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The Recline Of Civilization – MTP Daily’s Airplane Etiquette | MTP Daily | MSNBC

February 18, 2020

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  1. How about Chuck talk about the real issue. Airline de-regulation brought us to this. No room in coach as airline executives believe people don't mind being packed into airline seats like sardines, yet continue to pay premium prices no matter what the price of oil.

  2. Ozempic Otesla oooh I wanna take ya to
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    That's where we wanna go, way down in pharma hole.
    SUNG by the MSNBC Gas Lighters

  3. Great rules!
    Please add NO comfort, pigs, snakes, reptiles, birds, rodents, bugs, cats, large dogs that are NOT service animals, etc.etc…

  4. If you and your family members got seated on opposite sides of the aisle with others between you, do not spend the entire flight in conversation and passing things back and forth.

  5. ✈ how about making the plane safer for the passengers better counseling for the pilots or you can just put a movie on Spider-Man 3

  6. What a joke. That woman is a disgrace and the guy was basically reserved. You think you can just squish another human into a corner for hours on end?

    Wake up. A button and function does not give you the right to be a jerk. If so, then my crotch is free to rest one inch from your face the whole flight.

    You annoy me, I annoy you until you stop.

  7. It's insane that a few decades ago people we allowed to smoke on planes.
    See t'rump supporters, who want to live in the 1950s – this is what progress looks like.

  8. Need a caveat about weird "service" animals. Plus, it seems a strange irony that airplane seats got smaller as the US population got bigger and fatter.

  9. Tell me when I’m booking my flight if there is a dog or cat person next to me. I’m allergic and it makes for a horrible flight. Or keep your lovely pet crated.

  10. One simple solution is to avoid flying in the US if you can. Agony in the air with an overrepresentation of obnoxious people and rough pilots and on ground going through security crap. I'll even avoid being in transit in the US while they force you to go through customs and immigration. IN TRANSIT!? WTF?

  11. don't over stuff overhead compartment. you know what im talking about. cabin so stuffed, can't even put a magazine in there.

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