. I like that thing. now is a spot. Yeah. It was fun See make a wonderful week, okay, whatever What am I getting next? burns Brighter, but not gonna lie Mr. Upgrade bot. that is Tantalizing, but maybe a bow I can’t get fire arrows. Oh, I really want the fire arrows Let me get a cone just in case It’s called home drone in the danger zone not fire thrown swords in their creators are talking this guy didn’t even have anything Just standing there. He’s in my way get out of my way, okay? Who has the fuck? What I get hit by. Did I get hit by a bomb Motherfucker I chopped off that spiders legs Didn’t even have that much going on for him anymore He sends his over there fartin’ out bombs wadda a piece of shit imma get him I mess up his world. I’m gonna make him regret the day he ever came across Jack Esquire (WTF) ha Are you still not dead? MUTHER O’ CHRIST! WHOO Lot to kill and there’s very little time to do it You messed that guy off anyway at least you’re dead now Come on. Come on. You Wanna. You wanna wrestle you want to twist those Whoa, do you see I? Got this I got it ain’t nothin but a thing oh whereizy what’s he doing going? Yeah? Victory Nice work cumin shouldn’t [I] get a bow. I don’t want to bow I want to do the bow thing and get some fire arrows Firearrows to be awesome stick one of their faces ad melts in their old head like a terminator So cool. What do I need? Probably more clones, but fire sword too At this rate. [I] have a feeling I’m not going to do a whole lot. Well, so I kind of just want you a See, what upgrades we can get and test them out. We are once more Hold the fury of the check box. Oh fuck Yeah, these were the ones these where the one Yes, look at him. Oh you ain’t gonna be fucking jetbackin’ no more bitch wow why did that go so well. It shouldn’t have God I love the fire sword you touch someone with this is burning As you’d expect that of course oh, oh This looks all kinds of fucking bad. Oh, oh I’m gonna [kick] our araldite first cuz they suck oh, god oh, god oh, god. Oh, oh fuck fuck no I Have a cold, but if you fall into the pit of doom, it’s all over there are no more. I think I already failed it [hahahahaha] Ok who’s left so the firing bombs? Oh? There’s a spider dude upstairs Hahahaha fuck you, wha? Get off on a fucking hole I wish this human would die hello, it would be neat a choice. You choose that sucks I want another phone. I don’t trust myself where sword is good fire. So is going to carry me to victory. Yes We’re go in the Danger Zone. Oh What but through here what what’s behind magical door number, two? Oh? Christ I know what? wow, I got to I’m gonna take out a bowl again Jeff So you get someone? Fuck what I hate the hatters House of pain to do explain everywhere, ha got him got him got e oh? Shit, oh shit snacks O dicks Ok I hit him hit him Jack what come on. Oh? Feeling good. I think [I’m] level 10 we’ll get to the good shit Hello, I think after level 10. I get back to date the new level. Haha Alright hahahaha Oh, you kick now. I should use that Okay, okay, wait for it yep Fuck you throw shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh Shut up to it So heads are better than one what? Fuck you taking up your leg All right, you have your other night This is going well, or is it too calm. This is going. I still have another cone as well for sorry to try So big I don’t like the spider trons Ca1 I want better Arrows, but all I can get our arrow wit I? Guess I should get energy Kick get up recover quickly from being knocked over It’s not really useful yet energy capacity compared to ours Hey, you want to go tactic. Take it? I’m loss to required for Po oh oh That was a complete waste then oh no, oh ha ha ha ha ha ha Here we go Take [down] that link back. Oh Maybe maybe to get up one would have actually been really good. Yeah, you’re right guys You fuckin stand it Fuck you. Fuck. You fuck everything new yeah, I yoga hard fuck Fuck fuck yes, oh The Gods smile upon me this day Come on dude. Can you just die for me? Yeah, yikes there. We go right, okay cool cool What are you doing? Where you going? Hell [Go ask the devil what he thinks] Can you maybe die? Yes! too young for this! What are we doing then? maybe another Clone. Can’t get kick power because I need to kick only challenge for that I I got this How long does it take to create [or] something about nine months to create the first version let several years to teach it how come? hahaha Was this do anything? oh shit Ok here’s what there’s one that’s better than none, too. That’s a big hammer, bro So I don’t got him got him good whoa fuck ok It’s a lot of hot her but now I could use my bow which is good you guys suck I thought I might die here, but I think it’s after this level that we start seeing new things So that’ll be sad if I died here Okay only this guy left Fuck Fuck huh, he’s very scary. Oh. He’s a big boy. That’s some pig. That’s a pretty baby right there shit Fuck leave me alone. Leave me alone. Leave me alone. Leave me alone. Leave me alone. Leave me alone. Leave me alone I just want to do is run hit him once crap ok I got his leg ah Don’t be afraid just get stuck in walls to amend time to set fire to the human space station. Oh no, no, no tengo big boss doing Yay, they’re helping me ok cool Because this is where the story mode ended the very the first time I played the game you got the level 10 and then nothing happened after that You guys taking me? can I move? Okay, I’ll see if I could swing at them and kill them and then fuck myself over I don’t know why I tried now wait my brain. Go there, okay? FRIEND! Harvest complete to Destroy the base end of chapter 2 to be continued It ends there again anyway Well fuck me man. I thought it’d be more That sucks. Okay. I’m gonna try the ball only child. We look clean louie. [oh], shit, I Only have a Bowl what they don’t oh No, this is awful. I three titanium The egg is the end of me this is where everything stops And if I mislike to wait all day to be able to shoot again, oh dick [okay], good. Good. Good good. I’ve nothing else. Have no kicks. I’ve no swords alrighty fuck you dude um excuse my fee What? Can you just tie a deck? please believe I can follow my upgrades pretty well unless this is like the max I can get There we go finally What is he everything all if you can get them upgrade from my bow and then I can follow them all into the Bowl Time for your can I just–can I? can’t Energy capacity yet three arrows or I can still get kick and jet pack. That’s nice. Maybe I get those next Probably should have gotten them now. Oh oh oh [go] fast go fast go fast did it get him? And so they all dead hi nothing now. He is I? Am out of here very nice then all right. I’m on level 5 right That’s pretty good. [I] got some [bowl] upgrade my arrows recharge faster. I have a kick The kick is really helpful now I can actually kick dudes into these as [well] Yeah Yeah, oh energy recharges the jab oh That was very very close closer than I would have liked now Here we go and both of you life Or neither that’s fine. Dude. You need a hand You need a helping hand Fuck you, hahahahaha, holy shit. Who’s awesome Were you coming out? No, where are your mom and Dad? This is going quite. Well. I got better at the gate showing off. I have to pull doubt any of my hair yet That’s good. I like that. I don’t have a cone Can I kill my own clone? I wonder done? Hmm. What else should I get energy capacity energy recharge I? Think the recharge is good. Oh my God Thanks, dude. That actually helps a lot. Oh You shouldn’t raise your arms like that. Oh It’s like a free hit Wow This is good. He owes [me] a lot. That’s right. Oh. God that must be her Bottom fun what your back human. Thank you. I’m gold here. Yeah Uh energy capacity are a whip You should get arrow wit. Ya, I don’t know I kind of feel like you should just be stocking up on clones Yeah, that was cool Okay to bring it in Kickbox. I haven’t faced Kickbox yet So [I] I’m going to buy more clones because this might be where I get fucked over. Oh, yeah Okay, cuz Kickbox can do that, and that’s fucking bad. Oh yep. Yep. Yep, yep yep, yep fuck oh This is really fucking bad because when they kick you already get not like you take a while to get back up. Oh Shit, I need you. I need to tell those kick parts immediately Ok ok ok doing well doing well doing good doing tasty doing freshly shit You motherfucker you can just it is right in there human Dick I? Hope I don’t have to do that again What’s here? I may, I get out of here. We’re apparently this Ok wreck old we should we’re doing really well on five thousand oaks war II seriously Ok I’m getting to get up things so I can get a faster when I get knocked down because that’s what dicked me over that Time Celeb another cone I’m determined fire everywhere Don’t worry [ok] sword Fox wheel clicks out ok fire everywhere that means more time for more clones They can still get two more after this I’m determined. I’m gonna do it I i feel at this time. I’m ready. I’m eager. Oh shit, not these guys I hate those guys Okay, I blew that up and you get rid of these Because these are gonna fuck me off and knock me over and everything and I really don’t want that And these guys can block my arrows like really really well Bull shit. Oh shit. Oh shit He’s still not in [okay]. You fell over that’s good. That’s that’s very that’s very good Can he died no? It’s what I want to know Yes, he can he can actually die really really well quack stop deflecting my shit fucking House I boo boo boo But when I went super bad that was a terrible idea Hey, I need to take out you as well You fuck off. Oh, god. Oh, God oh, God Call back that way Jackie a nincompoop Because I need to kick down those dudes and then fire out some but I can’t do that with the soon with two of them and a hammer bro going around Makes it to hurt degree if you just ran into that I mean yeah like that, but more [okay], [okay], [okay]? [okay]? What’s happening? What’s happening fuck? Christ almighty, no just happy the end. I was just about to do something I’m level 10 there has to be something after this hey what have you spending that or something no? Fuck you! Fuck yeah, oh This human is a beast, i agree Go still not human At least i can still use my… I’m not diamond how many levels do i have to do? 20, 15? Typical I think it’s 15, and then I get the the fire arrows. That’s too much. I won’t get there. Oh God, what is it a difficulty? You always say it don’t make me dis you’re cut off. Oh fuck Are those fire arrows all fire swordsman as well new oh? This this is this failure right off the bat. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do here. I just hang out up here You guys can do your thing? I’m going to stay here for a while. So they get them I hope so. It’s actually quite. Easy if I stay up here It’s all good Ready hello. Oh shit. No no, no, I didn’t want to fall down. Oh She could you deflect them no? Hey, there is one dead shit shit shit yes But how do I get back oh, oh, oh I’m gonna have a heart attack playing this game. Oh, God oh, God I’m so gonna Die I’m so gonna die, I didn’t die! That amazing even me Okay, [but] you need to die very very fast Please please don’t knock me down into spikes No, I need you to die all the way over there Wait yes, okay here. We got one bomber. Fuck my thought about that. I forgot They can still hit me oh oh, oh, oh Yeah, baby. I’m out of clones though, so after this I’m kind of fucked. Oh Yeah, can I be done? sir, please Have no court left what am I supposed to do? Oh, this is this is just death waiting to happen This is a lot of death waiting to happen right now fuck fuck Jetpack parts Rele ou Hopefully, they’ll get back after me and fly into this There’s one date Shit shit ok stay there. No, I gots it 13 Isn’t it? No, I didn’t I didn’t do it today Like how many levels I have to do to get that I think I might have been 15 Fuck. Oh it was fun. The [bar]. Only challenge is really good. I like that one. The fire is really hard because As soon as your toast, it’s like well game over I guess well that in most regards with the fire especially because sometimes you can get clipped and you don’t die completely but the fire one is really hard, but I like the bow one maybe I’ll do a kick only challenge, but We how would I even do that? I’d have to be up against some serious the easy parts with a lot of levels that have Spikes and saw blades and everything is ok well. They come back and try that afterwards. This is really fun, but for now Thank you guys so much watching this episode. If you liked it, punch that like button in the face Like a Boss! And high fives all around. *slapping sounds* Thank you guys and I will see all you dudes.. To the next video! It looks like it’s all over for Jack-bot. Yes.

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  1. I'm in 2019 and I still laugh at Jack's little moment when he gets his Orange clone that's 21 and then he just had a seizure 😂😂


  3. jack, what you played IS the more, it's chapter two, the previous 10 levels were chapter one.
    that friend you met at the end is the human that got rescued in chapter one.

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