The Queen of Drones – Talking Tom and Friends | Season 3 Episode 6
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The Queen of Drones – Talking Tom and Friends | Season 3 Episode 6

September 13, 2019

I got five minutes to hear your idea.
Then I got to get back to these tables. And to the kitchen. And to finding Wesley’s spoon
when he drops it on the floor again. [sobbing] Five minutes is all I need, Rhonda,
cos we’re going to solve your stress with an invention that will make
your restaurant the best-aurant! -That would be a dream come true.
-[jingle] [gasps] Uh! What is that? -It’s Ooze.
-Oh, thanks. I can see that. Ooze provides an entire day’s nutrition
in just one spoonful! So your customers don’t have
to waste time enjoying their meal. They’ll be good to go in seconds! I just don’t know if a food replacement
is what our food restaurant needs. I was hoping your idea was
color-changing mood lights or something. -Oh, well, back to work!
-No, no, no, wait! We’ll be here if you change your mind. -I told you the world wasn’t ready.
-The world is ready! Sadly, the people in the world are clods. I’m sorry you didn’t sell your idea.
Inventing seems tough. Totally. You have no idea. I bet! I was trying to think
what I would invent for a restaurant. The best I could come up with was little
flying drones to bring food to the people. Dumb, huh? Hey, it’s not dumb.
It’s just not inventor-level good. Yeah, ideas need to be inspiring and bold.
Nobody would buy that. Did I hear about drones bringing out food? -Well, that’s just what I need!
-Huh! -Uh…
-What? ♪ Wa-oah ♪ This is exciting!
My idea is going to help your company! What shall we call it? Drone Waiters?
Hover Friends? Angela came up with an invention?
Are you letting us do that now? I’ve got one! TV – but it’s magic! Stop it! We’re not doing
Angela’s drone thing. We’re going to finish Ooze
and then sell it and make a fortune. -And change the world.
-Uh… Were you guys in the same diner I was in? Cause I’m pretty sure Rhonda liked
my invention more than yours. Yeah, just because Rhonda likes something
doesn’t mean it’s good. And your idea isn’t really an invention, because drones already exist
and waiters already exist. It’s just putting two things together.
Like making a puppet out of a sock. Why are you being weird
about me helping you? Because we are the inventors! Look, Angela, you’re great at so many
other things. Really, really great. But this is our thing, you know? – Grr!
-Ah, now that that’s over, should we see what movies are on or– You know what? You don’t have to believe
in my idea. Because I believe in my idea! And if you’re not going to help me do it,
then I’ll do it without help! -I need help.
-I can see that. Huh. Maybe Tom and Ben are right.
Maybe my idea isn’t any good. I’m not a scientist inventor
like they are. Angela, no.
Your idea makes people’s lives better. That’s what science is all about! -You really think this could be something?
-I think we should find out! I’ve been looking for a new project ever since my research
was stolen by the time police. Uh… Okay, yeah. We can do this! We can be a kick-butt tech company! [inspiring music] -Come on, Hank. Try the Ooze.
-No way. That stuff looks bad. -But this is New Ooze with pepper!
-Come on. Here comes the Ooze train. -Ooze! Ooze!
-Tom, I’m not a baby– Bleugh! It’s like evil glue! It’s so much worse
than I thought it would be! I can’t get it off of my tongue! Eugh! Well, add pepper to the list of things
that don’t make Ooze good. Why are you guys so sad? Is it because everybody says
Angela’s invention is good -and you’re worried she’s better than you?
-Don’t be ridiculous! So, Rhonda, your diner will use drones
to serve people their food? The diner’s never been so popular
and I’ve never been so relaxed. If it makes you feel better,
I don’t think Ooze is terrible. I ate a whole bowl of it.
It’s almost like bad cookie dough. -Which is still cookie dough!
-Wait! You ate a whole bowl? You’re only supposed to have
a spoonful at a time! It’s a full day’s nutrition in each bite! Hey, on the bright side,
you won’t be hungry for four weeks. Ha-ha! Real funny, guys,
but Ginger always has room for candy! [rumbling, gurgling] Ew! What have you done to me? You’re maniacs! Maniacs! They said we couldn’t do it, Xenon,
but look at us now! To be fair, most people believed in us. The only ones who were against this idea
are… walking in right now. Hey, this place is packed! This is great. -It’s all because of you.
– What do you want? -Are you here to explain science again?
-What? No, oh, come on. Explain science? Ha-ha. Hilarious. No, um, we’re actually here to apologize. Yes. It pains me to say it,
but your idea to help the diner was… significantly better than ours. Well, thank you. It’s big of you guys
to know when you’re beaten. -And you are.
-[Tom] Yeah, we know. You know, we should have all been working
together on drones from the beginning. Yeah, I– Wait a minute.
What do you mean by “together?” We can build on your great idea! Make the engine more efficient,
and maybe get quieter hovering if– We don’t need your help. We have big plans
for improving the drones without you. Yeah! -Wait, we do?
-Sure! We can make them faster and louder and more advanced! Hold on, Angela– Whoa! We have a lot of experience
with this sort of thing. We can help you. No. They’re our drones. Come on, Xenon.
Let’s show them what we can do! Ugh. Can you believe those guys,
acting like we needed their help! Well, we’ll show them
we don’t need any help from anyone! You said it, Angela!
But are you sure about all these changes? -Some of them are pretty radical.
-I think the term you’re looking for is… -“Kick-butt!”
-Let’s do it! -[ding-ding-ding]
-[clears throat] Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for
the next phase of Waiter Drone technology? [cheering] They’re faster, friendlier, and now you don’t even need to order! -They know what you want before you do!
-Wow! Xenon… upgrade the drones! Okay. [customers gasp] Hello, dronie. This is just what I wanted and I didn’t
even know I wanted it! Nicely done. -This is amazing!
-You know, inventing is kind of easy. I don’t know why so many of Tom and Ben’s
inventions turn into absolute disasters. [Angela] Maybe it’s a talent thing.
We can’t all have it. [Xenon] Well, could be.
We are both very talented. -Secret high-five?
-[Ginger] No! Get away from me! I’m not hungry! I ate too much Ooze
and I’m full for four weeks! Why is that so hard to understand? -[screams]
-No, thanks. I’ve already been served. [customers screaming] Oh, no. Xenon! Shut them down! I got rid of the shutdown controls to make
room for the food predictor matrix. In hindsight, that was a big goof. What have we done? Our invention turned
into an absolute disaster, just like– Angela, you can’t just run away! Ugh! -[Tom] Hello?
-Tom! -Angela?
-I upgraded the drones. -They went crazy! What are you doing?
-We’re packing up our company. -We can only take so much failure.
-The dream is over. You’ll have to get Xenon
to shut them down. I tried that and she can’t.
You have to help me think of something. -[Tom] Wait. You want to work together?
-[Ben] Like we should have from the start! Yeah, yeah. We’ve all made mistakes,
but right now we need solutions. -Invention solutions. [screams]
-Maybe we knock them out of the sky. With a thing. With something.
With some sort of thing. It should probably be some kind of food,
so the drones are attracted to it, right? That makes sense, but what food
would be heavy and sticky enough to mess up anything it touched? Ooze! [western movie gunfight theme] [screaming] [Tom] All right. Here we go. Hey, drones! Order up! -Ha-ha!
-Whoa! -Yeah! Woo!
-Ha-ha! Take that! Aagh! Take cover! Haa! Surprise! Whoa! [thud] -Huh.
-[applause] Well, at least we finally found
a use for this stuff. And we all worked together –
to destroy both of our inventions. But still, together! You were supposed to make my life easier.
What am I gonna do now? You know, being an inventor was fun, but I definitely liked the part
where people liked my invention more than the part
where we got in trouble. Neh. You get used to it.

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