THE SCARIEST FUN! | Richies Plank Experience VR (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)
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THE SCARIEST FUN! | Richies Plank Experience VR (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)

August 18, 2019

[High-five sound effect] Top of the morning to ya laddies, my name is Jacksepticeye and welcome to… “Richie’s Plank Experience!” I was browsing around on Steam to try and find s’more VR games to play, and I wrote this one off, like immediately because of the way the visuals were, and i was like “Well, it’s VR, it’s supposed to be realistic” But that’s not what this is all about. This game is not designed to try and show, like “Realistic Textures” or to make you feel like you’re in the real world or anything. or like that… No, come back! Sorry. [laughing] Umm This is all about, well the game is like “are you afraid of heights?” So I am going up to walk a plank.. I-I think. Can I like, walk in here? Oh, Jesus, oh god.. The plank, fire deck, skybrush. The plank, please! “The plank is now re-aligned. Press OK to continue.” ..Whaa? Can I… what do I do?? How do I get up there? Okay. Do you just diss- okaay I have no idea what is going on. Okay.. Warp to ground floor, can I warp to plank? AGH! Fuck sake! Ohh. Okay, we’re going up! This actually worked this time. Okaay. I hate that I’m so far away from my fucking, thing though. Oh god I’m right at the.. oh? Wait no, this is the back of the room! Oh okay, that actually works. Heh. Oh god no. [terrified] OHH NOO! Oh my fucking god!! Ohh Jesus fucking Christ… This is terrifying. Oh no I’m not gonna be able to do this. Oh this is way worse than I expected… Ohhh my god no!! *nervous laughter* *more nervous laughter* Ohh, I have such a fucking chronic fear of heights. But there’s a delicious cake right there… I need to get it! Ohh. Every FUCKING instinct in my body is telling me not to do this. Because, I know what you’re thinking “Jack, it’s just a plank, like, you’re not actually in any danger I can walk anywhere I want” but your brain doesn’t know that! When I’m in here, and I’m looking at this, my brain is like “Okay, you need to be careful, or you’re gonna fall!” Oh my god, you have mmh I can’t describe the feeling. It’s insane. Oh Jesus Christ… Ohh my god! You better no- not, like kno- knock me off or something. [terrified] Ohh I can’t, I CAN’T! [terrified/nervous child-like whimper] [more whimpering/crying] Stop it! Go away! Ohh, I’m legit going to have a fucking panic attack doing this! Okay… Just close my eyes… [Wind, and helicoptor noise] Okay, I can do it. I can do it. I can do it. I can do it. [Jack makes a ‘whooshing’ sound] [more whooshing] [more whooshing] I got a slice of cake. I got a slice of cake, I’m going back, I’m going back, I’m closing my eyes and I’m going back.. Ohh fuck me! *Nom* *NOM* Oh this is the best tasting cake I’ve ever had in my life!! Ohh, fuck.. [nervous crying] Oh this is the worst! If ANY of you have a fear of heights, like, ugh, this is insane! I could’ve made a bigger plank as well. You get to design your own plank, so I could’ve made it wider and longer.. and different things, but oh Jesus Christ, this is incredibly convincing! And I wanna show it off more, but I’m too scared! [Jack takes a deep breath] Okay, okay lets do this Oh my god, oh my GOD! AHH *laughter* That’s fucking freaky! Oh! ‘Cause again, Your brain doesn’t know what the hell is going on! Your brain thinks that you’re really high up! Well, except for the whole wind and everything. Oh god, that- Oh god, if I stood in my own cable as I was walking out that would’ve fucked me up.. Okay. Let’s- let’s do this again. Is the cable all out of the way? Okay good. Okay, let’s do this. *nervous laughter* This probably looks really fucking stupid! I’m just focusing on the cake. C- oh two slices. Two slices. Oh do I dare? OHHH MY GOD!!! OHH! Oh, Jesus no. Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, no. And the fucking helicopter goes by really close! Where is it? [Helicopter sounds getting closer] *laughter* Ohh this fucking guy! *while laughing* Oh my god that’s fucking scary! *still laughing* I can’t describe it! Uhm ‘Cause normally, like if you’re on a position in VR, and the game is like “Oh just do- do this that or the other” Or like, walk through this door or something. Its fine, because the ground is always there The ground is always there But like, the fact that there’s ground still here in my world But in VR, there isn’t? Thats messin’ with my head And your brain thinks that your gonna be able to wobble and fall off okay lets do this again Oh, ohh, OOOHHH, OOOOOOHHH BYE CAKE! [laughter] Can I knock the whole thing off? [laughing] I’m too fucking scared *More laughter* WWWOOOOOOOSSSSHHH YEAH! [turns into laughter] BYYYEEE Okay. Can we go somewhere else? Can we- okay I’m taking off this to go get my controller Because… Oh god. Do I dare? Do I dare put it on and look back down? *moaning* [moaning turning into laughter] I fuckin hate this! [high-pitched laughter] Get me out!! Oh Jesus Christ! OKAY! Fire deck! Because- There IS more to this than just There’s more to this than just walking a plank It is called “The Plank Experience” but- There’s an even cooooler part of this And i dont want to spend the whole video- on just the plank section because we get to do something waaay fuckin’ cooler than be a plank easy does it “There’s a small training fire on the deck for you to practice on” “Put it out with your fire hose” WOOAAAAHHH I thought my fire hose was somethin’ else JACKABOY MAN IS HERE TO SAVE THE DAY!! You- BAM!! YOU THERE! GETTING CHANGED IN THE 4TH FLOOR WINDOW DO YOU HAVE A FIRE THAT NEEDS TO BE TAKEN OUT?!? JACKABOY MAN IS HERE The Vive Building! Oh Jesus fuckin’ Christ Thats why i didnt want to fuckin’ use these yet because these make you fly! Wait, how do I put it out? OH! OH! OH! OH YEEEAAAAHHH HAHAHAHAHAHA WOOOOO HOOOOOO!!! Oh my God! This is the fucking coolest!!! Ooohh I feel like a fuckin superhero!! YEEEAAAAAHH HA HAAAAA!! Oh, its all my fucking childhood dreams come true!!! WOO HO HOOO Okay! Lets just land on this.. Ha… JACKABOY MAN IS HERE TO SAVE THE DAY! Who needs help? You good sir!– Oh I am a fucking giddy child right now! Oh god, sorry! How cool is this?! How do I change? [realising] Oh! That’s what I had to do! Okay! Onwards! To victory! Fear not, citizens of the world! Jackieboy Man is here — to save the day from all fires, and all problems! This is less scary. Because I know that I can do whatever I want. And I’m not going to fall and die. Oh yeah! Oh my god, that’s awesome! ‘Kay Can I stand on this? Nevermind. Nevermind. Let’s fly further! WOOOOO!!! Holy fuck! I’m doing it! I’m a real superhero! HRAGH! [laughter] Woooo! Oh my god, is this how Tony Stark always feels? That motherfucker’s been holding out on us! Let’s go over there. Let’s go over there and put out the fire. Oh yeah! I feel so fucking cool! Woah. [sigh, then] Oh wait. I was – was I supposed to press you to figure out how to do this? Oh god, oh god It didn’t start the fires — okay. The fire’s gone out already! [reading] “For double speed, you can swap out the hose for a rocket behind your head.” Okay. Can — can I — can I go to “next”? Is there no next? Oh god! What did I touch? Oh, I touched my light and it burnt my arm hair! [laughter] [reading] “There’s a rocket in your other hand. Use it to fly across the park.” I will put out the fires! Who wants to get sprayed with Jack’s hose? WOAH! WOO! [laughter] Oh yes! The music just makes it all cooler! I’m basically just a firefighter of the future, though. I mean, I’m not really a superhero or anything — yet. What now? Is there another one? Where’s the next fire? Hello? [reading] “Congratulations. You’re a quick learner. Very impressive. Press Next for a new mission.” Okay. [Jack makes a ‘Boop!’ sound] I did — okay. [reading] “The city needs you. Fires are appearing all over the place. Find them and distinguish–” [indignant] “Distinguish them”? It’s EXTinguish them! Or are you just mean that I have to like– –find where they are? Okay. Let’s fucking do this. [victoriously] By the powers of the world! I! Jackaboy man will do this for all of you! Let’s power up! Fuckin dragon ball z style! HYUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH!!!!!!!!!!! Ha ha ha ha!!!! This might be, the most fucking fun I’ve ever had playing a game EVER! Take that fire! You are no match for my double hose power! onto the next one! wait, where is it? I didn’t see it? let’s fly up into the air I see one! I see one down there! but punch that like buttion in the face LIKE A BOSS!!! and…
high fives all ’round! *fire hose noises* Thank you guys and I will see all you dudes… …IN THE NEXT VIDEO!!!!!! WOW… what am I gonna do with the rest of my life now? What am I gonna do with the rest of the day? There is nothin’ to do, I’m just gonna do a splitz… Ehehehe!

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  1. I badly have a Chronic fear of heights so I told my parents to knock me out when we ride a plane at some point. XD

  2. I played this game at a VR arcade (I don't think that's the right word, but my vocabulary is pretty limited) and place had a platform of wood with a plank leading forward. It was two inches off the ground, but still, it was much scarier because you could feel the real plank while you walked the virtual one :')

  3. I am watching on my phone. And there is an option to watch in vr. And I have a Vr headset. So I did. Vr seption

  4. afraid of heights shows no fear when flying and wants to be spider man… is it just me or does he want to make himself scream or is he even afraid

  5. The game should like when you get out on the plank it’ll break and you fall. I really wanna she Seáns reaction to that.

  6. 1:52 Jack you not the only one who scared of heights I am scare of heights one time my family and I want to a Ferris wheel and my mom move to sit with my dad while we are off the ground and I hug my bag back and start crying T^T

  7. Me, an individual with very severe acrophobia, along with mild “Call to the Void” and the extreme fear of falling:


  8. Later Sean forgets he's not in vr and jumps of a 16 story building and screams f**k ya dude then splat

  9. Low key think jacks gay he has on pants that look like girl pants and the he is standing gives me that femanent vibe

  10. I tested it without the cake and it felt so real, that I started to fall and I almost smashed my head into the tv ???? my knees still hurtttt ??

  11. I’ve fell in vr before because of super hot and it feels so weird, it feels like your stomach is dropping but it is isn’t, it’s strange and scary.

  12. More there dayzs :mommy I want not be a firefighter because Jack said the van fly

    Mom:who is this Jack and where can I find.him???

  13. I played this game in my pltw class in school when it was my turn to play i thought I was going to die if I fell off

  14. Next time when you will play this, I think to make this flying experience even more realistic, try lying on something that feels like air

    More Richie’s plank experience!

  15. Citizen Jack who wants to get sprayed with Jack’s hose citizen says what then get water on his head Suze Jack takes all his money spray him with his hose

  16. I was hoping the entire video for someone to just open the door, confused as hell and just decide to sneak up behind him and scare the Spider-Man out of him.

  17. Me: calls 911
    911 operator: 911 what's your emergency?
    Me: there's a fire in the building next to the tallest tower…
    My phone: jackaboy wants to know your location

  18. I was playing this and when I was on the plank my brother pushed me in real life and scared the balls out of me???

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