The R-100 Airship – History Matters

September 18, 2019

It’s August 1, 1930. The largest metallic object
ever to fly over Canada has landed. Close to 100,000 people gather at Canada’s first
international airport at Saint-Hubert, Quebec to see the alien ship. Many are hysterical with excitement. Local companies advertise everything
from life insurance to cigarettes to beer. A song pokes fun at the crowd’s fascination with the cylindrical monster
attached to its mooring mast. Chosen souls climb high into the air
on a narrow, metal stairway to enter the magnificent R-100 British airship
nicknamed the Titanic of the Skies. This modern answer
to transatlantic crossings, which Canada has invested
so much in, is doomed after its sister ship, the R-101,
explodes in a giant fireball. A little more than a year after
its historic flight to Canada, the R-100 and its mooring mast are scrapped. To know more about the R-100 go to History Matters at
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